5 Most Dependable WordPress Documentation Plugins in 2022

5 Most Dependable WordPress Documentation Plugins in 2020

Documentation is the best way for customers to fully understand your products. If you’re looking for a documentation plugin, this list will help.

Having documentation on your WordPress site is a great way to provide users with helpful information about products and services in an efficient way.

Documentation plugins take things a step further and allow for a simple and easy way to set up, organize and manage your documentation. The documentation plugins in this list cover all different types of content for documentation, including text, diagrams, color labeling, and even different organizational structures.

It’s important for your documentation plugin to be versatile, as there are some products and services which are explained better with visuals, and some that are explained better through text.

The best thing about users having access to documentation on a site is to have their questions answered easily, such as explaining how to use a product or service in a detailed manner.

Documentation is also a great customer support tool and documentation plugins are a great way to provide a successful customer experience and bring in even more users, in an organized and affordable way.

1) HelpScout Docs Portal Plugin

The HelpScout Docs Portal Plugin allows admin to place all HelpScout knowledgebase articles in one place for easy organization and access. This documentation plugin also provides a helpful shortcode so this database of HelpScout knowledgebase articles can be placed on any post or page on your WordPress site.

Our HelpScout Docs Portal Plugin is fifty dollars for one website and one hundred and nine dollars for up to five websites. This plugin comes with full support and updates, and of course a database of useful knowledge about the plugin and it’s capabilities.

Some features of this documentation plugin include showing categories and collections on the front end, supporting search for categories and collections, fully customized labeling, adding pagination to a list of search results, and being Ajax-based.

HelpScout Docs is a user friendly plugin, which uses the latest API to connect to your HelpScout knowledgebase portal and your HelpScout account. Admin have the ability to decide whether categories or collections will appear on a page or post, and how much access to the knowledgebase viewers will have.

documentation plugin

2) Documentor

Documentor is a WordPress documentation plugin that provides a simple way for online documentation to be created. Users can create and provide help documents or even an online product guide for eCommerce users with the free version of this plugin, which is available on WordPress.org.

The pro version includes unlimited documentation, live previews of all documents, being WPML compatible, adding everything to the same post or page, PDF versions, shortcode tags and multiple customizable skins. This technical documentation plugin also cuts down on the support ticket requests you receive.

documentation plugin

One of the unique features of Documentor is that the entire knowledgebase of information is stored on your WordPress website, so you’re not relying on a third party. Admin can make as many changes as they want within a self hosted server like Documentator provides.

This documentation plugin is also highly customizable and includes fully responsive designs and templates. Users can easily create multilingual documentation in many languages like German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian.

documentation plugin

3) WP Help

WP Help is a helpful plugin for creating documentation on your WordPress website. This documentation plugin is available for free and is ideal for beginner users. Admins can create helpful documents about how to solve issues or create step-by-step guides.

One of the most interesting features of WP Help is the ability to sync documents. Syncing documents allows these documents to be viewed on multiple websites and easily moves them and automatically adds the document information to the page or post so you don’t have to. Also, any updates or changes to the documentation plages is included as well.

Documentation plugin

In addition to features, the documentation menu is also fully customizable. The menu can be placed on the dashboard, at the top of the page or at the bottom of the page. Live previews of everything is included, and changes can be made by simply double clicking on the menu or item and changing it on the page.

Documentation Plugin

4) Documentation Plus

Documentation Plus is a plugin that allows its users to create an unlimited amount of documentation for a WordPress website. Documentation Plus is available for free from WordPress.org. All of the documentation created using this plugin is placed using a simple shortcode that includes pagination, thumbnails, icons, and customized titles.

Some great features of this plugin include the fact that it’s incredibly responsive and mobile friendly. Admin can also provide a live demo of the documentation for users on their website. In addition to using the shortcode for documentation placement, the shortcode can also be used to archive the documentation which helps organize all the information into one place.

One of the best features of this documentation plugin is just how simple it is to use. The design and execution are user friendly and while the customization is fully available, this plugin is not flashy or complex and is ideal for more beginner users.

Documentation Plugin

5) Simple Documentation

Simple Documentation is a plugin designed by WordPress developers to help developers. This documentation plugin is available for free from WordPress.org, and includes recent updates and full support. Simple documentation allows users to share content like videos, links, files, and quick notes (short texts) to any page or post on your WordPress website.

One nice feature of this documentation plugin is that admins have the ability to both highlight and pin important content and have it appear that way on the frontend for users. This features allows content to be singled out in a list of information so users can more easily view it.

Documentation Plugin

This plugin also includes the ability to import or export helpful documentation as well as put documentation on multiple websites. In addition, the plugin includes language support for French, German, English, Croatian, Serbian and Spanish.

Documentation plugin


In conclusion, the documentation plugins in this list are some of the best and most helpful documentation plugins in existence. Each individual documentation plugin has their own advantages and disadvantages, but all of them are ideal for organizing and explaining information.

Both large and small businesses should be able to benefit from any of these fully customizable documentation plugins, and the many features they provide.

While each documentation plugin has its own unique features, it’s important to find the right documentation plugin for your business and your products. All of the documentation plugins in this list are free or very affordable, are fully customizable, and have excellent support.

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