How to Use Telegram Bots in WordPress

Matthias Treuberg

Telegram stands out for its versatility, offering more than just a platform for conversations. Its ecosystem transforms the app into a multifunctional tool, capable of handling tasks, fetching information, and automating processes.

In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to elevate your users’ Telegram experience with the help of our WordPress telegram bot plugin.

How to Use Telegram Bots in WordPress

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a free application that allows you to send texts, videos, and other file types. It has become one of the biggest names in Instant messaging, boasting end-to-end encryption, a wealth of customization, and home to literally thousands of bots!

With the use of bots, it can become your assistant and make your life easier.

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The Telegram Bot Plugin let you send automatic messages, emails and SMS based on predefined text strings.

Use the Telegram Bot to automate business workflows involving the telegram app.

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What Are Bots?

What Are Bots? - 5 Best Practices of Using Telegram Bots | How To Use Bots

We can’t talk about Telegram Bots’ best practices without you knowing what they actually are.

Simply put, bots are software applications capable of running automated tasks and often aim to act as real people. If you have ever ordered a pizza or asked for help on a website, you have probably interacted with a bot.

The most common form of bot is the chatbot. Chatbots recognize text or speech from a user, interpret the information, and then respond appropriately. Some chatbots are so sophisticated they feel like interacting with another person.

Telegram Bots

Telegram bots can do almost anything!

Send information about your favorite football team, play music, create a list, or be your opponent in a game of checkers. Bots are easily accessible in Telegram through the search function.

Search ‘Gamee’ and you’ll find a bot that will let you play games and challenge your friends. You can also share songs and lyrics with ‘Spotybot’ while ‘Yandex.Translate’ will translate messages from other languages.

For film lovers ‘MoviesTracker bot’ will relay film information for any film you ask for. Follow ‘Storebot’ and ‘botostore’ to discover new bots and explore the bot charts. Telegram bots can act as another person completing tasks such as:

  • Building Social Services
  • Accepting Payments or acting as a storefront
  • Integrate with other platforms and services like Gmail and Facebook
  • Customize your content

WordPress Telegram Bot Plugin

WordPress Telegram Bot By CreativeMinds - 5 Best Practices of Using Telegram Bots | How To Use Bots

Before we start talking about the best practices, we should mention that CreativeMinds has developed a WordPress Telegram Bot plugin that solves many of the use cases described in this article.

Telegram’s integration features of this plugin are a powerhouse for smooth communication and sharing of information. They let you store group messages in WordPress and display them using shortcodes.

You can also forward messages to emails, setting “stop words” to filter content. Mention Messages alert users based on specific words, while Group Messages deliver tailored content based on conditions and much more!

All of these features make our WordPress Telegram Bot plugin a great tool for improving the way you use Telegram every day!

Telegram Bots Best Practices

If you want to automate and customize your Telegram experience, here are 5 of the best ways to use Telegram Bots.

1. Organize Your Day

Organise Your Day - 5 Best Practices of Using Telegram Bots | How To Use Bots

Use automation to declutter your work and organize every day.

Alter bots can be used to set notifications to be sent to either your own Telegram account, a group, or even a specific chat. Bots can keep notes organized and send written reminders to make sure you don’t forget to complete a task.

Travel Assistance bots take the hassle out of traveling by using your preferences to avoid scanning for flights. Bots can find accommodation and travel inspiration by using A.I assist in searches to find what is best for you.

For business travel, there are bots, such as ‘Eddy Travels’, that can arrange travel logistics from within a telegram group chat. Bots can also be used to organize your business and office such as organizing group events and arranging attendees.

There are even bots allowing you to connect to customers in real time on your social media platforms so you can organize customer support directly from your Telegram account.

Perhaps a friend or client doesn’t have Telegram? There’s a bot called ‘toEmailBot’ that will automatically send files received in Telegram to a selected E-mail.

2. Enhance Your Accounts Security

Enhance Your Accounts Security - 5 Best Practices of Using Telegram Bots | How To Use Bots

Telegram boasts many fantastic security features but isn’t impervious to malware and unapproved content. Thankfully there are bots for that too. They are essential for keeping up with Telegram Bots’ best practices.

Bots can protect your account from unwanted and inappropriate content, as well as defend against attempts at uploading malware to your device. Telegram bots can ban other bots from entering a group, filter content, scan attachments, and control behavior.

Security and content management bots are a great addition if you’re using Telegram to communicate within your business or want to keep things private.

Other bots such as ‘Dr.WEB’ can scan all files and links sent to your Telegram account to ensure they are safe to access.

3. Keep Track of Your WordPress Website With Telegram Bot

Keep Track of Your Website - 5 Best Practices of Using Telegram Bots | How To Use Bots

One of the most useful things Telegram bots can do is directly beam information from Google Analytics straight to your Telegram account. Don’t miss out on this Telegram Bots best practice.

Imagine being able to have the number of views of your website messaged to you whenever you request it. Some bots even allow you to share selected information with your friends and colleagues.

There are also bots to determine the best time to employ your marketing or chatbots and boost their performance.

Try using Telegram analytics to receive conversational analytics to see how many people read and react to your posts or notify you of any unexpected website traffic. Web scraping bots can keep track of other websites, such as keeping track of TV prices from retailer pages.

4. Marketing and Growth

Marketing and Growth - 5 Best Practices of Using Telegram Bots | How To Use Bots

One great thing about Telegram’s giant user base is it is a fantastic platform to market your business. There is a bot for almost every marketing need such as being able to post an image, video, GIF, or text directly from the Telegram app to any of your social media accounts.

Bots can be used to enhance the growth of your business by connecting to a great variety of external sources to answer any of your business trend questions or provide information on the most paid-for keywords in your market.

Market research is an important component for growing a business, but it can often be difficult to obtain data.

Try using a bot like ‘surveybot’ to post surveys on your social media pages and receive data straight back to your Telegram account rather than spamming your audience with e-mails.

The ability to promote content across multiple platforms through Telegram bots makes Telegram a vital tool for content promotion.

5. Fun and Games

Fun and Games - 5 Best Practices of Using Telegram Bots | How To Use Bots

It’s not always about the work. Telegram is also a great platform for having fun with friends, family, and strangers alike.

Bots offer you and your friends the chance to play HTML 5 games. Bots can track the high scores between you and your friends and invite others to play. You could add a quiz game to your favorite group or play old-school single-player games like Snake.

Are you short of games at a party? Start a group chat and use a ‘pokerbot’ to play cards. There’s a bot for that. With bots Telegram can be your digital assistant in your pocket!

Customizing WordPress Telegram Bot

Our WordPress Telegram Bot plugin is all about tailoring its actions to your needs. Set keywords to trigger specific rules or avoid others to fine-tune its behavior.

Use features like snooze to temporarily pause rules and prevent excessive bot actions, while the anti-spam timer helps curb spam by regulating message rules.

Track counts and set intervals to control how often rules apply based on term detection. Plus, fire shortcodes on your site via messages in Telegram groups or channels.

With the WordPress Telegram bot plugin log functionality you’ll be able to track all messages, easily set it up using Telegram’s API key and groups, send SMS via Amazon’s SNS service, and support various languages.

Your personalized bot will be ready to revolutionize your site’s interactions in no time!


Telegram bots are more than just tools – they’re game-changers. They simplify tasks, boost website performance, and create interactive online spaces. Their simple integration with WordPress makes communication a breeze and automation effortless.

By using the tips listed in this blog post, website owners can simplify workflows and build engaging platforms for their audience. They’re not just a trend; they represent the future of efficient online interactions. Dive in, explore their potential, and see how they reshape the digital world.

There is a bot for any personal and business needs. To learn more about WordPress Telegram bots and grow your website, visit for more tips.

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