Ultimate Guide - How to Add Videos to WordPress

Courtney Jones

Incorporating videos into your WordPress site brings a dynamic and engaging dimension to your content, capturing your audience’s attention and making your message more memorable. Videos have the power to convey complex information quickly and effectively, appealing to both visual and auditory learners. By adding videos to your WordPress site, you create an interactive experience that not only entertains but also educates, ultimately fostering a stronger connection with your visitors.

Ultimate Guide – How to Add Videos to WordPress

Having videos on your WordPress site is important, as it is another way to visually convey information to your customers and website visitors. Having videos can also help organize your content and make it simpler for people to find what they are looking for on your web pages.

In addition, having videos on your website also increases your overall SEO, and optimize videos individually to rank in search engines. Video is a good tool to have on your website as it is a major way that people consume information daily.

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Most customers who visit a website spend most of their time looking over product or service videos, and video continues to be the most watched medium on social media platforms and has proven to be an effective marketing strategy.

One thing to keep in mind when you want to add videos to your WordPress website is that adding videos can be a simple process. WordPress makes embedding videos on pages, posts and widgets super user-friendly.

Step 1) Choose Between Uploading And Embedding Videos

Choose Between Uploading And Embedding Videos - Ultimate Guide - How to Add Videos to WordPress

There is more than one way to upload videos to a WordPress website. Admin can either upload the video files manually to pages and posts, or the videos can be embedded on web pages. Embedded videos can also be from other websites where useful videos have been uploaded like Vimeo.

One way to upload videos to WordPress is by doing so manually. This is similar to adding videos to YouTube or Vimeo. Log into your WordPress website dashboard and click on the “Add New Link” button under the Posts tab.

When the new post opens, click on the add video icon at the top of the post. Then click on the select files to upload button. When the new window opens, select the video file you want to upload and double click on it to open. The file uploader window reappears and shows the progress of the upload.


A description box will appear when the upload is finished, where users can create a title for the uploaded file, a caption, and a description. Then click the “Insert into Post” button and place it on the web page.

Another way to upload videos to WordPress is by actually embedding them into the web pages. First, log in to WordPress and click the “Add New Link” button from the posts menu. When the “Add New Post” page opens, just click on the add video icon. Then click on the “From URL” tab.

Then head to Vimeo (or whatever video service you are using to post your videos) and find the URL of the video that you want to embed. You can find the direct link to the video file and simply copy and paste it into the URL text box within WordPress.

Then click the insert into post button to embed the video. You can use a piece of code called a shortcode to play, watch and listen to the video directly on the WordPress page.

Step 2) Install Video Manager Plugin

There are solid alternatives that deliver the capability of adding videos to WordPress.

Our video lessons manager plugin allows users to create a video based learning environment within WordPress. It’s an easy way to create and sell online courses with dozens of embedded videos within WordPress pages and posts without using a third-party website.


Users can create video tutorials about products and include detailed information and visuals. Simply record videos or lessons once and put them up for all of your users to view. It’s also possible to create profits from creating courses and use it as a means for passive or full-time income.

In addition, admin can view progress reports for specific users and overall reports for lessons, courses, and videos watched from the plugin dashboard. The Video Lessons Manager is $39 for one website and $79 for up to five websites, with one full year of support and all updates.

This plugin also has a variety of add-ons like the ability to add downloadable files to your online content, and the ability to make online payments within WordPress without using a third-party solution.

Alternative – Other WordPress Video Plugins

Alternative - Other WordPress Video Plugins - Ultimate Guide - How to Add Videos to WordPress

The learning management system plugins included in this list are the top WordPress learning management plugins available. They have the most advanced and useful features, are user-friendly, cost-effective, have good support and much more.

There are already quite a few top-rated learning management system plugins available for WordPress, so it’s important to find the right plugin for your online course, with all the features you want.

There are many features which are essential to a learning management system, such as the ability to easily create and manage an online course, having a built-in payment gateway, monitoring student progress, offering certificates, and content dripping to schedule lessons.

1) LearnDash

LearnDash is easily the most well recognized learning management system plugin in existence. Admin can simple drag and drop videos to build multi-layered courses with lessons, tests and categories organized together.

learning management system

LearnDash is also able to integrate with other plugins like MemberPress, to function as a membership plugin as well as a learning management system. There are lots of monetization options like PayPal and Stripe, and helpful course-specific forums for students to interact.

This plugin is available for $159 for one website with one year of support and updates. It is incredibly user-friendly and lets admin schedule the release of content with its drip-feed feature.

2) LifterLMS

The LifterLMS WordPress plugin is another powerful one course creator which is also a good membership software. The plugin supports multi-tier courses with drip content, and can create small courses as well as full-time higher education degree programs.

learning management system

Get the Individual Add-Ons plan for $99 per year for one website, the Universal Bundle for $299 per year for up to five websites, or the $999 per year for unlimited websites. Each plan has a variety of helpful features and payment gateway options.

3) LearnPress

LearnPress is a fully comprehensive WordPress LMS plugin which is available completely free. This is a simple plugin, which can be integrated with powerful extensions like WooCommerce and BuddyPress.

learning management system

LearnPress allows users to easily export or import courses from other LearnPress websites, drip content, create quizzes, and track grading. LearnPress is an ideal learning management system choice for educational institutions, instructors, and e-learning platforms.

LearnPress Pro also offers users the chance to buy premium add-ons for LearnPress. The pro bundle is $249 and includes eighteen different add-ons for e-learning from grading to payment gateways.

4) WP Courseware

WP Courseware is a quick solution for creating and selling online courses which features a user-friendly drag and drop style for creating courses. All courses can have multiple modules and tests, include pre-requisites and drip content.

learning management system

The price is $129 for two websites with a year of support and updates. One unique feature is the question bank, which is where admin can simply create quizzes for different courses. There are many monetization options, and the plugin supports custom emails, instructor grade books and much more.

5) Teachable

Teachable is a strong online course creator which lets admin integrate online courses into your website or hot them on a Teachable subdomain. The basic plan is $29 per month but has a 5% transaction fee, the professional plan is $79 per month and the business plan is $399 per month.

learning management system

All plans allow for unlimited students, instant payouts, priority product support, and much more. Advanced features include completion certificates, bulk student enrollments, dozens of admin-level users and more.

Teachable also offers users the chance to create a visually stunning website for online learning and is marketed heavily to the artistic and creative communities. It’s used worldwide and available in dozens of different languages.

Final Thoughts on LMS Plugins

Final Thoughts on LMS Plugins - Ultimate Guide - How to Add Videos to WordPress

A learning management system plugin is a very powerful tool for your WordPress website. The ability to create and sell online courses is both incredibly beneficial and financially lucrative for both educators, students, and other companies.

The learning management system plugins in this comprehensive list are all high quality, affordable, have a range of helpful features and are ideal for both large and small business and educational institutions. The key is to decide which plugin will fit the needs and requirements of your business.

All of these plugins offer course organization, multiple categories, places for students to interact online, user-friendly grading options and course completion certificates. There are many options available for choosing a learning management system plugin, and all of these choices are the best places to start.


Adding video to your WordPress website is an essential in the digital age, as video is a quick and efficient way to spread information quickly, and is a helpful tool for selling products and services online.

Adding videos can be done manually by adding files one by one to WordPress, or by embedding video from URLs. Having videos in more than one platform is a great way to expand your customer base and give your content the widest viewership.

The CM Video Lessons Manager plugin is an excellent example of how embedding videos on your WordPress website can create an effective learning environment and be a good way to earn an income.

Adding video to WordPress is both user-friendly and cost effective way to improve your overall WordPress website. There are many ways to upload videos to WordPress and many ways to use videos to create a learning environment.

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