How to Use Popups Effectively in Six Steps

Abigail Miller

Even though WordPress popup plugins are a very useful tool they have a bad reputation because of how most companies utilize them. It is important to recognize that they can increase the number of conversions and capture users’ attention if you use them correctly. By understanding the key principles and best practices behind implementing popups, you can unlock their true potential and harness their benefits to enhance user experience and achieve your website goals.

How to Use Popups Effectively in Six Steps

At one time, the term ‘pop-up’ was loaded with negative associations. Users across the web had bad experiences – loading websites only to be bombarded with unrelated nuisance popups, some even with malicious intentions. Popups got such a bad rep that the person who created them went as far as to apologize for his invention.

The good news for business owners and marketers alike is that popups have seen a renaissance, making an impressive comeback on eCommerce websites. Much less intrusive than before, popups are even considered a must-have feature to increase your online sales.

Business 2 Community states that using popups can increase conversion rates by up to 33%, so they’re a tool you can’t afford to overlook if you’re making sales through your WordPress website.

In this blog post we’ll talk about how you can get started with adding pop ups to your WordPress website and suggest six valuable ways you can use them to engage your audience and increase sales.

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Getting Started: How to Use Popup Plugins in WordPress

Getting Started: Uses for Popups in WordPress - Stand Out! Six Uses for Popups in WordPress

In order to make the most of the pop ups on your WordPress site, you’ll need the best available tool for the job. The Popup WordPress Plugin from CreativeMinds provides you with just that.

The plugin enables you to add responsive, highly customizable popups to your WordPress site. You can include images, videos, and rich text to create the perfect popup to easily match your site’s style and theme.

The key is to create a pop up that isn’t intrusive or bothersome for your users and provides real value. So, with that being said, here are just some of the ways to effectively use pop ups on your WordPress website:

Ways to Use Popup Plugins on Your WordPress Site

1. Grow Your Mailing List With a Popup Sign-Up Form

Grow Your Mailing List - Stand Out! Six Uses for Popups in WordPress

One of the most common and effective ways to use pop ups in WordPress is to encourage visitors to join a mailing list.

Whether you provide a regular newsletter or just use your mailing list to notify customers of sales and discounts, using a pop up is a great and simple way to encourage customers to add their email addresses to your list.

2. Announcements in Popups

Announce a Sale Event - Stand Out! Six Uses for Popups in WordPress

WP popups are effective because they grab your visitor’s attention, and when you’re promoting a sale event this is exactly what you should use them for.

While you never want to use a popup to repeat your website content, utilizing them is a great way to draw attention and signpost visitors toward what’s currently online in your WordPress store.

3. Provide Discount Codes

Provide Discount Codes - Stand Out! Six Uses for Popups in WordPress

If you want to offer your customers something special, like for example promotional discount codes, then WordPress popups are a great way to do so.

You can display your promotional code in the popup or provide the discount as an added incentive for joining your mailing list by prompting visitors to enter their email addresses.

Just ensure that you let visitors know exactly what they’re signing up for, and highlight that they can opt out whenever they choose.

4. Offer Exclusive Content

Offer Exclusive Content - Stand Out! Six Uses for Popups in WordPress

Got an eBook on your expertise? A podcast that showcases your knowledge? An informative quiz your users can take? A popup is the perfect way to showcase exclusive content to visitors.

The key here is to make sure the popup content is relevant and valuable according to what your customers are currently looking for on your site – there’s no use advertising your eBook when customers are browsing products. Incorrectly placed popups will only annoy potential customers and get in the way. Make sure the popup offers value according to the page it appears on.

5. Video Tutorials in Popups

Provide Video Tutorials - Stand Out! Six Uses for Popups in WordPress

If you sell a product that needs some technical know-how to use, a video tutorial in a popup is a proven way to engage your customers as well as help them out.

While typically videos are embedded into your site, including them in popups can be a unique way to display them. One of the many advantages of our Popup Plugin is that it allows you to make video popups with no trouble at all.

6. Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment With a Popup Plugin

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment - Stand Out! Six Uses for Popups in WordPress

There’s no getting around it, shopping cart abandonment is a huge issue for online retailers. While there’s no cure for all cases of shopping cart abandonment, popups can aid in reducing the rate of abandonment in your online store.

Whether you use an exit popup to remind customers they still have things in their cart, or use them to highlight how long they have left to receive a discount on next-day delivery, popups should be in your arsenal for combating the ever-present threat of cart abandonment.

Popup Best Practice

If you opt to use popups on your WordPress site, then here are some best practice rules that you should always keep in mind.

Inform, Don’t Intrude

Perhaps the most important rule when it comes to using pop ups is not to negatively impact your visitor’s experience on your website.

Pop ups should never feel intrusive, instead they should feel like a natural extension of the customer’s browsing experience. You should aim to inform and add positive value to your site with every pop up you use.

Make Sure Customers Can Close the Popup With Ease

Make Sure Customers Can Find the Exit - Stand Out! Six Uses for Popups in WordPress

One of the reasons why popups got such a bad reputation is because their makers used to engineer them to be difficult to close, with exit buttons hard to find or even unclickable.

It’s important, when designing your own WordPress popups, to avoid this pitfall. Make sure your customers can easily close the popup if they’re not interested in what you have to offer.

Do Not Create Too Many Popups

When it comes to adding popups to your WordPress site, it’s a case of quality over quantity. Nobody wants to visit a website that has a popup on every page, so make sure you’re selective about where you include them for maximum effectiveness.

As mentioned earlier, make sure that the popup not only adds value but feels natural according to what your visitors are browsing or reading when it occurs on your site.

Conclusion: Uses for Popups in WordPress

We hope that this post will help you achieve great things with popups!

Remember: popups are powerful, but only when used correctly. Spend some time researching them before implementing any popups on your site to avoid common mistakes.

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