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Overview of the Tooltip Glossary Premium Editions

Overview of the Tooltip Glossary Premium Editions

This is an overview of the Tooltip Glossary Premium Editions for the CreativeMinds Tooltip Pro and Tooltip Pro+ plugins for WordPress. This is an excellent plugin choice for anyone who wants to add an interactive glossary to their WordPress site. The newest update includes some serious tweaking that makes the plugin load much faster.

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The most recent Tooltip Pro update comes with new functionality that supports users clicking on links that appear inside the Tooltip. This means users can access those links without clicking away from the page that they are on. It also works together with several external API’s  (Google Translate, Merriam-Webster dictionary, Wikipedia and more).

tooltip glossary premium

Features of the Tooltip Glossary Premium Editions

The tooltip glossary plugin has the ability to display the glossary term on any page or post on hover or mouseover. Users can see these definitions without referencing the central index page with links all terms together. For the Pro edition, this interconnected index page also helps improve your overall website SEO.

Our tooltip glossary premium plugin includes the ability to exclude or include specific terms from any page or post. This plugin also supports integrating all types of media files from images to video and more. The tooltip glossary plugin also integrates easily with external data from dictionaries, Wikipedia and thesauruses.

tooltip glossary premium

The Future of Our Tooltip Glossary Premium Editions

We are constantly working on new versions of the tooltip glossary premium plugin, which can be used for eCommerce websites, where the tooltip shows product preview information inside the tooltip, with links to purchase products directly.

This newest version will also support Amazon Related Products and allows users that have been associated to enter their Amazon associate code and use the glossary to predefine terms that enables Amazon widgets to appear when users hover-over the term defined by the tooltip.