ListWP Is The Ultimate Directory for WordPress Businesses

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Create the ultimate Directory of WordPress businesses with ListWP. Read on to find out more.

ListWP Is The Ultimate Directory for WordPress Businesses

An online business directory is a website listing of business information that is all part of a specific niche or category. These businesses can be categorized or tagged by niche, location, size, and more.

Online business directories can also be created automatically or manually and can include information like business name, location, address, logo, Google Maps, contact information, images, and more.

The Business Directory plugin is a helpful WordPress plugin by CreativeMinds, which helps create business listings in any professional field, alongside adverts from Google AdSense or any other source.

This business directory also helps users build an online directory of business listings, similar to Yelp, but exclusively on your WordPress website. In addition, images and videos can be added to individual listings.

There are options to add monetization with online payments, and easily boost SEO so the listings can easily be found in search engine search results.

What is ListWP?


ListWP is a directory of businesses from all across the globe, which are directly related to WordPress.

Businesses in this directory may be companies that offer WordPress themes, plugins or development services, managed hosting companies that specialize in WordPress, and generally, any business whose core business is centered within the WordPress platform.

These businesses have been collected from all across the web, including social media networks, to find the best options available.

One goal of ListWP is to continue growing the ListWP directory and become a one-stop-shop for anyone seeking for services within the WordPress community. This is something that can easily be achieved with the Business Directory plugin as well, for any WordPress website.

ListWP exists to create a space where businesses can list their products and services, and users can easily find and discover WordPress solutions that meet their specific requirements.

How ListWP Works

To initially create the ListWP business directory, we located businesses which we found to be influential within the WordPress community.

Next, we entered each of these companies’ details, including their website address, their social accounts, RSS feeds, basic company information and more.


Each business listing in ListWP gets its own individual page with all of the business’s relevant information on it. Also, each listing is tagged by category so that people can easily search and find relevant listings.

ListWP is also a collaborative effort. New business listings are added all the time. It grew so much that we had to make submissions paid – otherwise quantity would beat quality.

All business listings on ListWP are subject to moderation and approval, pending listing requirements like the form filled out, a payment code, and description of your WordPress business.

Also, we welcome businesses to contact us via the ListWP website and request to edit their profiles as well.

All businesses listed on the ListWP website will enjoy a growing number of daily views. Of course, things don’t happen overnight, and this is where you come in. If you happen to find your business listed on ListWP, it’s incredibly simple to share the listing.


Sharing your business listing will ultimately bring traffic to your own website and the more traffic it gets, the more valuable these links will become for your business.

In addition to sharing a listing, with ListWP, it’s also possible to claim a business listing. If you find your business listing on ListWP, there is no need to add it again; all you need to do is claim it.

Claiming a business listing on ListWP means you have the ability to manage and update the business profile. Simply visit your business listing page on ListWP and click the “Claim Your Business Listing” button.

Want to Establish a Business Directory of Your Own?

The Business Directory plugin by CreativeMinds allows users to create an online directory with an unlimited number of listings. Each business listing can be fully customized and there are several templates to choose from, to make the look and feel that you want.

Each business listing can include file attachments like PDFs, JPFs, and zip files to add documents, images, and videos for potential customers to be able to view.

Each listing prominently features the main business logo or image, which is easily uploaded. If there is no photo available or uploaded, a default image is used in its place.

These listings include extended business information like social profile links, website URLs, the year the business was founded, business pitch, and add custom fields.

Business listings can also be exported or imported with CSV files, so it can be used on multiple websites. Businesses are fully searchable with search filters like categories and tags, and visitors can rate listings with a five-star system.

Additionally, there is excellent shortcode support to show all categories and the business listing permalink can be fully customized for visitors as well.

Visit ListWP to get inspired by what the CreativeMinds Business directory plugin can do and to check if your business is listed.
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Conclusion - ListWP Is The Ultimate Directory for WordPress Businesses

There is no directory available online that is anything like the ListWP Business Directory. This is a tool that was built for WordPress users, by WordPress users, to easily connect businesses in the WordPress community.

ListWP is a simple website to navigate to find the business listings you want or need to find when working with WordPress. Business listings provide a range of information, images, videos and more.

The Business Directory plugin is a helpful WordPress plugin that makes a business directory possible on WordPress websites. Fully customize listings to your preferences and easily grow your reach across the Internet.

CreativeMinds also offers full Business Listing Solution.

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