Top eCommerce Trends 2024: 4 Technologies Changing eCommerce

Abigail Miller

The technology landscape is always changing. These are the top technologies changing eCommerce in 2024.

Top eCommerce Trends 2022: 4 Technologies Changing eCommerce

Technology has become a huge part of our everyday lives – shaping every single thing that we do in countless different ways. New technologies are even impacting the way we shop. In 2024, the changes are becoming even more tangible, with new technologies emerging and gaining speed.

Once upon a time, shopping was an analogue affair where physical shops were the only place to get what you needed. But times have changed, and online shopping is a reality and a lifeline for people around the world. Times and changing still, and now new technologies are improving the shopping experience for both customers and companies alike.

Whether it’s through artificial intelligence streamlining customer service processes or Augmented Reality allowing us to try before we buy, here are just some of the ways new technology are changing the eCommerce industry for the better every step of the way.

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Voice Commerce

Voice Commerce - Top eCommerce Trends 2024: 4 Technologies Changing eCommerce

One of the biggest technologies changing the way consumers shop is Voice Commerce – but what exactly is it?

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, Voice Commerce is the act of searching for a product using a device that allows for voice search – think smart-home products like the Amazon Echo or any smartphones with a voice search function.

Shopping through voice devices has seen a steady increase since the launch of the Amazon Echo in 2014, and it’s really picking up pace. It’s estimated that there are over 135 million consumers in the US alone who use voice search on their smart devices, and 71% say that they would choose using their voice to search for a query over typing it.

This means that voice search is one of the prime target for growth in the eCommerce sector, and all signs certainly point in that direction. Research suggests that the number of people using voice search has already crossed %40 and that’s just in the United States!

Voice Commerce also has huge benefits for those who are disabled or visually impaired, so we’re happy to see more progress in this area to help those who rely on eCommerce as a way to shop.

What does the future hold? As more people adopt technologies with voice search options, the number of purchases made by voice search will only increase. Optimizing your eCommerce store for voice search now is a sensible way to stay ahead of the curve and keep consumers engaged with your products.

AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots - Top eCommerce Trends 2024: 4 Technologies Changing eCommerce

On many eCommerce websites you’ll now be greeted by a friendly chatbot, ready to help no matter the time of day. These handy bots are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

eCommerce stores around the world are integrating AI technology into their websites in order to streamline processes and improve customer service, and chatbots are on the frontline of this new frontier.

According to the stats, Chatbots can save up to 30% in customer support costs, so you can understand why more and more businesses around the world are choosing to adopt them in 2024. When around 50% of consumers expect businesses to offer around-the-clock support, AI Chatbots can serve as a cost-effective solution to a big challenge for eCommerce websites.

What does the future hold? Global Insights Market predicts that the Chatbot market will be worth $1.3billion by 2024, so the trend for Chatbots shows no sign of slowing down. We predict that engineers will work harder to make Chatbots more human, improving the user experience even more.

Augmented Reality

Once upon a time, Augmented Reality (AR) was the plaything of video game creators. But in 2024 it’s changing the game for the eCommerce sector.

While it might seem outlandish at first, Augmented Reality has a very practical use for eCommerce websites – it lets your customers fully visualize the product before they buy. With AR technologies you can now see how an item of clothing will look when you wear it or feel how comfortable a sofa is from the comfort of your own home.

By letting customers see how the product will fit into their day to day life, they’re far more likely to make that all important purchase.

What does the future hold? We expect to see advancements in AR technology in the eCommerce sector over the coming years.


Drones have been in the headlines for a few years, and in 2024 they’re making even further headway into the eCommerce sector – namely in the delivery department.

Big name companies such as Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and DHL have all been dipping their toes into the new territory of drone delivery. In Ireland, over 3000 packages are delivered each day by drones!

As you’d imagine, drones are useful for delivering smaller items. These can include books, documents, medicines and even food being successfully delivered by drone directly to consumer’s doorsteps.

The benefits of drone delivery are numerous: increased delivery speed, environmentally friendly credentials, and less labour-intensive methods makes it an appealing choice for eCommerce delivery. Most important in terms of pricing – Drone delivery is 90% cheaper than car service delivery.

With a push towards full automation in the future – removing the remote control from workers hands and letting the drone navigate itself – it’s hoped that human error in deliveries will be completely negated in parcel delivery – watch this space!

What does the future hold? Given events in 2024, companies will be looking for more efficient ways to deliver contactless service to their customers into the future. We think that remote controlled drone delivery services could be a big help in this mission to change the way we shop, creating a safer environment for consumers and businesses alike.

The Future of eCommerce

The Future of eCommerce - Top eCommerce Trends 2024: 4 Technologies Changing eCommerce

With all of these new and exciting technologies trending in 2024, the future of eCommerce looks bright.

Whether it’s changing the way people search for products or giving us new environmentally friendly ways to receive our packages, technology is transforming the eCommerce landscape in ways that seemed impossible even just a few short years ago.

Are you struggling with the future (or even the present) of eCommerce? Get in touch with CreativeMinds so we can discuss your needs and create an actionable plan to boost your eCommerce.

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