Top 10 Types of Website You Can Create With WordPress in 2020

Top 10 Types of Website You Can Create With WordPress in 2020

WordPress is a flexible and adaptable tool for creating websites. It currently supports around 60 million websites, and it isn’t just small brands and personal blogs either.

Just under 30% of the highest ranked websites (in terms of traffic) in the world are built on and supported by WordPress. As far as content management systems go, WordPress really is the leader and deserves to be.

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Despite that WordPress has a reputation for only being used for blogging!

In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 types of websites that can be created using WordPress, with some examples and handy extensions to help create them.

In no particular order, they are;

A Business Website

Many global and big regional brands around the world rely on WordPress to build their websites due to the huge variety of themes available, and how easy it is to include pictures and videos in it,. Extensions can even allow users to find their nearest store or Dealership.

Industry-leading companies like Mercedes-Benz, Bata, Angry Birds and Sony Music rely on WordPress to power their websites.

A Question and Answer tool can make any business website more responsive, and ensure frequently asked questions about your product doesn’t disappear into a wall of text!

A Government Website

Finland's government website

Finland’s government website

Businesses may still be seen as too small time compared to the websites of entire countries! However, Governments and departments still need to display information in a way that is easy for people to understand and projects a positive and modern image of the country.

Sweden’s official website is built on WordPress. As is ThisisFINLAND, and uncountable numbers of towns and departments have built their websites using WordPress. ThisisFinland is a tourist website, designed to attract visitors to Finland by showing off its culture in a smart modern way.

Similarly PMInida, the official website of the Prime Minister of India, built on WordPress and designed to give off a modern vibe, showing how far the country has come.

All attracted by WordPress’ ability to show “what’s on?” and detail options in a user-friendly way. Both for visitors and for site admins.

WordPress extensions even allow multi-language sites for countries with more than one working language!

A News Website

Samples of websites that use WordPress

Samples of websites that use WordPress

What do the New Yorker, Australia’s Herald Sun, the Village Voice, People magazine and Vogue have in common?

You guessed it, all their websites are powered by WordPress. Custom themes allow the content creators to appeal to their target market, be it fashionistas or highbrow broadsheet readers.

Articles incorporating photos and videos to make the story come alive, adaptable comment section tools to make readers feel a part of the discussion and secure payment options and extensions that allow content restriction, all at the editor’s fingertips, it’s understandable why many types of news sources have migrated over to WordPress.


Whether a youtuber running an eStore, to the massive marketplace that is Etsy, WordPress can be used to create online stores. WordPress is quickly becoming the go-to solution for business new to e-commerce for its ease of use. Extensions can handle payments, inventory, sales tax, and shipping.

Most use WooCommerce, which is the most popular eCommerce platform on the internet. And just so happens to be built for WordPress.

We also make a very useful extension that helps running marketing campaigns, turning those new customers, into repeat customers.

There are even extensions that allow you to go one step further, and set up an auction site in WordPress.

Jobs Board

In the modern world, some jobs are becoming increasingly niche. Having a board where businesses can list niche jobs that professional users can apply for and directly get paid from the website can make everyone’s life easier. And WordPress can set up this type of site, as Glassdoor can demonstrate.

The Home Depot uses WordPress to create an attractive careers page

The Home Depot uses WordPress to create an attractive careers page

Most job boards will not simply be a list of jobs and a search index, company reviews, and average salary are always a good idea to have to this type of site. Some go a step further and have an experiences blog, where contributors can give an overview of their day to day lives in their jobs.

Glassdoor even includes a small forum where users can detail the interview questions they were asked! To help future interviewees prepare.

This can work for short-term, few hour jobs like in Promo, or per hour consultancy. Or it can be a whole career – WordPress powers Homedepot’s careers page, for instance.

As WordPress allows separate tabs, most companies using the platform include a separate tab about “Why Work for Us?” or “Company Culture”, helping applicants know what kind of person you want to hire.

Glassdoor is a market leading job site

Glassdoor is a market leading job site

A business directory extension is absolutely invaluable when setting up this type of site.

Online Communities and Social Media

Facebook Newsroom is built using WordPress. You can’t leave Facebook off a list when talking about social media!

And you can attempt to build their rival using WordPress, or just a niche online community.

WordPress can create forums, and a registration code plugin can help prevent trolls from annoying that community.

For that niche community why not turn part of the site into a wiki (What I Know Is) knowledgebase? Or even use PeepSo or BuddyPress to create your own social network inside WordPress – don’t forget to integrate it with Strava to make the athletes happy!


Podcasts. There are a million of them, and they’re all amazing.

Whether its a podcast about motivation and dealing with stress ( Tiny Leaps, Big Changes ) two film buffs bickering and ranting about modern cinema (Wittertainment ) or one about media narratives surrounding Islam ( #GoodMuslimBadMuslim ) you can be sure of an informative or entertaining time listening to one.

Podcasts and WordPress go hand in hand. Customize your site’s theme to suit, add bonus content for subscribers, manage emails to inform listeners when there is a new issue of a podcast they’re subscribed too… Maybe even run an online store on the side?

It can all be made in WordPress.

A Download manager plugin can ensure listeners can download and listen to back episodes whenever wherever they want.

Charity Websites

Citizen-Schools help children from low-income families, WP helps Citizen Schools

Citizen-Schools help children from low-income families, WP helps Citizen Schools

Similar to business, WordPress can create a type of site to keep patrons informed of what your charity is for, what it is up to, how its donations are being spent. Along with giving a secure place to donate to your charity directly.

Citizen Schools goes a step further and includes high-quality video lessons for children in low-income families.


Sample of a professional portfolio created with WordPress. Created by Brian Smith

Sample of a professional portfolio created with WordPress. Created by Brian Smith

Artists, Photographers, and Web Designers all set up portfolio websites using WordPress. With themes involving beautiful sliders and stunning image galleries, it’s no surprise that it has become popular.


WordPress gives restaurants a chance to show off their food and ambiance to the world.

A Booking manager can also directly create and manage guests bookings on the site itself.

Themes and images come together in WordPress to help create an ambiance before diners even step through the front door.


In conclusion, WordPress can be used for so much more than blogging!

It is so adaptable that these ideas are not mutually exclusive. A photographer can set up a portfolio, with a booking manager for events and a small jobs board to arrange meetings with models.

Following a cult tv show? Why not make a forum for the online community, set up a podcast and an online store.

WordPress can do it all.