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Store Credit Line Extension for Magento 2 by CreativeMinds

Our Magento Store Credit extension provides customers with an option to purchase using store credit and pay the balance manually or automatically.

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Customers can check available credit and complete purchases using the store credit line.

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Store Credit Line for Magento 2

The Magento Store Credit Extension allows the store admin to provide a line of credit to their customers. Customers can check their available credit at any time, complete a purchase using the store credit line payment method, and pay the balance from their customer account.

Usually in B2B business, one of the essential aspects of purchasing is developing a store credit line, letting customers purchase goods up to the your approved credit line limit without any hassle, just place the order and get the goods.

Limiting Store Credit

The Admin can set a store credit limit globally or for specific customers.

Other features include automatically sending invoices and credit term (how much time a customer has to repay the credit).

Admin setting screen for setting store credit for specific customer
Admin setting screen for setting store credit for specific customer

Adding Credit Line Payment Gateway

During checkout, the customer will see 'Store Credit' as one of the available payments options.

Customers receive a notification with their balance and can pay their balance directly.

The Admin can also send manual notifications to customers to pay their balance.

Allowing customer to check the store credit as a payment gateway option
Allowing customer to check the store credit as a payment gateway option

Magento Store Credit Line Use Cases

  • VIP Customers – Set a high credit line limit to the most faithful customers
  • Purchase Incentive – Increase the credit limit for customers that desire to make bigger purchases

Exclusive Customer Dashboard

Customers can pay their credit balance at any time from their dashboard, as well as check previous transactions.

The Admin can also set monthly invoices or statements for customers to pay their balance.

Customer dashboard showing all used store credit and ability to pay for it
Customer dashboard showing all used store credit and ability to pay for it

Using the Credit Line Extension

  • Set a store credit line for customers – The admin can set a default store credit for all customers or for specific customers.
  • Allow store credit for specific customer groups – Store admin can decide which customer groups are allowed to have a line of credit.
  • Decide how to charge a specific customer and when – The admin can decide whether or not to charge customers using an automatic invoice sent to their email or by sending one manually.
  • Disable credit if customer invoices have not been paid – When setting store credit at 0, the store credit payment method will not be available for the customer.
  • Customer Dashboard with Credit Report – Customers can easily see their credit amount and their account purchase activity. Customers can also pay their balance at any time.

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Store Credit Line Extension Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

Charge payment - feature iconUniversal Credit – Set a default store credit line for all customers
Happy emoji - Smile - Feature IconPositive Refund – Turn refunds into sales
Progress Bar 50 - Feature IconDefine Limit – Set a limit for each customer or group
Feature icon two pages editManual Invoice – Send manual invoices for an outstanding balance
Time - Feature IconAutomatic Invoice – Set automatic invoices to be sent to customers periodically
hide feature iconHide Credit – Hide payment option if credit is 0
Shopping cart - Feature IconCheckout Reminder – Customers can see their available credit during checkout
Customer Dashboard – Customers can see their balance and entire credit-related purchase history from their dashboard
Charge payment - feature icon“Pay Now” Option – Customers can pay their balance at any time

Store Credit Line Extension Image Gallery

Front-End and Customer Dashboard (Click to Expand)

Back-End and Settings (Click to Expand)

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Store Credit Line Extension Frequently Asked Questions

Do all customers have a credit line?

It’s possible for the site Admin to either assign lines of credit to site users according to User Groups in the Extension Configuration settings or else on an individual basis through the customer view.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Can the admin send an invoice to pay an outstanding balance?

Yes. Admin can go to the customer account in the backend and send an invoice for payment of an outstanding creditline balance.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

What happens if a customer does not have enough credit left to complete a purchase?

In case the customer does not have enough credit they will not be able to purchase the product using the Credit Line payment method. They will either need to top up their credit balance or choose a different method of payment if there is one available.

Can admin set a monthly invoice sent to the customers to pay the outstanding balance?

Yes. Admin can set invoices to be sent once a month, based on an interval of a chosen number of days, not required or else to be sent manually.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Is the credit line orders history available in the customer account?

Yes, Customers can view their credit line use history from the Customer dashboard. Admin are also capable of viewing the order history of All or specified customers from the Admin dashboard for Credit Line purchases.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.



Store Credit Line Extension Release Notes

Extension Version 1.0.2 19th May 2019

  • fix: cminds logo added and change display position in configuration

Version 1.0.1 from 16th April 2019

  • Fix: configuration shipping option breaks the page.

Credit Line Extension Release 3rd Jan 2018