5 Tips to Create Beautiful and Appealing Tooltips

Courtney Jones

In the digital era, aesthetics are everything. Even your tooltips need to be beautified. Here’s how.

5 Tips to Create Beautiful and Appealing Tooltips

With so many different websites available to us with just a few clicks of a button, it’s very important that a WordPress website be visually appealing to the eye, in order to draw you in so you don’t click away.

Having an aesthetically pleasing website is also a good functional choice. A simple layout or a nice color scheme can make a website seem incredibly organized, sleek, or jump off the screen and keep your attention.

With WordPress, visually content isn’t just images. Typographic content can also be visual, and a way to draw your attention to important or highlighted information.

A tooltip is a hint or a piece of text information that displays an informational text box filled with important data when you hover over it.

So when a user moves their cursor over a text word on a page, an informative message appears to provide the user with more information about that word or phrase.

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Tooltips can be on any post or page, and be used as often as the admin would like. These tooltips can be activated using a mouse over gesture or a keyboard hover on certain words or phrases.

The Tooltip Glossary Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds allows users to build a full dictionary or online index with popup tooltip information boxes on WordPress pages.

Also, information can be integrated from Wikipedia or Merriam-Webster, and add links to products or terms to boost your overall website SEO.

This plugin also works with Google Translate to create bilingual or trilingual content, and you can even add products to pages with WooCommerce and Amazon.

The main feature of the Tooltip Glossary plugin is to automatically create a fully customizable index of all terms, from A to Z. There are dozens of design templates to choose from, plus a fast search filter.

Each term also has a dedicated term page with a definition, media, and additional content, in which users can submit terms to help build a knowledge base of terms.

Creating tooltips is helpful to many users and there are many ways to make them visually appealing.

Keep It Simple

5 Tips to Create Beautiful and Appealing Tooltips

Not overthinking your aesthetic is very important. On your website, you want to show your content, products and services in a way that interests the customers. Use large images with little text, and include tooltips for additional information.

Or balance text and images and still use tooltips so things don’t get too wordy. Using videos can be helpful to explain information, and some white space can help to separate ideas or products and organize pages and posts.

The key is that not every single piece of space needs to be used up. Plus, tooltips will stand out if there are only a few words of text or a helpful video.

Careful Image Placement

5 Tips to Create Beautiful and Appealing Tooltips

Images are a super important part of any website. High-quality images attract your eye and can help sell users on products or services. Good images can also keep users on a webpage longer.

You want to create a message with photos or tell a story. Using your logo on banners and pages can remind people of the brand, and product images can show off possibilities.

The key is to remember that not all images have to be on the same page, or all smashed together in one spot.

Placing images can also work well within the theme that you’ve chosen and can also enhance your color scheme by slightly matching or contrasting where it’s appropriate.

Use Interactive Elements


When browsing a website, people will remember something fun or interactive that they used and want to stay or come back for more. This could be something like clicking on an element to change the color.

Users like to interact with the website, such as leaving comments or suggestions, playing a fun hidden game or solving a puzzle. Something more than just scrolling through a website to find information.

Choose Your Color Scheme

5 Tips to Create Beautiful and Appealing Tooltips

Using color is a decisive choice and when you have a website, it should fit with your branding and company colors. Colors can affect how a website is viewed, and you don’t want things to clash.

Choose colors that fit with your theme or your products but don’t using an overwhelming amount or think you need a bunch of colors. Less is more, especially when you want your content or products to have the spotlight.

Responsive Themes

5 Tips to Create Beautiful and Appealing Tooltips

Having a responsive theme is a no-brainer for a WordPress website, so the design elements of your website should be equally responsive. Designs that are responsive are usually more customizable.

Responsiveness means your website will show the same information on any device from a computer to a smartphone. The website should make sense and have menus available, images the correct size, etc.

Responsive themes allow for adapting layouts and catering to the viewer, who you want to stay on your website, and easily navigate it.

The Tooltip Glossary Visual Widget Add-On

The Tooltip Glossary Visual Widget Add-On lets users add seven exciting widgets to a glossary, in order to improve the overall user experience. Each widget is fully responsive to WordPress themes and is fun to play with.

The add-on supports shortcode, and it can be placed on the sidebar of any WordPress page or post.

The widgets include a full alphabet list with all the terms listed, glossary categories with the number of terms in each category, the dynamic cloud which is a cloud of glossary terms, and more.

The glossary word cloud shows a color cloud of terms, a single random term shows a single term with a description, color cloud shows a colorful cloud of terms, and the bubble chart is bubbles of terms.


A tooltip is an incredibly useful tool for any WordPress website to have, and it can be visually appealing to the eye, instead of just plain text on a page.

There are many ways to achieve this, like with WordPress plugins and add-ons which add color and style to all posts and pages.

However, there are some choices that don’t involve buying WordPress add-ons. Things like keeping your content simple, choosing the right colors, having a responsive theme, and carefully placing images.

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