5 Best Calendar Booking Plugins for WordPress in 2024

Courtney Jones

A booking calendar or appointment scheduler platform is a helpful feature for any WordPress site, but choosing the right one is easier said than done.

5 Best Calendar Booking Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Booking Calendars are important but often overlooked elements of a website, but they are organization tools for online businesses. These Booking calendar plugins all offer a wide variety of interactive features and can meet your website’s calendar needs.

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1) Booking Calendar Plugin by CreativeMinds

This booking calendar plugin is ideal for scheduling appointments and managing online bookings. The calendar is fully customizable and this plugin supports using multiple calendars on multiple pages by different users who can each manage his own calendar and bookings from a frontend interface. Users can choose to manage bookings automatically or manage them with the ability to moderate the appointment.

This plugin is user friendly and affordable, with simple steps and excellent support. Features of the plugin include choosing timezone, being very mobile responsive, shortcodes to add to posts and pages, calendar availability checker and much more. The calendar always points to the next available slot so you don’t have to go look for it.

The plugin also support payments which can be taken by using the plugin together with WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads

Booking Calendar Booking Form (Can be edited to add more fields to form)

Booking Calendar Booking Form (Can be edited to add more fields to form)

Booking Calendar Frontend Display

Booking Calendar Frontend Display

2) Booking Calendar by WPDeveloper

The Booking Calendar plugin by WPDeveloper is unique because it is one of the oldest booking calendar plugins. This plugin has fully flexible functionality, is fully customizable, and has an intuitive user interface. The plugin easily prevents double booking and also allows unlimited bookings.

Bookings an be easily searched using filters, and admins have the ability to approve or decline bookings. This plugin also integrates easily with Google Calendar events to keep all your events synced together on all devices. This plugin has multi language support, captcha support and much more.

3) Booking Calendar by WPDevArt

Booking Calendar by WPDevArt - 5 Best Calendar Booking Plugins for WordPress - Creative Minds blog

This Booking Calendar plugin has both free and pro versions, which include user friendly features and a simple interface. This plugin has a long list of customizable features for the calendar, from changing the dates and times to sending email notifications. The pro version includes fully customizable design, calendar width and height changes, and much more.

The plugin is fully integrated with Paypal and has a helpful step by step guide available for all users. The plugin has three main pages: The calendar page, the forms page and the reservations page, which are all important for booking calendar dates. Each page can be filtered through search, or users can set their permissions, customize the theme, or check out other plugins.

4) WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar - 5 Best Calendar Booking Plugins for WordPress - Creative Minds blog

This Simple Booking Calendar Plugin is ideal for small businesses and anyone looking to promote their business based on online bookings. This plugin is very simple to install and embed on any page of your WordPress site. The free version comes with basic features, and allows users to create a calendar, show available bookings, and translate into other languages. The pro version has various customization and calendar editing options, and allows users to sync to other calendars, like iCal.

5) Advanced Booking Calendar

Advanced Booking Calendar - 5 Best Calendar Booking Plugins for WordPress - Creative Minds blog

The Advanced Booking Calendar Plugin is the perfect plugin for setting up accommodations. This plugin is tailored towards hotels and overnight bookings to increase occupancy. This plugin is totally mobile responsive and fully customizable, has single calendars and multiple calendars and bookings can be searched by date and saved for later use.


Booking calendars are an essential part of a website, but they can be really customized to fully help organize your business bookings. All of these plugins have the same core features, but each has its own unique features that set it apart.

The key is to find the booking calendar plugin that works the best for your business, has more than enough features, and is an affordable price.

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