Launching The CM Sales Recovery Extension for Magento

Launching The CM Sales Recovery Extension for Magento

CreativeMinds is happy to announce the release of the new CM Sales Recovery Extension for Magento.

This plugin allows Magento store owners to automatically send abandoned cart recovery alerts for costumers who have collected products and reached the shopping cart, but for some reason have not completed their purchase.

Why use the Abandoned cart recovery extension?

Magento store owners are well familiar with the problem: A costumer goes into your store and starts collecting items for purchase, but when they reach the shopping cart, for some reason or another, they do not complete their purchase. This can be due to a number of reasons:

  • Price is too high
  • Internet connection problem suddenly occurs
  • Not enough information on the product page
  • Fear of giving away credit card details

With the CM Sales recovery extension for Magento, site admins can now send automatic alerts to costumers who have abandoned their cart and offer them a discount coupon to encourage purchase completion.

What are Abandoned cart recovery alerts?

One of the benefits of Magento is that it only grants Access to shopping carts to registered members. Guests can only access the shopping cart upon registration to either Magento or the specific shop, ensuring that all abandoned carts can be recovered by email. When an abandoned cart is detected, a Cart recovery alert is automatically sent to the costumer’s email address, containing:

  • A Cart Recovery Link that directs back to the abandoned cart with all the items it contained originally
  • A Coupon Code offering a discount for completing the purchase
  • Predefined Shortcode parameters for easy access to the item pages or any other content you wish to display

Customized Abandoned cart alerts

Site Admins using the CM Sales recovery extension can customize the following parameters:

  • Edit the content of the Abandoned cart alert
  • Decide how long before the Abandoned cart alert is sent to the costumer after cart abandonment
  • Define the discount rate of the Abandoned cart coupon
  • Define how many Abandoned cart alert follow-up reminders get sent per week and altogether
  • Define the timing for follow-up alerts to be sent to costumer’s
  • Define a growing discount rate per each Abandoned cart Follow-up alert

In addition, the CM Sales Recovery extension Supports both automatic and manual alert sending.

supplier dashboard for uploading and editing products in an extension for Magento

Abandoned cart Recovery Reports

Admins using the CM Sales recovery extension receive a Full Report of the cart recovery success rates, giving them insights on what works best for their abandoned cart recovery strategy. Our detailed reports will show you:

    • How many of the abandoned cart alerts have succeeded in bringing costumers to complete their purchase
    • How many follow-up alerts it took to finally have the costumers complete their purchase
    • What discount rates worked best for abandoned cart recovery

supplier dashboard for uploading and editing products in an extension for Magento

Sounds like the perfect solution for your Magento store? Try it out!

For More information on the CM Cart recovery extension click here.