PeepSo: What Is It and Why Use It?

David Rashty

With the rise of social media, it doesn’t cut it to just broadcast information to the masses. You have to engage with people – facilitate conversations, build relationships, and encourage customers to talk to each other. It’s important to make them feel part of an exclusive club. That’s where PeepSo comes in.

PeepSo: What Is It and Why Use It?

PeepSo: A Social Media Plugin

PeepSo is a social media plugin designed specifically for WordPress. It was first launched in 2015 and has risen in popularity ever since, overtaking its competitors.

PeepSo lets you create your very own private social media site. It’s a plugin that allows you to “quickly and effortlessly” add a social network right inside your WordPress website.

Members can sign up; create profiles; publish posts; share images and videos; “like” and comment on content; and interact with other people who share a single common interest. It’s like a members’ club, modelled on Facebook but placed on your website.

If you run an eCommerce store, it’s an excellent tool for creating a community centred around your products or services. It’s akin to the chat forums of old, only with more capabilities and improved performance.

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PeepSo Bundles

PeepSo Bundles - PeepSo: What Is It and Why Use It?

If you’re interested in becoming a mini Mark Zuckerberg, PeepSo offers a number of different bundles that you can download.

The base version of PeepSo is free to use. With this you’ll get the PeepSo core, without any added extras.

However, you might find that the free version of PeepSo doesn’t quite have everything you need to build the perfect social network. For this reason, it’s well worth considering investing in one of the premium bundles.

There are three separate tiers: the Basic Bundle, the Starter Bundle, and the Ultimate Bundle. Each of these comes with PeepSo Core and additional plugins. The amount of extra plugins you get will depend on the bundle you opt for.

Some of the plugins included in the bundles are:

  • FriendSo: Lets members add each other as friends and set privacy restrictions.
  • PicSo and VidSo: Allows users to share photos and videos on the stream and in messages. The images and videos open in a modal window where users can comment.
  • MsgSo: Adds private messaging between members. With the appropriate plugins, those messages can include photos, moods, videos and location attachments.
  • LocSo: Shares locations using a map generated automatically and displayed in the stream.
  • TagSo: This allows members to tag friends in posts, extending reach and building engagement.
  • MoodSo: Shows up to sixteen different moods on a stream, expressed with cool emoticons.
  • ChatSo: This is an add-on to the messages plugin that introduces a real chat feature to your WordPress site.

You can find out more about the bundles, what’s included and their associated costs, on the PeepSo website.

Why Choose PeepSo?

Why Choose PeepSo? - PeepSo: What Is It and Why Use It?

You might be wondering what advantages a social media platform could possibly have for your eCommerce business. It might seem strange at first, but there are actually a lot of excellent reasons to bring your customers together.

1. It helps to foster a community

First and foremost, a social media platform site can help to foster a community around your business and products. It’s a space where customers can share their thoughts, opinions, honest reviews, product images, and much more.

And, most importantly, this can all be moderated by you.

2. PeepSo puts the power in your hands

Speaking of moderation, building your own PeepSo puts the control back in your hands – both in terms of security and features.

You can control how users interact with your posts. You can also limit what and how they share. The private nature of PeepSo’s social networks also means that you can offer your users more security and privacy compared with the other big name social networks.

3. The platform has that familiar feel

The platform has that familiar feel - PeepSo: What Is It and Why Use It?

One thing that makes PeepSo stand out from its competitors is its modern design.

While there are alternatives like BuddyPress, PeepSo’s “lightweight and stellar” feels more intuitive and, crucially, familiar.

That’s because the design is based on Facebook – a platform that will be familiar to the majority of internet users. That means that not only is PeepSo’s design more modern and streamlined, it’s also easier to navigate.

4. You can offer faster support

A huge part of top-tier customer service is about the support and communication you give. So what better way to keep customers in the loop than with a dedicated social media site?

You can easily answer customer queries, respond to feedback, and make announcements. The added bonus is that comments and posts can be made publicly, meaning you don’t have to spend forever answering the same questions privately.

5. A social network provides quick feedback

A social network provides quick feedback
- PeepSo: What Is It and Why Use It?

If you’ve just launched a new product or feature, there’s no better way to gather feedback than through social media. People don’t tend to hold back online so you can expect honest opinions! All without the need for time consuming customer surveys and questionnaires.

6. There are regular updates and bug fixes

One of PeepSo’s biggest plus points is the regular updates and maintenance provided by its makers.

There are changes issued weekly. These include new features, both small and large, as well as bug fixes.

All of this is catalogued in the PeepSo changelog. So, you can see for yourself just how dedicated the devs are to maintaining (and improving!) the PeepSo plugin.

7. PeepSo can help expand your brand

Your branding is integral to your business. Having a social media platform gives you an invaluable opportunity to expand this branding. You can infuse it to the design of your PeepSo platform, as well as using the social network to distribute marketing materials like images and newsletters.

8. It can improve customer retention

It can improve customer retention - PeepSo: What Is It and Why Use It?

The community feeling fostered by a network like PeepSo can help to bolster customer retention. You don’t want buying from your business to be a one and done deal. Ideally, you need customers to make repeat purchases.

PeepSo can help you with this by connecting your customers with others, as well as giving them a direct line to you. This can help to create a closeness and a connection that will keep them coming back for more.

9. Enables you to beat the algorithms

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a valuable tool for any business. They’re importance as a marketing tool can’t be downplayed.

However, there are some downsides. Each comes with its very own pesky algorithm. This means that whenever you post, you’re at the mercy of what the algorithm thinks users should see. Some posts could go viral, while some will sink in the endless ocean of content.

When you have your very own dedicated private social network, you’re no longer a slave to those algorithms. Users will see content – every last bit of it – every time they log on.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion - PeepSo: What Is It and Why Use It?

Simply put, PeepSo is a great addition to your WordPress site.

In today’s linked in world, there’s really no excuse for businesses not to turn their customer base into active communities. Now WordPress has its own well-established, effective, attractive, and functional community plugin, we believe that anyone with a WordPress site should be giving it a try.

You can try PeepSo now with their live demo. Alternatively, you can join the PeepSo community. See how it works, register, post, and even chat with others!

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