How CM Tooltip Improves the Lives of Both Developers and Users

Ditsa Keren

The CM Tooltip plugin was one of the earliest WordPress plugins ever developed by CreativeMinds, and the most successful one too.

How CM Tooltip Improves the Lives of Both Developers and Users

It began as a very simple plugin, containing the tooltips, the term pages and the glossary index, which allowed for a very basic infrastructure upon which users could build their site or blog’s glossary.

Over time, more and more functions were gradually added to the plugin, enhancing it with additional parsing and filtering options, external API integration (Merriam-Webster, Google Translate, Wikipedia, Amazon, Wiktionary), and more.

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Maintaining Ease of Use – Multiple Versions

As with anything, with progress comes complexity.

Early on we turned CM tooltip into far more than just a glossary plugin, so for that it was important to maintain the ease of use and keep things simple.

That’s when we came up with the Pro, Pro+ and eCommerce editions, which gave our customers the ability to choose between basic, intermediate and advanced features, in accordance to their level of technical knowledge and their site’s requirements.

How Updates Transform the CM Tooltip Plugin

How the latest update transformed the CM tooltip plugin - How the Latest Update to the CM Tooltip Plugin Transformed the Lives of Both Developers and Frontend Users

Dividing the plugin’s functions into several editions required a lot of effort from our team of WordPress developers, because with each plugin update, we had to create filters for each edition.

This separation involved over 80 custom filter hooks to the plugin, making it easy for programmers to add and remove features to each edition as required.

So if, for example, we wanted to add another option to a metabox, all we’d have to do is select the proper hook and boom- it’s up and running!

This has also improved our capability of creating custom features whenever we’re required to. So if you’re using the CM tooltip plugin, and you want us to create a special feature just for you, now is the time to do it!

The user perspective

By this point, you’re probably thinking- what does that have to with me?

Well, from the user perspective, the CM tooltip plugin’s performance has improved tremendously on all plugin editions. And we hope the different versions cater more easily to each user’s needs.

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