How to Hire WordPress Developers

Nathan Orr

If you’re creating your first website, there’s a good chance that you are using WordPress, and you’re unsure about whether to hire WordPress developers is a good idea.

How to Hire WordPress Developers

You can hire WordPress developers or build a website yourself – both perfectly viable ways to end up with what you want. The right decision really comes down to your unique situation, and the needs of your website.

That said, let’s go over the biggest pros and cons of hiring a WordPress developer, and how to find them.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a WordPress Developer – Is it For You?

Pros and Cons of Hiring a WordPress Developer – Is it For You - How to Hire WordPress Developers (and if that's smart for you)

Benefits When You Hire WordPress Developers

There are many reasons to hire WordPress developers, especially if you want surefire results but don’t want to spend hours learning the technical ins and outs of website design and maintenance.

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List of Pros:

Save a lot of Time

Custom Functionality Options

Custom Theme Options

Plugin Installation Assistance

Back-End Website Maintenance and Performance

Ensure Security – WordPress websites are vulnerable to a surprising amount of security threats.

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WordPress Developer Downsides

WordPress Developer Downsides - How to Hire WordPress Developers (and if that's smart for you)

Going the DIY route will save you financially, and empower you to care for your own website and make additional changes in the future yourself. You’ll need to spend a good amount of time learning the ropes, but there’s a massive WordPress community always willing to help newcomers out.

List of Cons:

Cost Money – Depending on the size of the website, WordPress developers costs range anywhere between a few hundred dollars, to over $5,000.

May need to Rely on Developer for Updates

Possibility of Hiring Poor Developer

Note: If you decide to build a website on your own, you will still need to pay for its different components. For example, there are fees for domain ownership and hosting, as well as costs for any premium themes or paid WordPress plugins used to enhance the capabilities of your website.

While these costs are often lower than that of hiring a WordPress developer, they are important to take into account. A website with typical SEO and caching plugins, a theme, and an SSL certificate may cost roughly $500 dollars annually.

In Summary

In Summary - How to Hire WordPress Developers (and if that's smart for you)

Largely, the trick is simply discovering which is best for you: a time investment, or a monetary one.

If you need a very basic website (such as a personal blog, portfolio, or a brochure page) by selecting a theme and running, then you may as well do it yourself. WordPress is great for letting anyone build simple-yet-impressive websites, and there are many resources available to help new users out.

But if your website is for something more complicated such as a custom design or function, a multi-purpose website, or a website scaled for a large business, then hiring a WordPress developer is definitely worth considering.

Hiring a WordPress Developer

When looking for any developer to collaborate with, you’ll want to be certain of their reliability and their professional capability. Essentially, someone who can deliver the results you need and is easy to work with.

Like with any shopping experience, its best to research well-reviewed developers to find one that fits best with your needs. Whether hiring a software company, a solo WordPress developer who’s a full-time professional, or a freelancer, what’s most important is you feel confident in the quality they can produce.

Most importantly, however, you need to know what kind of developer you are looking for.

Kinds of WordPress Development: Front-End and Back-End

Kinds of WordPress Development: Front-End and Back-End - How to Hire WordPress Developers (and if that's smart for you)

There’s an important difference between the work that goes into stylizing the face of your website, and the code powering it behind the scenes.


Your website’s Front-End includes everything your visitors will see. The page layout, the buttons they use to navigate, the page URL they see at the top of the page, and everything else.

Front-End WordPress developers implement designs and assets onto your website and get them functioning as you want them.


Your website’s Back-End is where everything powering the website is managed, from the way it communicates with your database, to the speed your webpages load.

Back-end developers use their technical knowledge and programming abilities to make your website operate efficiently.

Both Ends (Full-Stack Developer)

While front-end and back-end developers are both experts in their respective areas of web development, full-stack developers work on both ends.

Hiring a WordPress developer like this is a great option for anyone starting their website fresh from the ground up, or who wants to keep in touch with an on-hand expert who knows their website.

Where to Find WordPress Developers

Where to Find WordPress Developers - How to Hire WordPress Developers (and if that's smart for you)

With your WordPress developer needs in mind, all that’s left to do is find the right one for your website.

How to Hire WordPress Developers

One of the benefits of hiring a professional WordPress developer is they provide peace of mind, and require low effort on the client’s side. You can hire WordPress developers directly, and expect they’re capable of building well-performing websites to their customer’s specifications. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be in business for long.

Professional WordPress developers are easily searchable online, and good research surrounding them should be conducted before making any decisions.

WordPress experts will generally be able to demonstrate their quality on their website, and have reliable pricing structures. To get a good sense of a developer’s skills, check reviews for their services, or for the software they create.

Hiring a Freelancing WordPress Developer

There are a few reasons to go with a freelance WordPress developer, such as finding someone who may charge lower costs, or if you’re looking for a consistent expert to use for your website’s needs.

Freelancers are a great solution, but hiring one can be a lengthier process, and the quality they can deliver is often not as easy to assess. Not to mention, while they tend to be available in broader price-ranges than professional WordPress development services, skilled freelancers rarely come cheap.

Some good places to hire freelance WordPress developers include Upwork,, and WordPress Jobs.

If you do choose a freelance WordPress developer, ensure you look for their past reviews from clients, and ask for samples of work that represents their quality before hiring.


Conclusion - How to Hire WordPress Developers (and if that's smart for you)

Hiring a WordPress developer is a great way to get your ideal website up and running, and one we recommend for newcomers looking to create a dependable website right from the start.

But depending on budget and the work environment, it may not be the best solution for everyone. As we’ve mentioned, WordPress is a great platform for DIY website building, and there are many freelance developers out there.

For those interested in seeing the website development services we provide, check out our WordPress service page.

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