Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Create a Business Directory in 2019

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Create a Business Directory in 2019

Adding a business directory function to your WordPress site has the potential to add visibility and increase site traffic to your site. A business directory creates a single place for visitors to find information about many businesses in a certain category.

If your website already has a high amount of traffic, you can charge businesses to submit listings, creating a new money-making opportunity. Or you can use the business directory to create a free, ultimate online resource to increase authority in your domain.

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In addition, businesses benefit from directories by increasing the chance they are found by potential customers. This is especially useful for new small businesses.

There are many different types of sites that can benefit from a custom business directory. For example, chambers of commerce, niche authority sites, and sites with members can benefit from a business directory.

There are several WordPress plugins available to help create a business directory. Here we review the top 5 options with a helpful comparison table at the end.

Business Directory Plugin


Business directory is a popular plugin that does exactly what it says—creates a business directory on your WordPress site. It lets you build local directories, business provider listings, and Yellow-Pages style business directories. You can even add Yelp-like review sections.

Business listing with Business Directory plugin

Business listing with Business Directory plugin

The free version allows websites to charge for all listings or only for certain categories. Control who submits listings by only allowing registered users to post. All listings are editable by admin and users through the front-end.

Business listing categories

Business listing categories

You are able to customize the look and feel of your directory. Use the built-in comment and contact form to allow people to contact businesses directly, or deactivate the whole form or the comment function.

The premium version includes twelve different upgrade plugins that allow users to upload documents, integrate with Google Maps, allow for different payment methods, and more.

Connections Business Directory


This WordPress plugin has over 10,000 installs and a 4.9/5 rating. It boasts simplicity, highly-rated support, and frequent updates. Create an address book, staff directory, church directory, or business listing directory with this plugin. This plugin supports over 250,000 listings.

There are three different entry types available: individual, organization, and family. Family is unique to this plugin and groups individuals as a family. Listings can be grouped by custom categories.

Business listing example made with Connections Business Directory

Listings page example made with Connections Business Directory

Connections Business Directory offers different pre-built templates to give your directory a certain look. To add more customization, admin can add as many custom fields as needed for details like email, social media, links, and dates.

This plugin is free, but there are many affordable premium extensions available to give additional functionality.



The GeoDirectory plugin allows you to create a location-based directory on a WordPress site. Directories can be modeled after TripAdvisor or Yelp. Create a local directory using the core plugin or expand worldwide with millions of listings using the MultiLocation premium add-on.

GeoDirectory directory page

GeoDirectory directory page

GeoDirectory works with any theme. It is built to be lightweight and flexible. If there is a problem, the plugin’s support team jumps in to help.

The free plugin comes with 15+ widgets, including 2 different Google Maps widgets. Use the drag-and-drop builder to create a custom front-end form for listings. Site visitors can filter listings and search by location with the addition of an Advanced Search premium add-on. Visitors can also filter by custom fields with this add-on.

Wpmudev Directory


The Wpmudev Directory plugin can be used to create a Yellow-pages style directory or a niche directory in minutes!

Users can add listings using a simple front-end interface. Admin can create custom permissions to manage users and decide who can edit, change, and moderate listings.

Adding a listing with Wpmudev Directory

Adding a listing with Wpmudev Directory

This plugin allows admin to charge users for listings in the directory. There are different payment options like one-time, daily, monthly, or yearly. The plugin also supports ratings and reviews.

WPMUDEV directory page

WPMUDEV directory page

The directory easily integrates with any theme using shortcodes. Or, take advantage of the simple directory theme that comes with the plugin. This plugin also allows for color customization and custom tags and categories.

CM Business Directory


The CM Business Directory plugin makes it easy to start a local directory on your WordPress site.

With the free version, admin can display businesses in a catalog format, create listing categories, and create custom business pages with descriptions and company logos. In addition, site visitors can search the directory to quickly find what they’re looking for.

ListWP WordPress Business Directory

ListWP WordPress Business Directory

The pro version of CM Business Directory offers a lot of cool features. It comes with more design options to customize the directory and business pages. Export/import listings, include business social media links, and generate internal ads.

An individual business listing with CM Business Directory

An individual business listing with CM Business Directory

This plugin makes it easy for businesses to advertise within the directory and in search results, allowing the directory site to make money when integrated with a payment platform like Easy Digital Downloads.

By adding the CM Business Directory Community Add-On, users can submit and edit their own listings within the business directory.

To see a live demo, visit ListWP. ListWP is the ultimate directory of WordPress-related businesses with categories like plugins, hosting, blogs, podcasts, SEO, and more!


The Business Directory Take-Away


The five plugin options listed have many similar features, with some important differences. When choosing the best directory plugin, consider the price for add-ons. Many of the plugins listed here have free core capabilities and offer premium add-ons for added useful features. Some offer simple functions, while others have more advanced features.

In addition, it’s important to consider what kind of directory you want to create and what plugin has the functionality necessary to create the best directory possible. Not all options listed here are specific to business directories. If that is your focus, it might be good to choose a plugin with specific business-oriented options like advertisements and social media links.

We hope you enjoyed our list of top 5 business directory plugins! Let us know which plugin is your favorite.

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