The Benefits of Building a Secure WordPress Client Portal

Courtney Jones

You can easily lose track of just how many files you upload and download to a website all the time. There is a simple WordPress plugin that would allow you to track your file uploads and downloads easily.

The Client Download Zone WordPress plugin exists to help users create a super secure download zone from scratch. It’s super easy to install, by using a simple shortcode or going to the main plugin page after install.

The Benefits of Building a Secure WordPress Client Portal

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Setting Up The Dashboards

The most important step is to set up your admin dashboard. You can do this by clicking the link to the downloads frontend list which is listed under the plugin settings. Once the dashboard has been set up, all files can be downloaded or viewed from this dashboard.

Under the navigation section, the admin can choose the permalink that allows logged-in users to access their dashboard.

Next, you need to set up your client dashboard, so users can have access to their uploaded files and manage their shared files with groups or individually. Go to the plugin settings to access the user dashboard, and go to the general tab.

Users can manage and edit their own uploads, as well as view, share or delete files that have been shared with them. Simply click the “open” button and then the “download” button. Users can upload files directly to the admin by using “upload file”.

Creating User Groups

The Benefits of Building a Secure WordPress Client Portal

It’s possible to create user groups to more easily distribute downloads to users. Permissions can also be assigned to these groups to view certain files. Navigate to the User Groups on the main dashboard.

Choose “Add Group” to create a new user group and give it a name and assign members to the group. Search by name to show existing users or add a new user to a group. Click the blue “Add” button at the bottom to create the group.


The Benefits of Building a Secure WordPress Client Portal

There are many benefits to using this download zone plugin with WordPress. Easily secure your files online and choose who you can share those files with. Don’t worry about any non authorized people accessing your files. It keeps your files secure and is very user-friendly instead of having tons of steps to complete.

The CreativeMinds Client Download Zone creates a secure download zone on your WordPress website that lets users manage files in a completely secure area on your website. Users can easily transfer files to and from customers or support document exchanges.

Admin have the ability to monitor when files are added and users can view, upload or download any files. Both the download and upload zones are available. Also, files can be accessed by single users or by a group of users.

The exclusive dashboard is super user-friendly, and allows the streamlining of processes like document upload, transfers, videos or payments. There is also a client dashboard where clients can see their own files. Files can also be private for file sharing and security.

The plugin also supplies users with detailed statistical reports and a management console for the admin to view. In addition, the plugin is simple to set up and install.

To find out more about CM Client Download Zone plugin, visit the CreativeMinds Client Download Zone plugin website.

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