Start Making Money on WordPress With These Five Plugins

Courtney Jones

Coming up with ideas on how to monetize your small online business can be overwhelming. You want to make it profitable as soon as possible without spending your entire budget on advertisements.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the top five plugins that can help you make money on WordPress without breaking the bank.

Start Making Money on WordPress With These Five Plugins

Monetizing WordPress Site

Monetizing WordPress sites offers a multitude of opportunities for website owners to generate revenue through various channels. By leveraging various plugins, businesses can easily set up an online store to sell products or services directly to customers.

Integrating advertising platforms or affiliate marketing programs enables site owners to earn commissions by promoting relevant products or services.

Additionally, creating premium content or offering membership subscriptions can provide exclusive access to valuable resources, enticing users to pay for enhanced features or content.

WordPress also facilitates sponsored content partnerships, where brands pay to have their products or services featured on the site, boosting visibility and revenue.

With the flexibility and scalability of WordPress, coupled with strategic monetization strategies, website owners can effectively capitalize on their digital presence to generate income.

However, you need to consider one major factor, namely: how can your business realistically bring in revenue? Of course, there might be products or services you provide, but there are also other ways in which you can monetize your WordPress site.

One of the best ways to monetize a small business website is by using WordPress plugins that are already designed to help businesses succeed. All you need to do is install them.

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Monetizing WordPress Site With Plugins

Monetization plugins can help website owners make money from their online presence. They are commonly used with platforms like WordPress and offer a diverse array of features and functionalities aimed at maximizing income streams.

Whether it’s through advertising, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, or subscription-based models, monetization plugins empower WordPress users to effectively create income streams.

By integrating with existing content management systems, these plugins simplify the process of implementing various strategies, allowing site owners to focus on creating valuable content and engaging with their audience while optimizing revenue opportunities.

With the flexibility and adaptability offered by monetization plugins, website owners can explore and experiment with different monetization methods to find the most suitable approach for their specific goals and audience.

The plugins listed here are all highly rated and popular choices, with a proven track record of success in optimizing sales and monetizing WordPress sites.

1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster - Start Making Money on WordPress With These Five Plugins

OptinMonster is a praised WordPress monetization plugin. It provides many opportunities to generate revenue with WordPress. With this plugin, you can boost leads, significantly amplify sales, and expand your email subscriber list.

This user-friendly plugin helps generate more leads, subscribers and sales from organic traffic using three simple steps.

Use a pre-built template to create offers using a drag-and-drop system.

Then target and personalize the offer so it reaches your target audience.

Finally, use the statistics to improve your lead generation in real time and use split tests to increase conversions.

In addition, there is page-level targeting, advanced traffic redirection, multiple form types, A/B testing, lead capture forms, analytics, and more.

All of the features of the OptinMonster help you make money on WordPress.

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO - Start Making Money on WordPress With These Five Plugins

Yoast SEO is a must-have plugin for anyone using WordPress, regardless of what you’re offering. It ensures your website is optimized for search engines, helping your content get more search traffic.

If you aim to monetize your WordPress site through various eCommerce activities, then you will need to dedicate a lot of hours to SEO activities.

This easy-to-use plugin guides you through the process and continues working in the background. It provides valuable tips such as technical SEO enhancements and content edits to help improve your website’s visibility.

The plugin employs a color-coded system: green lights signify positive aspects, orange flags areas for enhancement, and red indicates areas needing improvement to enhance content visibility in search results.

It also offers additional features such as meta tags, canonical URLs, XML sitemaps, improved load times, title and meta description templating, and more.

3. WordPress Ad Server Plugin

Ad Manager Server - Start Making Money on WordPress With These Five Plugins

The WordPress Ad Server plugin from CreativeMinds allows users to create, manage, and display an ad campaign across multiple WordPress websites and is fully mobile responsive.

These advertising campaigns accommodate various formats including video, banner ads, Google AdSense, and HTML campaigns, which can be easily embedded into any page or post on your WordPress website to enhance monetization efforts.

The plugin effortlessly integrates with existing Google AdSense campaigns, streamlining the process for maximizing revenue potential.

This WordPress ad management plugin gives your administrators the ability to monitor and limit ad campaigns based on ad clicks or impressions, tailor the CSS style to suit brand style, schedule ad campaigns for specific time slots, implement fly-in ads triggered by page scrolling, and use various additional features.

Monetizing your WordPress site is much easier thanks to the detailed statistical reports available within the ad management plugin. They provide insights into the number of impressions, clicks, user locations, and server load for each campaign.

You can also preview all ad campaigns before launching them, resize mobile ads, and run video advertisements with ease.

With this versatile WordPress Ad Management plugin, you can create targeted ad campaigns, track ad performance, and create ad tiers to quickly monetize unused ad space.

4. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache - Start Making Money on WordPress With These Five Plugins

You won’t be able to effectively make money on WordPress with a slow website. The speed of your website is arguably the most critical aspect of its success. The time it takes for your site to load creates the initial impression for potential customers visiting your business.

Studies indicate that 40% of users anticipate websites to load within three seconds.

W3 Total Cache stands out as a widely praised WordPress plugin designed to enhance website speed.

It’s available for free, but its complexity may pose challenges for beginners. Nonetheless, this plugin effectively decreases website load times, consequently enhancing your search engine ranking.

W3 Total Cache is compatible with shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers, includes SSL support, and can sustain high web traffic periods. The plugin uses content delivery network integration and caching of pages, posts, feeds, search results, and more.

5. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads - Start Making Money on WordPress With These Five Plugins

If you’re looking to make money on WordPress through online sales, then opting for Easy Digital Downloads is a wise decision. This renowned WordPress plugin facilitates the sale of various digital products, ranging from software and music to documents and graphics, and much more.

This choice offers complete user-friendliness, establishing a robust foundation immediately upon installation. Simply tailor the appearance to align with your website content, and you’re all set.

Some of the more notable features include the frontend shopping cart for customers to add items to their cart, or use the “Buy Now” option, payment flexibility options from credit cards to third-party payment gateways, detailed customer management options, and more.

Additionally, it’s designed with localization in mind, as it has over two dozen languages and translations which can help you effectively reach a global customer base and make money on WordPress in no time!


Every business relies on revenue to stay in operation, that’s why monetizing WordPress sites is especially important for small businesses that often don’t generate huge revenues.

Plugins can simplify some of the actions necessary for making money on WordPress sites.

In many cases, once these plugins are installed, they do the hard work for you. So you can sit back and reap the financial rewards.

Make sure to research thoroughly to pick the best WordPress plugins for your small business. The right plugins can make a big difference, helping you reach more people online and, ultimately, boost sales.

If you’d like to pursue the topic of making money on WordPress further, then check out our plugins for monetization in WordPress that were not mentioned in this blog post.

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