How to Add a Digital Money Layer to a WordPress Forum?

Ditsa Keren

Monetizing a WordPress forum using our MicroPayments Plugin can be very profitable. By integrating these plugins you will not only diversify your revenue streams but also encourage users to engage with the content and boost their loyalty toward your business.

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to add virtual money to a WordPress forum with The Micropayment Platform and Answers plugins for WordPress!

How to Add a Digital Money Layer to a WordPress Forum?

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You can utilize the MicroPayments Platform to experiment with different monetization strategies and find the sweet spot between providing a valuable source of knowledge to your community and generating income.

The Micropayments Plugin adds on-site support for having your digital currency on your WordPress website. The Integration with CM Answers allows users to use this virtual money to pay for posting questions or be granted points for answering them. The forum administrator can control the point value and decide how they want it to work. This can encourage users to post or answer more questions and strengthen your site community bounds.

Video MicroPayments - How to Add a Virtual Money Layer to a WordPress Forum?

Advanced Capabilities for Developers

As you have learned from the video, the MicroPayments Plugin offers a unique solution for eCommerce activity on WordPress. Still, more importantly, this WordPress MicroPayments Platform plugin was designed to integrate with other WordPress plugins to give them a virtual money layer, so if you’re a WordPress developer. If you want to enhance any other plugin, you may find this extremely useful!

For example, it can be integrated with CM Answers to grant or charge points for forum contributions, or with CM downloads manager to let users exchange virtual goods, using virtual money, between them.

Watch our advanced tutorial to learn about managing your user’s digital wallets, tracking and filtering your reports, inserting the plugin’s shortcodes, and integrating the MicroPayments Plugin as a payment gateway for the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

Video MicroPayments Advanced - How to Add a Virtual Money Layer to a WordPress Forum?
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