[WP101] How to Add Table of Contents to WordPress

[WP101] How to Add Table of Contents to WordPress

A table of contents is a very helpful tool for any WordPress website to have. Having a TOC is a simple way to keep all of your website content organized and allows users to navigate your website more easily. So let’s learn how to add table of contents.

A table of contents is a simple system that orders content by importance, by category or even alphabetically. There is an unlimited number of items which can be listed on a TOC, which simple provides users with a preview for which content is available on a website.

A table of contents doesn’t necessarily have to be posted above on your other content. It can have its own WordPress page, so that it doesn’t appear on every single post or page on your WordPress website.

One of the simplest ways to add a table of contents plugin to a WordPress website is by installing a WordPress plugin. However, adding a table of contents can also be achieved by using HTML or coding, depending on your level of WordPress skill.

Types of WordPress Table of Contents

A TOC can also be presented on your WordPress website in different ways. While the table of contents exists to help organize content on a page, there are different types of table of contents which display information differently.

  • Floating Table of Contents – a floating table of contents is actually a widget which is fixed to one side of the page, immediately drawing the user’s eye. Usually the table moves with the page as a user scrolls down, or can be clicked and the user to jumped to that section of content.
  • Sidebar Table of Contents – A sidebar table of contents is displayed on the side of a web page, and stays fixed that way.
  • Adding A WordPress Table of Contents

    There are three different ways to add a table of contents to WordPress. The simplest and most user-friendly option is to install a WordPress plugin. Also, admin can add a table of contents manually by adding HTML. In addition, more advanced users of WordPress can add a table of contents with coding.

    table of contents

  • How to add table of contents? Admins can add a table of contents by installing a WordPress plugin. Simply download the plugin after purchasing it. On the WordPress dashboard, choose the plugin tab on the left sidebar and click the “Add New” button at the top.

    When the Add Plugins page appears, simply click the blue “Upload Plugins” button at the top. Then choose the file from your computer to upload and then click “Install Now.” A message will appear once the plugin has been installed. Then click Activate.

  • To add a table of contents with HTML, all you have to do is add lines of code directly into the backend of a WordPress site. For example:
    table of contents
    This will create a column for listing numbers on a table of contents. More sections of a table of contents can be added with additional HTML tags and text.
  • HTML also uses anchor links, which is the text between the opening and closing tag at the start of a link. Using anchor links on your table of contents allows users to jump to that content page easily.
  • table of contents

  • The more advanced coding skills you have, the more you can stylize and design your TOC. Adding more codes allows for full customization of a table of contents format, style, colors, fonts, sizes and much more.
  • WordPress users have the ability to create and design anything if they have enough time and expertise. Everything from a completely customized table of contents to a simple table is achievable with WordPress.

    table of contents

    Conclusion: How to Add Table of Contents

    Having a table of contents in your WordPress site is a necessity if you have a ton of content or provide many products or services. A table of contents will organize all your content easily so users can efficiently find what they are looking for.

    A table of contents can be organized with numbers, letters, roman numerals, and more. There is an unlimited amount of information which can be added to a table of contents. Anchor links also for a table of contents to be more user friendly.

    In addition, WordPress admin can choose post types, labels, display, and different buttons. A table of contents has nearly unlimited customization options whether installed from a WordPress plugin, HTML or coding.

    Hopefully now you know how to add table of contents. There are different types of table of contents, and they can be added to WordPress in a variety of different ways. Simply install one of the many helpful table of contents WordPress plugins, add HTML or coding.