WordPress: 3 Planned Features That Users Should Be Excited About in 2018

WordPress: 3 Planned Features That Users Should Be Excited About in 2018

In 2018, WordPress will change things up with the way users view, edit, and create content with its expected WordPress 5 release. And along with the major Gutenberg Editor addition, two other planned features stand out.

Why WordPress is Relevant

WordPress has been one of the lead CMS giants for the past 14 years with over 26% of the web being powered by it. According to World Wide Web Technology Surveys, it is the most used CMS, with 59.4% market share, powering over 60 million websites.

If you are a WordPress user you will be happy to know that some of your daily visited sites are actually powered by the platform, such as:

  • BBC America
  • The New York Times
  • People Magazine
  • Forbes
  • National Geographic

WordPress Changes For 2018

Below we have listed some of the changes you can expect with WordPress for this year:

Fragment of sample post created with the Gutenberg Editor for WordPress 5

Fragment of sample post created with the Gutenberg Editor

1) Gutenberg Editor in WordPress 5

WordPress will replace the traditional text editor with a block-based one. This will be the new default editor for WordPress 5.0.

WordPress promises it will completely change the editing experience.

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Each element of your page will be a block (the header, text, image, etc) that you can arrange both on your desktop or on the go with your mobile device. There is an official demo of it.

Further Improving The Interface

Great examples of tools tailored to provide the best experience possible for the editors can be seen with CreativeMinds’ Essential WordPress Publishing Tools Plugins Bundle.

This pack contains seven plugins, such CM Tooltip Glossary and CM Table of Contents, that make the work of creating content more enjoyable and rewarding.

They allow you to improve your SEO ranking by providing multiple ways to easily assimilate the amount of content on your site while making it more interconnected and easy to read.

Easier Mobile Usage

WordPress will decrease the differences in website maintenance between desktop and mobile to allow for more advanced viewing and editing options on mobile devices.

Users will be able to edit with the Gutenberg editor the same way both on their mobile and on the desktop.

This follows the trend of ubiquitous content – present in all platforms.

Our Tooltip Glossary plugin is an example of plugin that offers great mobile support, as it has specific features tailored for the smaller screens. The reasoning behind it is that the user should have the best experience possible no matter how he or she accesses the content.

Simplified Usage For Security

One of WordPress’s main goals for their new release is to create easier website management and usage for newbies. They will simplify the installation process of SSL certificates, decreasing the need for using markups for widgets.

The HTTPS SSL WordPress Plugin is an all-in-one solution to using SSL on WordPress sites that does exactly that and more.

With this plugin you can ensure the security of content on your site and automatically redirect HTTP calls to HTTPS.