Advanced Curated Lists Features You Should Know

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Curated lists are compiled with in-depth research, making them a useful source for others studying the same topic.

Advanced Curated Lists Features You Should Know

With the advanced curated lists features in the CM Curated List Manager plugin, you can take your content to the next level.

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What is a Curated List?

Curated lists are similar to directories in that they are both organized lists of information. Curated lists provide detailed information and links so users don’t have to go searching through dozens of webpages to find the content they’re looking for.

Curated lists are a great way to display curated content on your WordPress site.

If you’re interested in compiling a curated list, there are plugins for WordPress that can help you do the job.

A WordPress list plugin should be easy to use and simple to customize, while being fully compatible with all major themes and templates.

It should also come with advanced curated lists features to help make your curated lists the best they can be.

The Curated List Manager Plugin

The Curated List Manager plugin by CreativeMinds is a great option if you’re looking for a plugin with advanced curated lists features because it lets users organize links and content around certain categories. This plugin is ideal for content marketing and knowledge sharing.

This curated list plugin is also ideal for building a professional knowledge base of related articles or links on a certain topic. Users can build lists with bullet points, as a widget or set up categories and subcategories.

The plugin also allows you to create a to-do list solution, where users can easily check off items as they are completed. These lists can be saved online and are color coded to show when items have been completed.

Advanced Curated Lists Features from CreativeMinds

Styling Options - Advanced Curated Lists Features You Should Know

In addition to creating curated lists, this plugin has some more advanced features which are available with the pro version. These features include multiple lists, filtering, styling options, content aggregation, and much more!

  • Multiple Lists – Users have the ability to create multiple lists with this plugin and put them anywhere on a page or post within WordPress.
  • Styling Options – Users have the ability to define several options for the look and feel of each list, like the background color, tooltip color, font size, and more.
  • Content Aggregation – Easily collect information on a specific topic and improve the organization on a page or post about that topic.
  • Filtering – With this plugin, users can simply filter links by text, categories or tags to more easily find the content they’re looking for.
  • Number of Items in a List – Each list can show the number of items included in the list for better organization and viewers can see the size of the list.
  • Ordering Organization – This plugin lets admin order the categories within each list and links in each category, through a user-friendly drag and drop database.
  • Link Type – Each link can be shown as an icon or a checkbox. Checkboxes are good for to-do lists and icons can be customized.
  • Subtitle – The plugin also supports translation, as it allows each link to have a subtitle text which appears under the link title. This can be a further explanation or even a translation.
  • Image – Each link can have an image beside the icon which appears on the right side of the link. The image link URL needs to be specified for each link.
  • Bookmarks – Easily add links to different curated lists or add them as a bookmark on the toolbar in your browser. Click on it to show a pop-up of the link.
  • Import and Export – Easily export all the links to a CSV file which includes the category, title, description, URL and slug. These files can also be uploaded to other websites.
  • Social Sharing - Advanced Curated Lists Features You Should Know

  • Social Sharing – Have the option to show social sharing buttons and like buttons next to each item on the list, so the list content can easily be shared across social media.
  • Import Blog Categories and Links – Different website blog posts and categories can be imported to the curated list manager, so you don’t have to build them from scratch.
  • Order Links in Category – The advanced features make it possible for users to define how links are ordered by category.
  • Category Widget and Shortcode – The plugins supports both widgets to display a category with all links and shortcodes to be placed on any post or page to show all links.
  • Admin Editing – The admin also has shortcuts to edit links and categories from the frontend.
  • User Customized Personalization – Each user can personalize the display by unchecking the categories they do not want to view in a specific list to improve content curation.
  • Mark New Links – You can easily set the plugin settings to automatically mark links that are not older than a certain number of days by tagging them as new.


Conclusion - Advanced Curated Lists Features You Should Know

Having curated lists on your WordPress website is an ideal way to organize detailed information and keep it all in one place for users to find. Curated lists are a great options for educational purposes, for syndicating news, and much more.

The Curated List Manager plugin is an excellent choice for creating curated lists in WordPress. It includes advanced curated lists features that are ideal for creating curated lists exactly how you want them. The advanced features cover a range of customizations and options.

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