What Language Are WordPress Plugins Written In?

Dmitriy Kaprielov

For the content management system, WordPress, and the plugins to effectively and efficiently work together they need to be able to communicate in the same language.

If the plugins and the base WordPress core were developed through different coding languages you would be stuck with multiple arms of the website that couldn’t speak or work together. This is problematic to say the least.

What Language Are WordPress Plugins Written In?

WordPress And Associated Plugins Are All Generally The Same Language

There are four primary languages that are needed to fully understand WordPress, though one stands out above the rest.

The four are HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. PHP is the most important language to know.

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HTML is the basic and most fundamental coding language of the Internet. HTML is basically a high-end text file that contains important information on the nature of the data.

CSS goes hand in hand with HTML because it gives the HTML its style and is often considered a decorative language. These two languages are important to know because you can edit the HTML and CSS in the management files of WordPress.

However, PHP is still the core language of WordPress.

JavaScript may not be that necessary to understand as it is based in you browser and creates a more interactive and dynamic website. There is no large need to study JavaScript to properly work WordPress.

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What Is PHP?

What is PHP - What Language Are WordPress Plugins Written In?

PHP is a recursive acronym for hypertext preprocessor and is an open source and general-purpose script coding language. PHP development companies advertise that it is particularly widely used and suited for web development.

PHP is unique in the fact that it doesn’t output HTML but instead contains HTML in the code itself bracketed by .

Unlike other scripting software types that generate HTML on the client-side, PHP runs and generates the HTML on the server side. The result is then sent to the client as the final product. This allows the code to be “hidden” from client by the PHP development company.

Keep your code close and your HTML code scripts even closer. But is it simple to use? Generally speaking PHP is very simple compared to other scripting languages.

However, unlike other “simpler” scripting languages, PHP is incredibly powerful and is particularly useful for higher end web applications and full feature websites with power utility.

What Can Be Done With PHP?

What Can Be Done With PHP? - What Language Are WordPress Plugins Written In?

PHP is extremely versatile.

From massively complex applications like creating your own CMS (WordPress) or a ticket reservation system to developing simple applications like a visitor counter, PHP can be used to develop any web application you can think of. You just need the idea and the purpose.

Here are a few example projects for PHP: web traffic analyzer, personalized search engine, secure internet banking system, online course portal, shopping cart, online auction site, login script, encrypting passwords, and email verification system.

PHP is only limited by your desire to build something unique and useful for your audience. Investing in a quality application is investing in your future.

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