Invitation Code Content Access Plugin for WordPress

Invitation Code Content Restriction Plugin for WordPress

The WordPress Invitation Codes plugin empowers you to control access to specific content, pages, and files. This functionality is especially valuable for promotions, last-minute deals, and various ad campaigns.
Granting access to premium content through invitation codes delivers an exclusive and personalized experience for users. By issuing these codes, you can ensure that only authorized individuals gain entry to premium content, like exclusive articles, videos, or online courses, while also facilitating usage tracking.

WordPress Invitation Code Content Restriction Plugin

Create and manage temporary invitation codes that restrict users access to specific pages, URLs, Groups of URLs, or files!

The Invitation Code Content Access plugin allows you to restrict content and grant access to specific pages or files or part of content within an existing page.

It can also supports payments so you can sell your invitation codes to access content on your website .

Private Content Plugin

You can choose if the restrictions will apply to all users or only to guests.

Once you create a WordPress invitation code, the associated page or list of pages or files will be locked automatically.

Visitors have to input the invitation code to access the content.

Prompt users to input invitation access codes
Prompt users to input invitation access codes

Multiple WordPress Invitation Codes

Sample spreadsheet with invitation codes
Sample spreadsheet with invitation codes
Create codes individually or in bulk - sequentially, randomized, or from a CSV file. Each invitation code has an optional use limit and expiration date.

WordPress invitation codes have one or multiple URL paths associated with them. That can include single pages ( or list of pages or a whole path with subdirectories (*).

Collect User Data

The private content access plugin allows you to request additional information from users who use invitation codes. It can be anything – name, email, phone, date of birth, etc. The plugin has a flexible and easy-to-use form builder.

Creating a form with the fields that you need is simple with the drag-and-drop feature. All collected data can be found on the back-end of the invitation code page.

WordPress Content Restriction

Each invitation code can lock multiple posts or pages at once. Just choose needed posts from the list or enter the list of URLs that you want to restrict.

Moreover, thanks to the whitelist feature, you can enter the list of URLs that you want to keep unlocked, and all other posts and pages on your website will be blocked by the created code.

Content Restriction Settings For the Code
Content Restriction Settings For the Code

WordPress Invitation Code Options

Code Limitation Settings
Code Limitation Settings
Each WordPress invitation code can be optionally limited by a few parameters, such as the number of uses, the number of IPs that can use the code, the start and end dates and time when the code can be used, and the duration of each code - how long the content is unlocked after entering the code.

Send Notification to Users

When importing WordPress invitation codes via CSV or creating single invitations, notify users on the spot. Send multiple emails when importing a CSV file and track if each was sent.

Customize the message template and translate the text. You can also include images, HTML formatting, and placeholders to ensure the content is dynamic.

Notification sent by plugin
Notification sent by plugin

Charge Users For Access to WordPress Content

Paid Code
Paid Code
Have users purchase invitation codes via PayPal, Stripe, or other payment gateways.

The payment is done via integration with WooCommerce, a free payment plugin.

Create as many WordPress invitation codes as you need and charge users for accessing the content. Turn your website into an exclusive content hub!

Selling Access Codes Directly From the WooCommerce Shop

Sell access codes directly from your WooCommerce shop.

Create templates that will be used for generating access codes for every purchase.

WooCommerce Shop Direct Sells
WooCommerce Shop Direct Sells

Three Ways To Create Access Codes

  • Single Code – the best option for sending the same access code for a large number of users
  • Multiple Codes – bulk creation is ideal for tracking different uses
  • From CSV File – Lock different pages/files and create multiple access codes with individual expiration dates and use limits

Content Access Invitations Additional Resources

WordPress Invitation Code Content Access Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Basic Features

Lock Content

Lock Content

Restrict the access of specific pages only to users who have an invitation code.

Flexible Code Creation

Flexible Code Creation

Generate invitation codes individually or in bulk.

Import and Export Codes

Import and Export Codes

Upload and download CSV files containing all code information.

Recover Management

Recover Management

Allow users to request code recovery. Optionally, you can ask them for a name and telephone number and moderate the request.

Access Log

Access Log

Track each usage of your codes, including date and user account.

GDPR And Data Privacy

The admin can display Terms of Service. Users that refuse to comply will not be able to apply codes.

Google ReCaptcha

Secure the form for entering invitation codes with Google ReCaptcha v2.

Control Code Usage

Rich Codes

Set a unique name, use usage limit, set expiration date and add internal notes for each invitation code.

Sequential or Randomized

Sequential or Randomized

When creating multiple codes at once, make their numbers sequential or completely random.

Import List of Emails

Import List of Emails

You can import a CSV file containing a list of emails. The codes will be automatically generated and sent to the listed email addresses. The emails can also be used as codes.

User Notification

User Notification

Notify users with a personalized message when a code is created. Works with single codes and CSV imported codes.

Easy to Translate

Easy to Translate

All relevant text can be adjusted via straightforward labels settings.

Google Tag Manager

Track the usage of forms submissions with your GTM data layer.

Multi-Factor Authentication

It’s possible to require users to perform SMS authorization after inputting an access code. Requires installing the plugin CM Secure Login.

Access Features

Access Form

Access Form

Add the invitation codes access form, where users type the code, anywhere on your site either automatically or using a shortcode.

Email Required

Email Required

You can require users to enter an email along with an invitation code in order to access the restricted content. If the email does not match the code access will be denied.

Don’t Lock For Admins

Don’t Lock For Admins

Prevent the content from being blocked to admin accounts.

Remember Used Code for User

If the logged-in user uses the access code, he will not need to use it again.

Invitation Form Builder

Form Builder

You can extend the access form used to enter the invitation code by adding custom fields to require users to provide more data about them when using invitation codes.

Access Denied for Specific User Roles

Access Denied for Specific User Roles

Select user roles for which you want to restrict the content using invitation codes.

Access Code Locked by Logged-In User

Access Code Locked by Logged-In User

If a logged-in user uses the access code, it will be locked and no other user will be able to use the same code. This is useful when a code is created to provide access to your registered users.

First Used Page

If one invitation code is assigned to multiple pages, after the code is used on one of the listed pages, other pages from the list can’t be unlocked by the used code. This option can be overridden for each code.

Restriction Types

Restrict Posts and Pages

Restrict Posts and Pages

Select one or multiple posts (including custom post types) or specify specific URLs to be locked by each code.

Homepage Restriction

Homepage Restriction

The plugin allows to exclude your homepage from being locked, as the homepage can provide details on using codes.

File Restriction

File Restriction

Restrict a downloadable file, such as an image, video or ZIP package.

URL Blacklist/Whitelist

URL Blacklist/Whitelist

If specified URLs are whitelisted, then all pages on your site will be locked except the specified URLs. If specified URLs are blacklisted, then only the specified URLs will be locked and will require an invitation code to access them.

Partial Content Restriction

Partial Content Restriction

Select part of a page to be locked by each code.

File Link Restriction

File Link Restriction

Restrict a link to the file (can be a link to an external resource).

Code Specifications

Four Digits Invitation Code

Four Digits Invitation Code

Optionally you can limit the access code length only to 4 symbols. Decide if it should be only numbers, only letters or mix of both.

Specific Invitation Code

Specific Invitation Code

The access code form displayed on the front-end will be shown with a defined hint/question (randomly from all codes for a specific post); only correct answers to a specific question give the user access to the locked content.

Number of Uses

Number of Uses

Limit the amount of uses for each code.

IP Limit

IP Limit

Limit the amount of IP addresses that can use each code.

Code Prefix

Code Prefix

Allows to add a prefix for the four digits codes generated in bulk.

Duration of Access

Duration of Access

Define how long the user can access the content after using the invitation code for the first time.

Expiration Period

Expiration Period

Define the period in which the code can be activated.

Ecommerce Features

Charge User Once Accessing a Page

Charge Users

Have users pay to access a specific page using PayPal, Stripe and other payment gateways and receive a specific invitation codes. The payment is done via integration with WooCommerce. The price for each code can be set. The purchase button will appear once viewing the page.

Gift Codes

Create gift access codes that will be sent to customers when they purchase specific products in the WooCommerce shop. For example when a user purchase a radio you can send him an access code to the user guide of this radio.

Sell Codes in WooCommerce Shop

Sell Codes in WooCommerce Shop

Sell access codes directly from your WooCommerce shop the same as products are sold. Each code can have it’s own unique product page and will be shown in the products catalog. The codes will be generated automatically for every purchase based on the code template that you create.

WordPress Invitation Code Content Access Plugin Plans and Pricing

Price includes 1 year support/updates. Manual renewal with 40% discount, not a subscription $69 $129
Number of Websites / License Activations 15
Lock Content IncludedIncluded
Create Single Codes IncludedIncluded
Create Multiple Codes In Bulk IncludedIncluded
Import and Export Codes IncludedIncluded
Import List of Emails IncludedIncluded
Recover Management IncludedIncluded
Email Notifications IncludedIncluded
Access Form IncludedIncluded
Form Builder IncludedIncluded
Email Required IncludedIncluded
Access Denied for Specific User Roles IncludedIncluded
Don’t Lock For Admins IncludedIncluded
Access Code Locked by Logged-In User IncludedIncluded
Remember Used Code for User IncludedIncluded
First Used Page IncludedIncluded
Homepage Restriction IncludedIncluded
URL Restriction IncludedIncluded
Posts Restriction IncludedIncluded
Partial Content Restriction IncludedIncluded
File Restriction IncludedIncluded
File Link Restriction IncludedIncluded
URL Blacklist/Whitelist IncludedIncluded
Four Digits Invitation Code IncludedIncluded
Code Prefix IncludedIncluded
Specific Invitation Code IncludedIncluded
Number of Uses IncludedIncluded
IP Limit IncludedIncluded
Expiration Period IncludedIncluded
Duration of Activation IncludedIncluded
Charge Users IncludedIncluded
Sell Codes in WooCommerce Shop IncludedIncluded
Gift Codes IncludedIncluded
Access Log IncludedIncluded
Easy to Translate IncludedIncluded
GDPR And Data Privacy IncludedIncluded
Google Tag Manager IncludedIncluded
Google ReCaptcha IncludedIncluded
Multi-Factor Authentication IncludedIncluded
Product Knowledge Base Included Included
Priority email support Included Included
Product updates Included Included
Number of Websites / License Activations 15
Price includes 1 year support/updates. Manual renewal with 40% discount, not a subscription $69 $129

Content Access Invitation Codes Related Plugins

Content Access Invitations Plugin Related Use Cases

Content Access Invitations Additional Use Case Examples

  • Exclusive Landing Page – Organize a contest “Gotta go fast” and only the first 100 users that use the code get access.
  • Prize Draw – Send limited use codes to a select number of users that won a challenge
  • eBook Promotion – Host a giveaway of your newest eBook and allow only selected users to get the Invitation Code
  • Last Minute Deal – Lock your sale landing page and give away unlimited codes that will expire in 24 hours

WordPress Invitation Code Content Access Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Why do I need this plugin?

Restricting access to parts of your content is the basis of every content strategy. The Invitation Code Content Access plugin lets you lock part of your content only to users who have the proper codes.

The plugin handles all the creation, so that you can focus on interaction with your user base.

What is the difference between this plugin and 'Registration and Invitation Codes'?

The User Registration and Invitation Codes plugin takes over WordPress’ registration and login. It allows you to create invitation codes so that users register to your site with a new account.

This plugin, Invitation Code Content Access, has a different purpose. It locks specific pages with a code, that both registered users and guest visitors can use.

How do I create codes? Do I have to do it individually?

You can create codes individually, in bulk or by importing information from a CSV file. In all cases, you can configure their specifications.

(learn more)

Do codes have an expiration date?

You can define one if you wish, or leave them active forever.

Can I define the number of times a code can be used?

Yes. You can set it to infinite or to any specific number.

Can I charge users to have access to codes?

Yes. You can charge each invitation code with a different price so that users only have access after payment.

This is done via connection with WooCommerce. Learn more.

Can I notify users when a code is created?

Yes! When creating a single code or importing codes via CSV files, you can send email notifications.

Customize the template to ensure the message tailors your audience. Learn more: How To – Customize Email Template.

Can I sell access codes directly from my WooCommerce shop?

Yes. You can create a template that will be used for generating a code for each new purchase. Learn more about in it in this Help Article.

Can I create gift codes?

Yes. You can create gift access codes that will be sent to customers when they buy some product in your WooCommerce shop. Gift codes can be attached to one or more WooCommerce products at once. Learn more about it in this Help Article.

Can I translate this plugin?

Yes, you can easily translate the Front-End, or the interface users see. This is done through the Settings – Labels (learn more).

Invitation Code Content Access Demo

To see the major features of the Invitation Code Content Access Plugin, visit our demo site.

WordPress Invitation Code Content Access Demo

Invitation Code Content Access Data – Blocked Content

Invitation Code Content Access Data – Email Notification

Invitation Code Content Access Data – Sample CSV File

Invitation Code Content Access Data – Generating Codes

Invitation Code Content Access Data Settings

Invitation Code Content Access Data Features

Customer Reviews for the Plugin

  • A True Time Saver

    We regularly send out hundreds of codes to customers and this plugin has totally changed the game and made life so much easier. For a construction business, being able to restrict access unless you have the code has been a great incentive for customers who are curious about upgraded features without giving everything away!

    Shirley S.
  • Batch import

    Our client has a HUGE user base and we needed a solution to handle multiple codes asap. The CSV import feature of this plugin was exactly what we needed

    Brian Scott
  • Easy setup

    There were good alternatives out there, but with this Plug-in, pages have their content blocked as soon as you create the code, no extra configuration needed.

    Andrea Bennet
  • Good tracking tools

    You can check how many times each code is used. This tool is extremely valuable. I did have some questions when configuring the plugin, but support helped me quite quickly, so it's 5 stars for me

    Alex Worrall
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