How well do you know WordPress - Test your Knowledge with this Trivia Quiz

How well do you know WordPress – Test your Knowledge with this Trivia Quiz

Are you new to WordPress or do you have some knowledge about the platform? Would you identify as a WordPress expert? It’s time to for WordPress Trivia! Let’s figure out how much you know about this popular content management platform.

Here we have compiled a list of simple trivia questions that cover some basic aspects of WordPress. Use them to test your knowledge about WordPress and maybe learn some information you didn’t already know.

WordPress Trivia Quiz for Beginners

Where to Learn More

If you found your WordPress knowledge is lacking, don’t worry. There are many resources for aspiring learners. Below are some great resources:

WPbeginner– WPbeginner is great if you need information geared toward beginners. If you did poorly on this quiz, check WPbeginner out. It’s a free option for learning more about WordPress.

WPMU Dev– This site has free written tutorials for beginner and advanced users. If you’re willing to pay, WPMU Dev offers some in-depth video tutorials.

WP101– WP101 has beginner tutorials, while WP201 has tutorials for more advanced users. If you’re looking for comprehensive courses this paid option is a good bet.

WordPress Codex– The codex, offered by, is a good place to find information straight from the source.

Use these resources and more mentioned in our WordPress tutorial post to build your knowledge. Then, come back and take the quiz again to see where you stand!

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