Expert Directory Listing Solution | Manage Professional Profiles With Ease

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If you’re looking to create a visually appealing index of your team of researchers or professionals, an expert directory may be the solution for you. Our expert directory lists each person’s background, portfolio and contact information, making it a great tool for finding out more about your colleagues or connecting on important projects.

But how can online directories benefit your business or university and what functionalities do they have? Keep reading on to find out more.

Expert Directory Listing Solution | Manage Professional Profiles With Ease

Benefits of using an online directory

CreativeMinds: Expert Directory Listing Solution | Manage Professional Profiles With Ease

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There are countless benefits that online directories offer businesses and universities. These include:

Enhance your company’s online presence

If you’re looking to enhance your company or university’s online presence, investing in an extensive online directory is an effective method of putting yourself out there and getting discovered. It can also help boost your search engine rankings, making your company and your employees more visible to other businesses and people.

Once you’ve created a company directory with up-to-date information about your employees, this information could also get transferred to other listing sites, making your presence more prominent than ever.

This is a great way for your company or university to rank higher than your competitors or with other institutions possessing the same or a similar name.

Expose your company and employees with ease

When you use a directory listing solution from CreativeMinds, we provide you with a beautiful display that lists each of your staff member’s profiles and information. This is in the form of a grid with professional images, contact information and links.

When people perform a search using our directory solution, each of your employees will be listed along with further information about your business.

This helps more businesses and people get familiar with your university or company which can improve your chances of working with them. It’s like LinkedIn for academia!

List out specialties

Researchers often need to connect with other experts in their field for projects and studies. Our expert directory makes connecting with other researchers and professors easier than ever, as you’re able to clearly list specialties in different areas and fields.

Researchers can also list out their work, portfolio and further information about their academic background.

Better employee cooperation

If you work at a large business or university, it can be a nightmare trying to find out someone’s contact details and areas of expertise.

Instead of relying on lengthy email chains trying to find out who can help you on a particular project, company directories let you instantly search for other employees in seconds by providing you with everything you need to know with researcher profiles.

Even better, when the information is kept up to date, you won’t have to worry about emailing dormant accounts of employees who have left the business.

This breaks down communication barriers within your departments and increases cooperation and engagement with your teams. This can fuel business relationships internally making your company perform better as a result.


CreativeMinds: Expert Directory Listing Solution | Manage Professional Profiles With Ease

Instead of displaying your employee email addresses for the whole world to see, our sophisticated faculty expertise management and discovery software let visitors get in touch with your team via a customizable form. That means they don’t have to share their email with the public and be subjected to spam or emails that aren’t relevant to them.

This keeps your team member’s information secure and private while still allowing them to be contactable.

Earn money

Whether you’re looking to attract more students to your university or want to create a gated member directory that can only be accessed after payment, investing in our expert directory software gives you the chance to increase your revenue.

Increasing your presence online through a directory system lets researchers and business professionals connect on important projects and studies while making sure they possess the right background and skillset for the job.

While your business not only becomes more recognizable by your information being shared publicly, you can also increase your revenue by doing so at the same time.

Share files and documents

A common complaint at businesses and universities is that information isn’t shared across different departments. That means work can become duplicated and leave people wondering where to go if they need critical information.

Our faculty expert directory software lets members share files and documents with other people, making sharing information easier than ever.

Whether one department wants to publish information about a case study or another wants to include information about a big project they’ve completed, being able to easily share information not only empowers your employees but leads to a more successful business too.

Boost your SEO

Instead of relying on expensive marketing strategies to increase your SEO through time-consuming and costly methods, our expert directory solution can boost your SEO and rankings on search pages.

As business directories are seen as a valuable and reliable source of data, this increases your chance of ranking well on popular search engines without having to rely on only paid advertising methods.

Improve your local reach

Nearly half of online searches are from people looking for information local to them. When you have your business and contact information supplied not only on your website but with a people directory, this can help local people and businesses find you much easier than relying on advanced searches.

This is a great way to source work locally or to find researchers near you for important projects.

Functions of our system

CreativeMinds: Expert Directory Listing Solution | Manage Professional Profiles With Ease

While online directories can be incredibly beneficial for companies and universities, it pays to use expert systems with top-notch qualities you can trust. With CreativeMinds online directory solution, you benefit from the following features and functionalities:

Payment assistance

Our solution lets you set different prices for different types of access to your directory. Instead of relying on third-party software to arrange payments, our solution lets users search the directory and pay under one roof.


We’re proud of the flexibility we have when it comes to integrating with other knowledge management systems used by your institution. Instead of making you rely solely on our faculty expert directory software, our system can easily be adapted to work with internal or external systems used by your company.

SEO optimized

We ensure that all profile and directory pages are SEO optimized to increase your online presence on search engines. This in turn drives traffic to your website and people directory and increases your overall ranking with websites like Google.

Tailored filters

Overwhelmed by the large amount of employee data your company or university has? Our faculty expertise management and discovery software do the hard work for you so you can easily tailor your searches by expertise, department, campus, faculty member and more.

Allowing you to utilize filters when using our company directory is the perfect solution for companies with a large amount of employee data and documents.

This makes academic expertise finding easier than ever!

Custom fields

Our solution caters to a wide variety of institutions including businesses, membership bodies, universities and more. That’s why we create custom fields relevant to your industry such as “references” or “awards” when describing your staff members.

This is a great way for employees and professors to show off their hard work in a way that can be easily found by members of the public.


Lots of expertise finder expert directories can only be accessed via a desktop. Our directory pages and profile manager are all responsive. This means they can be used on mobile, desktop and tablets with ease.

User involvement

While it can be difficult to keep track of all of your members, letting users edit or suggest new members to the directory is a helpful way of keeping your company information as updated as possible.

Instead of relying on one large data sweep to input all of your employees’ information, being able to easily edit profiles lets you keep your information up to date and relevant which makes your business look better overall.

Reporting tools

Our company directory solution also provides you with in-depth reports and analytics that can serve as valuable insight about popular search terms, sought-after employees and more. This lets you see which staff members are in demand and can let you tailor your content depending on the data you receive.

Invest in an online directory today

CreativeMinds: Expert Directory Listing Solution | Manage Professional Profiles With Ease

If you’re looking for a directory listing solution that matches the needs of your institution or company, look no further than CreativeMinds for an expert people directory that’s perfect for you.

Our faculty expertise management and discovery software let you manage and list members of staff while promoting your business at the same time, making academic expertise finding easier than ever.

If you’re looking for an expert directory solution that provides you with endless benefits, visit our website to see how we can elevate your company or institution through our state-of-the-art expert directory system today. We can’t wait to work with you!

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