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It’s often said that when people join a new company or university it’s almost as if they have to learn a new language. No matter the skillset and experience someone may bring to the table, successful companies tend to use their own set of terms and processes that require learning from outsiders.

This can happen across your entire organization but can also be seen in individual departments.

Glossary & Knowledge Management Platform | User Friendly Knowledge Management System

So how can you teach people about the unique processes, terms, projects, systems, strategies and more that your company uses in an effective and easily digestible way? Knowledge base platforms!

Perfect for sharing documents and listing out terms in a uniform and appealing way, a knowledge base platform can empower your organization or community. Keep reading on for everything you need to know about how our online glossary platform can add value to your business.

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What is a knowledge base platform?

CreativeMinds: Glossary - Knowledge Management Platform - User Friendly Knowledge Management Platform

A knowledge management platform or business glossary is a collection of all the processes, terms, systems and more used across a company. It’s an incredibly helpful tool that explains complex terms and technical jargon used by employees at your company.

This helps new starters get to grips with your company quickly and also makes sure that all of your employees are using the same company lingo.

A glossary knowledge base is also helpful for sharing further information about your company such as important documentation and vital details about the systems and processes you use. This makes sure that all of your important company information and data is stored in one single place that can easily be accessed by your employees.

Instead of having an interactive knowledge base that’s massively unorganized, making locating documents and other critical information difficult, our online glossary software lists out all of your company information in a sleek and easily digestible format, making accessing all your data and files easier than ever.

Long gone are the days of overloaded drives filled with countless terms that people have to sift through. With our knowledge base software, users can locate whatever they need in a flash.

Benefits of using a knowledge base platform

CreativeMinds: Glossary - Knowledge Management Platform - User Friendly Knowledge Management Platform

Aside from acting as a helpful knowledge base tool for keeping all of your company knowledge under one roof, our knowledge management software has countless other benefits. These include:

Staff training

One of the most important ways to retain top talent is by providing them with quality training so they can hit the ground running. Employees that aren’t trained well are likely to exhibit poor job performance and have a higher chance of experiencing work-related stress.

This can lead to your employees feeling unhappy and undervalued in the workplace resulting in them looking for other positions at companies that have strong development and progression processes.

This eventually leads to high levels of staff turnover which not only hurts your reputation but your company’s overall performance, too. Knowledge repository software helps ensure that new staff members can easily access important training material to get to grips with your company and any new terms, processes and systems used.

Knowledge database software act as a great supplementary tool alongside traditional staff training as it lets employees learn more about your company in their own time.

Information distribution

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to email several different people to find out what a term means. This not only wastes your employees’ time, but it reduces productivity and clogs up their inboxes with questions that can easily be addressed with a glossary knowledge base.

Keep all critical information under one roof by using a knowledge base platform to make sharing and accessing company documents easier than ever.

This helps ensure that work doesn’t get repeated and lets people easily access anything they need with the click of a button. Even better, we make sure that your business glossary is formatted in a way that’s easy to use and understand.

Instead of making employees go through massive amounts of unorganized documents, our business glossary keeps everything neat, tidy and organized.

Boost SEO

CreativeMinds: Glossary - Knowledge Management Platform - User Friendly Knowledge Management Platform

Companies should take advantage of the multiple SEO opportunities presented to them to increase their online presence. A great way of increasing your company’s reach is by using term and index pages that are SEO optimized.

We make sure that your online glossary platform has internal links to your site which helps improve your overall SEO score with leading search engines.

User permissions

When using our knowledge base software, you’re in charge of the permissions you grant your users. You can choose to allow some users editing access which allows them to discuss and suggest changes to certain terms or definitions or can give users read-only access to make sure your pages remain untouched.

This is a helpful way of ensuring only certain members of staff (such as team leaders) have access to the editing tools needed to make changes without compromising the entire glossary knowledge base.

Sophisticated design

Our knowledge base platform is designed in a way that’s professional, sleek and appealing to users. The glossary contains terms and definitions that can be shown via a tooltip on mouse hover. You can customize how the tooltip looks and get to decide exactly what it shows.

When it comes to accessing critical information, design matters! Instead of using knowledge management software with outdated design functions that are clunky, unappealing and hard to use, our interactive knowledge base platform is modern with up-to-date functionalities.

Expand on definitions

Instead of limiting the descriptions of your company terms to just text, our platform lets you display images, videos and comments across all pages. You can even choose custom categories describing each term as a “noun”, “technical”, “slang” and more.

You can choose to have multiple definitions for a single term, letting you fully customize how your definitions are listed and can even include multiple translations of a single term making it more robust than ever!

Being able to customize this feature takes into account the complexities of your company without limiting you to pre-made forms that don’t adequately explain your definitions in detail. With our knowledge repository software, you can be sure that your users will find out everything they need to know with our term fields.

Export and import in a flash

CreativeMinds: Glossary - Knowledge Management Platform - User Friendly Knowledge Management Platform

There are always new systems and processes being added to companies that require further staff training. Our online glossary platform lets you import important data at any time, making adding changes to your knowledge base easy and stress-free. You can also choose to export term data as and when needed for other projects.

Ability to hold large amounts of data

Does your organization have an overwhelming amount of terms and definitions? No problem! Our platform can hold more than 100,000 terms. We ensure that our knowledge database software is configured and optimized in a way that easily lets you work through large amounts of data without common issues such as lagging or freezing.


Do you need to import your company’s terms from other tools or systems? Our online glossary platform has extensive API support that lets you easily import and share critical information.

Having this feature means you don’t have to duplicate work and even lets you import CSV files for ease. We’re committed to making the building process as easy and stress-free as possible for you.

Multilingual support

Our knowledge base platform has state-of-the-art multilingual support, allowing you to add multiple definitions for each term. You can even include multiple translations of a certain term and assign it certain categories to make the learning process easy to follow.

Who can benefit from knowledge base platforms?

Are you wondering whether a knowledge base platform would be helpful for your company? While company glossaries are helpful across a wide variety of industries, they are especially helpful for the following bodies:

  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Education institutions
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Technical companies
  • Marketing firms
  • Research bodies
  • Medical institutions
  • PR companies
  • Translation companies
  • Design studios
  • And more!

If your company needs a way of easily sharing information and terms, look no further than our knowledge base solution.

How does it work?

CreativeMinds: Glossary - Knowledge Management Platform - User Friendly Knowledge Management Platform

Does this all sound too good to be true? It’s not! Our knowledge base platform is the answer to all your staff training and information distribution needs.

We will initially work with you to find out everything we need to know to get started. This helps us identify any gaps and lets us prepare a plan of action. We then develop missing components, select the tools required for the building stage and undergo a rigorous testing process to ensure your solution is bug-free and ready to go!

We then agree on a plan of action and overall cost of the project and finally install and configure our solution and conduct extensive training to make sure your staff members are confident in using the platform. That’s it!

Invest in a knowledge base platform today

If you’re looking to improve staff training, avoid lengthy email chains and provide your employees with a great way of sharing and learning company terms, look no further than our glossary knowledge base.

You can find out more about our sophisticated knowledge base solution by visiting our website or can get in touch with us directly by clicking here. We can’t wait to work with you!

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