How to Easily Track Student Progress on a WordPress Video Course

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Tracking progress is a crucial aspect of effective education. By monitoring performance, teachers and instructors can identify strengths and weaknesses, understand learning patterns, and provide personalized support.

With our WordPress plugin, you will be able to track students’ progress with ease!

How to Easily Track Student Progress on a WordPress Video Course

When building an online Learning Management System (LMS) you need a tool that provides all the necessary features for success.

The WordPress Video Lessons Manager provides everything you need to successfully host and manage video lessons and full online courses. It also provides you with a way to easily track student progress as they embark on their learning journey. This is one of the most important features of any video lessons manager plugin.

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The Importance of Tracking Student Progress

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When you run a learning management system, tracking student’s progress is advantageous for both teachers and students.

One of the biggest challenges for any teacher is keeping students active and engaged. By tracking student progress across classes and courses, you can easily see which students may need an extra helping hand or more time to complete work.

You can also provide your students with an engaging visual tool to see how far they’ve come. This can help to keep them engaged and motivated as they progress through the course.

The Tools You’ll Need to Track Student Progress in WordPress

To build an LMS that allows you to easily track student progress, you only need two things:

Installing the plugin should be straightforward, but if you need help you can check out the step-by-step plugin installation guide.

Once installed, you can start building your learning management system.

How to Track Student Progress in WordPress

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The WordPress Video Lessons Manager plugin provides the admin with a handy, straightforward interface. Here you can easily track how far students are progressing through each video lesson and overall course.

To view, simply navigate to CM Video Lesson Manager Pro → Progress Report.

The progress reports can be filtered in any way you need. View progress reports for users, videos, lessons, or entire courses.

The WordPress Video Lessons Manager plugin progress reports give you several pieces of important information. First, it tells you the total duration of the video or course. You can then compare this to total time that each user has spent watching. Alongside total time spent watching, you’ll also see each student’s progress as a percentage. This is just another handy way of understanding how far a student has to go.

The screenshot below shows how the Progress Report will look to admin in the back-end:

Screenshot of the Student Progress Report for CM Video Lessons Manager

As well as viewing Progress Reports on the back-end, you can also choose to display them on the front-end using a handy shortcode.

In addition, the WordPress Video Lessons Manager plugin provides users with a student dashboard. Here students can see important stats and track their own progress.

Logged-in users can view all statistics related to the videos they’ve watched. Lessons will only appear after the user has begun watching them. From here, they can also resume watching videos they haven’t yet finished.

The screenshots below show how the Video Statistics page will look for users. Users can switch between tabs in the dashboard with the ability to view their training progress, stats, or bookmarks. You can, of course, customize the page’s aesthetics to fit the look and feel of your website.

Screenshot of the Video Lessons Manager Student Dashboard

Screenshot of the Video Lessons Manager Student Dashboard

Screenshot of the Video Lessons Manager Student Dashboard

The WordPress video course plugin enables admins to control everything students can see in their dashboard. In the back-end, admin can choose whether registered users are automatically directed to the dashboard after log-in and customize the tabs that appear in the front-end, as seen below:

Screenshot of the dashboard settings for CM Video Lessons Manager

Tracking Student Progress Has Never Been Simpler

The WordPress Video Lessons Manager is designed with users in mind, so the interface is clean, simple, and straight-forward to use.

Keeping on top of student progress is essential for any teacher, and this professional plugin makes it easy. With the Progress Report feature, everything you need to know is displayed in one handy dashboard. All information is presented in a way that’s simple for both you and your students to understand and interpret.

This feature along makes the CM Video Lessons Manager the top plugin for building and managing online courses through WordPress.

Find Out More About the CM Video Lessons Manager Plugin

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WordPress Video Lessons Manager is the ultimate solution for building an online lessons management system and tracking student progress. Integrate YouTube or Vimeo, upload your video lessons and courses, and organize them through WordPress. There’s truly no better way to run your online classes.

To find out more about CM Video Lessons Manager plugin, visit the CreativeMinds website.

If you want to see the plugin in action, check out the Video Lessons Manager live demo.

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