The Benefits of Creating a Business Directory Website in WordPress

Courtney Jones

A business directory is a convenient place for users to find any type of company they need. Business Directory WordPress plugins allow website owners to easily categorize and list businesses while making them simple to find for users, which enhances the overall user experience. What is more, when a business makes it into a web directory it is treated better by the search engine algorithm.

The Benefits of Creating a Business Directory Website in WordPress

The Business Directory plugin by CreativeMinds allows you to build a directory of local businesses that is similar to the Yellow Pages, completely on your WordPress website.

With this directory plugin, you’ll have the ability to add all types of businesses from cafes to IT companies and many more. In addition, each business listing has a profile that includes pictures, videos, and payment options.

Business Directory Plugin gives you the option to add Google Maps functionality and boost overall SEO for the listing in search engine results. Businesses listed in the web directory can also be filtered by search, including zip code or other categories.

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Benefits of a Business Directory

Top Benefits of Building a Business Directory with WordPress

Having the ability to build a local WordPress business directory can really help create a good local community of businesses. The users, on the other hand, will be able to filter the online business directory to find the best doctor, plumber, lawyer, massage therapist, etc. in their area.

In addition, users can also create and manage business profiles. When a user logs in to create a business profile, that business is then attached to their profile. However, other users can claim business profiles as their own, and the admin can approve the claim.

Also, every business profile in the business directory can have a login and password assigned to it. That way, you can enable users, even anonymous users to be able to edit business profiles once they have logged in.

Business directories also have the ability to advertise on the listing as well as charge users for having the listing. It’s possible to charge users for managing and creating each individual business listing in your online directory.

In order for payments to work, users must be logged in to pay for creating a business profile. Options like WooCommerce provide the platform for collecting platforms for listings.

In the admin dashboard, a user can decide to accept payments from major credit cards as well as PayPal. In the Business Directory plugin settings, it’s possible to configure which payment options are available in the payments tab.

You will need a payment plugin, like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads installed as well, or you will get a notification that payment features won’t work without one.

Another feature is requiring payments for adding new businesses to your directory listing. There is also an option for getting instant payment.

What’s more, you’re able to advertise each individual business listing. You can charge businesses for the listing or charge them for advertising on your listing.


Top Benefits of Building a Business Directory with WordPress

The WordPress Directory plugin is a helpful tool for promoting local businesses and creating a business directory on your WordPress website. It gives you the opportunity to charge people to create their business listings or claim an existing listing.

Also, there is an advertising space on each business listing which can bring in more revenue or allow businesses to advertise on your online listings. Create a great community of businesses all in one easy-to-access directory on your WordPress website.

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