What is the WordPress Video Tutorials Plugin (Available for Free)

Ditsa Keren

We have a plugin which contains all WordPress video tutorials for CM Plugins.

What is the WordPress Video Tutorials Plugin (Available for Free)

This superb yet surprisingly simple plugin has a back-end interface in which the Editor or the Administrator can select which video to play from the list of available videos for each CM Plugin.

The main advantage is that you’ll be able to view our tutorials directly from your WordPress dashboard, without having to search for them externally online! Say Goodbye to those annoying YouTube adverts! Download our WordPress tutorials plugin – it’s completely, 100% Free!

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Our WordPress video tutorials plugin includes:

  • CM Answers Q&A Discussion forum plugin
  • CM Tooltip Glossary for an outstanding dictionary of terms
  • CM MicroPayments for supporting your own virtual money
  • CM Downloads manager For creating an onsite downloads directory
  • CM Ad-changer For turning your site into an ad- server
CM wordpress video tutorials - New! WordPress Video Tutorials Plugin Available for Free Download!

CM Video Tutorials for WordPress

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