3 Exceptional User Registration Plugins for WordPress

3 Exceptional User Registration Plugins for WordPress

These exceptional user registration plugins give your website a boost.

Letting users register easily and instantly makes your website more user-friendly and improves your business. Registration pages also make it simple for admins to assign custom user roles to registered users.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to having a registration plugin on your WordPress site. The advantages are bringing more users to your website and improving reach. The disadvantages are that there are so many options to choose from, high prices, low features etc. The plugins in this list are great options for all types of WordPress sites.

1) WPForms

WPForms is a top rated registration plugin for WordPress. The plugin is an excellent form builder and allows users to customize registration pages and forms with a few simple clicks. There is a very user friendly drag and drop form builder and form templates.

WPForms - 3 Exceptional User Registration Plugins for WordPress

The WPForms registration plugin also makes payments easy, allows instant notifications, is mobile friendly, makes it easy to embed posts and much more. This plugin easily integrates with other plugins like email marketing services and payment options.

WPForms - 3 Exceptional User Registration Plugins for WordPress

2) Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member - 3 Exceptional User Registration Plugins for WordPress

The Ultimate member plugin is a highly popular option for a registration plugin. This is a free registration plugin which adds 7 helpful sample pages and sample forms to your site. There are several paid add-ons to this free plugin.

3 Exceptional User Registration Plugins for WordPress

This only downside to the registration plugin is that the extra pages can also mean extra work for web developers. This is a good option for more beginners, or people with quickly expanding WordPress sites.

3) User Registration and Invitation Codes Plugin

This is a great option since it offers both registration and invitation codes together in one plugin. This is a completely unique feature, along with the social login, or the ability to safely login with Facebook and Google accounts. Social login plugins are desired by admins and users alike and this is the best social WordPress login plugin in the market.

CM Registration Pro
Registration and Invitation Codes
This plugin adds a registration and login popup to your WordPress site. This plugin supports invitation codes, email verification, reCaptcha and more. Wordpress login and email registration uses Ajax for on page support.
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This registration plugin offers full customization of forms, custom fields, payments support, registration approval, bulk invitations codes system, email templates and more. It features reCaptcha, expandable payment options, shortcodes, and user approval. There is also a free version available with limited features.

User Registration and Invitation Codes Plugin - 3 Exceptional User Registration Plugins for WordPress

Honorable Mention

As an honorable mention we would like to include a WordPress plugin by SendPulse. SendPulse is a reliable email marketing automation platform. Their plugin allows you to add a customizable newsletter subscription form to your site which is a great way to grow your contacts book. The plugin automatically adds subscribers to a mailing list at your free SendPulse account.


In conclusion, all three of these registration plugins have pros and cons, so it is important to choose a plugin that will work for your business.

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