Learn Everything About The Invitation Code Content Access Plugin

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The Invitation Code Content Access plugin makes it easy to restrict content on WordPress. Here’s everything you need to know.

Learn Everything About The Invitation Code Content Access Plugin

The Internet is a great place to find any type of content that you are looking for. However, some websites restrict access to content as a way to monetize it or just keep content to a specific niche. There are many ways to accomplish this online. The easiest and most efficient way to restrict content is to use a WordPress plugin.

With content restriction plugins for WordPress, admin can place any content that they want on their webpages and posts. Then, they can decide whether or not everyone can see this content.

This is possible by using the plugin settings to send an access code to people who you want to have access to your content. This can be accomplished by inputting a code to access the content.

Also, it’s possible to send these invitation codes out in bulk and also send multiple invitation codes and allow them to be used more than once. Simply choose in the settings what the usage limit of the code you send out to users.

There are dozens of different WordPress plugins that enable users to moderate and decide how their content is accessible to users. It’s important to find a plugin that fits the best with what you want.

One of the best WordPress plugins for this is the Invitation Codes Content Access plugin.

Invitation Codes Content Access Plugin

The Invitation Codes Content Access Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds is a way for admin to lock access to specific pages or allow only partial content or files to be seen. Admin can provide access to information via invitation codes.

The main feature of this plugin is to create and manage temporary invitation codes that allow access to specific files or pages by users. In addition, the content can be restricted to any part of an existing page.

Another option is to charge users to have access to specific invitation codes or give them out for free. This can be adjusted in the settings and many payment gateways are available.

The process of this plugin is simple. Choose to restrict access to all users or just guests on your website. Once the code has been generated in the backend, the content automatically locks, and the invitation code just be used to access it.

invitation code

Additional features include the ability to generate individual codes or generate codes in bulk (which are also generated randomly, sequentially or even from a CSV file). Each code can have one or multiple URLs associated with them.

Invitation codes can be imported via a CSV file, and when this offers a notification can be sent out to notify users. This is also a case with individual codes are generated as well.

Admin can import a CSV file and multiple emails will be sent to users. The plugin tracks whether or not each email was sent out. Also, the admin can set the expiration date of the code when it is generated in the plugin settings

If you want to charge users for purchasing invitation codes, the plugin supports PayPal, Stripe, and many other payment gateways, like WooCommerce. You can generate as many codes as you want as well.

In addition, admin can set a notification for users when an invitation code has been denied.

This invitation code plugin has many uses. This plugin is ideal for website promotions, last-minute deals or sales, and many kinds of advertising campaigns as well. There are many different uses for a plugin like this.

Invitation codes can be helpful to provide users access to an exclusive landing page on your website. Admin can say the first fifty people that use the code get access to the content on the page, as a way to generate buzz and immediacy for the content.

Also, invitation codes can be sent out to a limited number of users if they participated in a raffle or challenge that included prizes. Or you can create a giveaway and decide that only selected users get the invitation code that includes exclusive content.

Another good use case is allowing a temporary access to content. Admin can lock a landing page and then give away codes to users until a set period of time is over, like twenty-four hours. This is ideal for quick sales or limited edition, or low stock items.


This Invitation Code Content Access Plugin is a great digital marketing tool for any WordPress website. Users can lock any content to users who have the codes to access it.

The plugin also takes care of all of the creativity involved in the codes so you don’t have to worry about it.

Fully customize the code from the text to the color to the manner in which the code is sent to users.

Admin can allow a code to be used more than once or send invitation codes out in bulk, plus randomize the code sequence so you don’t have to choose what every single code is.

This content access plugin is incredibly user-friendly, and no coding knowledge is necessary to create and track invitation codes.

The codes that are generated can be used by both logged-in users and guests on your website. There is no need to be a registered user to use this plugin.

There is absolutely no limit to the number of invitation codes that can be generated or used by users. There is also no limit to the number of codes that can be generated or imported in bulk.

Codes are generated to be used once and for a short period of time and this plugin is perfect for that.

Invitation Code Content Access Use Case Examples for WordPress

[Product Launch] Invitation Code Content Access Plugin for WordPress - Invitation Code Content Access Use Case Examples for WordPress

Exclusive Landing Pages

Organize a contest “Gotta go fast” and only the first 100 users that use the code, get access.

Prize Draw

Limited number of Invitation Codes that are sent to a selected number of users that won a challenge.

eBook Promotion

Host a Giveaway of your newest eBook and allow only selected users to get the Invitation Code.

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