Benefits of The Routes Manager PeepSo Integration Add-On

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Take a closer look at PeepSo and our Routes Manager add-on.

Benefits of The Routes Manager PeepSo Integration Add-On

Most people online today use some form of social networking application. There are many different ones to choose from, and they have all different layouts, advantages and disadvantages.

One of these social networking applications is called PeepSo. PeepSo, is a social networking plugin for WordPress which allows users to add a social network right to your WordPress website.

PeepSo - Benefits of The Routes Manager PeepSo Integration Add-On

PeepSo is completely free, and features both individual profile pages and an activity stream to help build a community of like-minded friends. PeepSo also allows WordPress plugin integrations to enhance your PeepSo experience.

With PeepSo, there are features like live chat, messages, making friend connections, joining open, closed or secret groups, upload photos, videos, and creating polls.

There are also hashtags, frontend user logins, user registration, profiles with avatars and cover images, custom reactions to posts, blog post integration on posts, scheduled posts, user email notifications, eternal link redirections, and much more.

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This WordPress plugin is also very stable and does not experience downtime. There are also plenty of updates and lots of great features for users to explore and use.

Also, users have an automated newsletter with a summary of relevant content for the community available to them, as well as the ability to decide which users have access to what features based on user roles.

PeepSo allows users to automatically create friend connections when they are offline, filter out any kind of unwanted language from posts, comments, and chat, assign custom badges to users based on preference and much more.

routes manager

PeepSO also has the ability to integrate gifs for users to posts in comments and in the chat, as well as a gamification system for community engagement to reward users with points and achievements.

Right now, PeepSo is available in many different languages like English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Persian, and more.

When it comes to plugin integration, the Routes Manager PeepSo add-on provides a bunch of great functionality for PeepSo users.

The ability to add full Google Maps with routes and trails with customized icons and markers is a great tool to share with the community.

The Routes Manager PeepSo add-on allows users to integrate the Routes Manager plugin with their PeepSo social network. The Routes Manager plugin lets users create a catalog of map routes with various points of interest.

This add-on creates the ability for users to add map routes to their PeepSo social network and enhance their social community.

The Routes Manager Plugin displays created map routes with full Google Maps integration.

These maps include points of interest and can include trails marked for various outdoor activities like running, hiking or biking. Maps can be categorized by location, route type, or difficulty.

Routes Manager Plugin screenshot - Introducing the Routes Manager – PeepSo Integration AddOn

The Map Routes Manager plugin can be used in many different ways. Routes can cover wilderness routes, city walks, hiking trails, and bike trails. The plugin can be used to create driving directions, show points of interest, and locate stores along designated routes.

Examples using Map Routes Manager plugin - Introducing the Routes Manager – PeepSo Integration AddOn

The image below shows a PeepSo user profile with map routes published on the page. The map routes are added as a separate tab on the PeepSo user profile for easy access. This tab will allow users to see all the routes the published using the addon.

PeepSo User - Introducing the Routes Manager – PeepSo Integration AddOn

Routes Manager is considered the best routes and trails manager plugin for WordPress and once integrated with PeepSo adds the ability to share Google maps with trail drawings and additional information within the community.

With this PeepSo Routes Manager add-on, each member can easily post new routes with full description, images, videos, and more. There is a full Google Map that is interactive and shows exact trail route information.

Once a route is posted to the feed, a news feed describing the route appears on the profile wall. In addition, admin have the ability to moderate their routes before they are posted.

There are four main features that this add-on adds to Peepso. There is a helpful dashboard, fully published routes, feed updates and widgets for users.

The routes dashboard actually adds a tab to each user PeepSo profile page which lets the owner control routes and add all new routes. One the owner of the profile can see this tab.

PeepSo User - Introducing the Routes Manager – PeepSo Integration AddOn

The published routes also add a tab to each user PeepSo profile and show all the routes which that user has published. Everyone can see this route information, which includes full maps.

The feed update shows when a user posts a new route on their profile and then that route is automatically updated whenever a new route is updated.

The user widget is a widget that links to the user profile routes tab.

When a new map route is created, posts are automatically generated on the PeepSo user profile feeds. This process is fully configurable through the PeepSo configuration settings.

Also, the posts which are automatically posted to the PeepSo user feed, can be fully customized after they are posted. This is possible with the PeepSo configuration settings.

It’s possible to also use shortcodes with this add-on to add dynamic information like the user name, name of the route, and the link to the route.

Another fun feature of this add-on is the ability to change the icons that appear beside the map link, which can be changed in the configuration settings.


PeepSo is a super-light, free, social network plugin for WordPress that allows you to quickly and effortlessly add a social network or an online community.

PeepSo works right out of the box and within seconds, you can start a social network, right inside your WordPress site.

With PeepSo, there’s no need to hire a developer, mess with code, hack another plugin to make it look and work the way you want it.

This add-on is a great addition to PeepSo, and the maps integrate easily into the profile. The Routes Manager provides simple trails and helpful directions which can be added to the profiles.

For more information about the Routes Manager PeepSo Addon, check out the product page.

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