5 Best RSS Post Importer Plugins for WordPress

5 Best RSS Post Importer Plugins for WordPress

RSS feeds are an excellent way to share information from one website to another. RSS Post Importer WordPress plugins or the best plugins to accomplish this. The best RSS Post Importer plugins will import multiple RSS feeds and include the full post and image.

The following list of RSS post importer plugins are the most popular options, and include the most versatile features. These plugins are both free and paid, and are easily customizable to your WordPress site’s needs. These plugins do all the work for you, so all you have to do is install the plugin and you’re all set to go.

1) RSS Post Importer Plugin

The CreativeMinds RSS Post Importer plugin lets users import full rss posts from multiple RSS feeds. This plugin is the best tool for syndicating, importing, curating, merging and displaying full text RSS and Atom feeds for your WordPress site. This plugin is a great content marketing tool which can schedule posts and filter by keywords.

This plugin includes a user friendly template for formatting imported content to your site. This plugin is unique since it displays not only the full text but also the full image in the post. The RSS Post Importer plugin is very customizable and affordably priced.

RSS Feed Setting Screen

RSS Feed Setting Screen

RSS Feed Post Template Setting Screen

RSS Feed Post Template Setting Screen

2) RSS Post Importer

The RSS Post Importer Plugin is an easy to use and powerful WordPress plugin that publishes full RSS posts. The plugin lets users import from multiple rss feeds in order to easily share content without rewriting it yourself. Each post is a standalone post on your WordPress site, which can be easily scheduled in advance.

This plugin is an excellent option for news aggregators, content syndicators, company blogs, current events bloggers, and both small and large businesses. The increased content sharing will also increase your overall site traffic. The plugin is available for free and has good support as well.

3) WP RSS Aggregator

The WP RSS Aggregator is a comprehensive plugin for RSS feed importing. This plugin imports, merges and displays RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPress site easily. The free version enables users to import an unlimited amount of RSS feeds to your site.

The WP RSS Aggregator plugin lets users display feed items via shortcode, and is very customizable with various themes. Users can easily limit the feed items with various filters and set age limits. A unique feature is that the plugin opens YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo videos directly.

4) WPeMatico

WPeMatio is an RSS content feeder plugin which is ideal for content bloggers who want automation. The images from the RSS feeds are automatically uploaded to the WordPress image library and saved. Users can also automatically add categories from all posts and the plugin is really user friendly.

WPeMatico is a multilanguage ready plugin, and users can choose to add images from the RSS feeds. The plugin is great for any blogger who wants to automatically generate and schedule content through RSS feeds, quickly and efficiently. This free plugin is top rated and was excellent support.

5) WP Pipes

WP Pipes is a great way to pipe content from RSS feeds for complete data integration. The plugin lets users import RSS feeds to posts, create rss feeds, csv importer,and automatically posts to social media. The plugin was created for newspaper and magazine companies to more easily reach mass amounts of people quickly.

WP Pipes is unique because it enables content from RSS feeds to go out to various places and well as input the content. The plugin includes various keywords filters and prevents duplicate content from coming in or going out. This plugin is also allows posts to be scheduled one at a time or in bulk.


The RSS Post Importer plugins in this list are all high quality options, with various helpful features. These plugins are ideal for niche WordPress sites that want automate content for blogs or reach mass amounts of people. The plugins all allow for full posts to be pulled from RSS feeds, including images.

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