Top 3 Site and Content Restriction Plugins for WordPress

Top 3 Site and Content Restriction Plugins for WordPress

Content is the most important piece of your WordPress site. So, figuring out how much access to the content your users will have is essential. For that, there are site and content restriction plugins which allow users access to exclusive content on a WordPress site.

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A site and content restriction plugin can be ideal for membership websites, or any product or service that wants to offer exclusive content to specific groups or restrict content to certain users. These plugins can be easily affordable, with extensive features and a user-friendly Back-End setup with helpful support.

1) CM Site and Content Restriction Plugin

This site and content restriction plugin is a powerful content solution with an extensive list of customizable and unique features. The plugin is $39 for a single site with good support and a full list of easily integratable add-ons and plugins.

This plugin features URL filtering, the ability to bulk update access restrictions, the option to allow access by role, control access by custom post type, and much more. This plugin can be integrated for easy registration and login options. There is also full documentation and a helpful FAQ section.

2) Restrict Content

The Restrict Content plugin is a well-known and highly rated plugin and offers a complete membership management system all in one place. There are a variety of pricing options from free to $499 with lifetime updates and support. The plugin includes many payment integrations, discount codes, and multiple live demos.

This complex plugin is highly rated, and is specifically designed for developers and more advanced users. The plugin has extensive documentation and tons of useful add-ons and other products. This plugin offers unlimited subscription packages, members management, data export to CSV, helpful reports, and much more.

3) Membership & Content Restriction

This membership and content restriction plugin is a full membership solution, and integrates easily with WooCommerce. The plugin accepts PayPal and tracks all payments, payment statuses and subscription plans. Users can set up free trial periods and sign up fees. This plugin is available for free and has good support.

The membership & content restriction plugin offers a hierarchal subscription plan and makes it simple for users to upgrade to different plans. There is helpful documentation and support, and payments are handled with PayPal and other payment options are available with add-ons.


There are many site and content restriction plugins available for beginner or more advanced WordPress users, and it’s important to find a plugin that’s the right fit. Many of these plugins have excellent features, good support, are highly rated and much more. Below is a helpful comparison chart of some features.