5 Free Popup Plugins For WordPress

Courtney Jones

Popups are an irreplaceable web design tool that revolutionized the way businesses engage with their online audience. When implemented correctly, these dynamic elements can capture attention, boost conversions, and enhance user experience. In this article, we will explore some of the free popup plugins that are sure to elevate your website’s performance and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

5 Free Popup Plugins For WordPress

WordPress has the ability to create, visually appealing, high-functioning, and successful websites of all types – from personal use ones to those used by large and small businesses.

Using a WordPress popup plugin is an excellent way to boost the visual aesthetics of your website and quickly and easily spread helpful information to website visitors. A good popup plugin is simple to install and use, has excellent functionality, is customizable, and has good support options.

Popup plugins are especially helpful to WordPress websites since popups and announcements are great tools to promote product and service sales and provide notifications, like the ability to join an email list.

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1. Popup WordPress Plugin

The WordPress Popup plugin from CreativeMinds lets users add responsive popups with vast customization options. Users can add images, videos, text, and widgets to popups and create multiple campaigns.

These pop ups are completely mobile responsive and have the ability to track both clicks and impressions with full reports in the admin dashboard. Users can also choose the start and end date for their pop up campaign as well as choose which pages and posts the popup will appear on.

The free popup plugin version of this plugin also has a very user-friendly customization tool so users can adjust the text and colors to fit the look and feel of their website. In addition, users can choose the width and height of their popups while the customization options enable them to use intricate designs.

2. Popup Maker Plugin

Popup Maker Plugin - Free Popup WordPress Plugins You Cant Miss

The WordPress popup maker plugin is an incredibly flexible and versatile popup plugin. Users can create popups for email off dens contact forms announcements website cookie notices and much more.

This WP popup plugin is highly rated and the support options are very versatile – including requesting additional functionality for the plugin. Users can create popup bars, floating sticky popups, notification popups, slide-out popups, video lightboxes, opt-in forms and loading screen popups.

Targeting is also available in this free plugin, which enables you to define exactly who will and who will not be able to see your popups in the settings. The plugin also creates triggers that make popups appear when certain things are clicked on or when enough time passes.

3. Popup Builder

The Popup Builder plugin is a good choice for anyone looking for a responsive WordPress plugin that is ideal for subscription popup services. This plugin allows you to create and manage as many popups as you want for your website.

Popup Builder - Free Popup WordPress Plugins You Can't Miss

There is also the ability to activate a popup both on click and on hover within the content of your website. Users also have the ability to repeat popups and schedule when and where they will appear. In addition, users can choose Unique Sounds for each individual popup.

4. WP Popups Plugin

The WP Popups plugin is a very powerful and very easy to use popup Builder plugin for WordPress. There is an intuitive template Builder so you can customize the entire look and feel of your website without any coding.

Users are able to add popups that add call to actions allow for mailing list subscriptions explain cookie notices and encourage social media following. This plug-in is also highly integratable with many other plugins. Users can also place popups anywhere and create multiple filters to make your content much more searchable.

WP Popups Plugin - Free Popup WordPress Plugins You Can't Miss

Additional settings in the free version include fully customizing the colors, background, and borders, creating shortcodes for social networks, choosing from five different popup locations, and triggering popups after some time passes or a pre-defined percentage of page is scrolled.

5. Popup by Supsystic Plugin

This popup plugin was created to help websites increase their overall newsletter subscribers as well as their social media following. Users can easily create a lightbox with any type of information to provide to website visitors. They can choose from a variety of different popup types, and choose a template that fits the style of their website.

All changes can be made from a simple admin panel interface, including customizing popup size, opening and closing options, location and much more. The free version has nearly 70 mobile-friendly popup templates and 18 different popup types for users to choose from.

Popup by Supsystic - Free Popup WordPress Plugins You Can't Miss


WP Popup plugins are an essential tool for any WordPress website to be a success. They can help you make announcements and provide information in an efficient and creative manner. There are lots of different popup plugins to choose from but these free options have all the functionality that your website needs to excel.

Admins have the ability to put almost any type of information into a popup. They can be used to easily advertise a sale, provide a coupon code, or announce a new event. Popups can provide a simple and helpful way to build your email list or gain social media followers.

Putting any information, within reason, directly in front of site visitors makes it more likely that they will engage with the content and click through to sign up for emails, newsletters or social media follows.

In addition, many of the plugins in this list also have premium versions as well. However, these plugins also include plenty of free functionality, customization, support, and good usability. They can create an unlimited number of popups and appear on multiple websites. The popup plugins are easy to integrate and simple to set up.

The important thing here is to figure out which WordPress popup plugin would be the best fit for you and your business to be a success. Do the research, test out each popup plugin, and decide which popup plugin can be fully customized to create the look and feel of your web pages that you want with full support and customization options while being completely free.

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