6 Best Review and Rating WordPress Plugins To Build Customer Loyalty in 2024

Courtney Jones

Customer reviews are integral to building your brand image online. These review and rating plugins help you to display your glittering reviews for all your website visitors and potential customers to see.

6 Best Review and Rating WordPress Plugins To Build Customer Loyalty in 2022

Why Are Customer Reviews So Important?

In the digital age, it’s essential for businesses (both large and small) to have an online presence. A strong website with product pages or service pages which provide customers reviews and ratings helps inspire trust in your brand.

But what makes a “strong” site?

It’s a combination of visual appearance, usability, and content. An important part of that content are customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials.

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Customer reviews are integral because, statistically, people are more likely to make a purchase if they can see other customer’s accounts of using the product or service. This informs how they might use the product or service.

For example, we all know and most of us also use Amazon.com. One of the most important feature in Amazon product pages are customer reviews and ratings, a product without good reviews is often failing to make sales while other product which has lots of good reviews become best sellers.

Having customer reviews under your products can boost your online sales as well as foster customer loyalty. It encourages customers to make their initial purchase, and return to make more purchases in the future.

One of the best ways to add customer reviews to your WordPress website is through a WordPress plugin.

1. WP Customer Reviews Plugin

WP Customer Reviews Plugin - 6 Best Review and Rating WordPress Plugins To Build Customer Loyalty

The WP Customer Review Plugin is one of the top choices for displaying reviews and ratings. It enables customer reviews to be shown on specific pages or posts.

Every single submission is fully moderated and all aspects of the plugin are fully customizable to fit the look and feel of your website. What more could you want?

2. Customer Reviews and Rating Plugin

Next up is the Customer Reviews and Rating Plugin from CreativeMinds. It’s a great tool to let customers leave reviews and rate products without affecting your website speed. There are also anti-spam measures to stop spam reviews.

Users can rate products using percentages or a five-star system. As well as leaving written reviews, customers can also include images and videos to add more detail to their reviews.

Like any good rating and review plugin should, it allows you to customize every aspect – from the size of reviews to the colors.

In addition, the plugin is fully optimized for search engines, so it’s a great option if you want to increase your SERP ranking.

3. Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews - 6 Best Review and Rating WordPress Plugins To Build Customer Loyalty

Rich Reviews is a good option for smaller businesses. It’s built for use with shortcodes and allows you to display customer reviews any part of your WordPress website. Each page is mobile responsive and fully customizable.

Users can leave three types of review: per page/post, category, or global reviews. The plugin allows the admin to decide which type of review customers can give.

In addition, all submissions are fully moderated and the plugin design is minimal and user-friendly. This plugin is compatible with many different themes, and aggregate reviews can be shown to display in Google results.

4. WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro is a top ranked WordPress customer review plugin. There are 16 completely customizable templates available, and the plugin is mobile-friendly, translation ready, and optimized for website speed.

The admin can choose their desired rating system of using stars, thumbs up/thumbs down, percentages and more.

5. Taqyeem

Reviewer - 6 Best Review and Rating WordPress Plugins To Build Customer Loyalty

Taqyeem is a unique WordPress review plugin that offers unlimited colors and review criteria so you can make the review look however you want. This plugin works with pages, posts, and custom post types.

There are three review styles included: stars, points system (out of 10), and percentages. This option is search engine optimized, translation ready, has RTL support, and even typography options.

It’s a good option for eCommerce stores with lots of products, so they can really organize and rate their products and make it easy for customers to leave reviews.

6. Reviewer

Reviewer gives you templates to display reviews on your site. All the templates are mobile-friendly and fully responsive. It’s possible to post reviews to pages, posts, custom post types as well as add comparison tables.

Users can simply pick a template to add their review to your website. This can include a block of text and even images or videos. It’s also possible to upload reviews as a guest.

Which Review Plugin Do You Rate?

Conclusion - 6 Best Review and Rating WordPress Plugins To Build Customer Loyalty

It’s a good idea for any website selling goods or services to have a customer review system on their WordPress website. Reviews tell other customers (and you!) what consumers really think of your product.

The WordPress customer review plugins listed here are some of the highest rated options. Each comes with a variety of powerful features that add value to your website.

All of these customer review plugins provide freedom of choice to admins, providing multiple options for review systems, customization, and more. You can add reviews to any page or post, without them sticking out or getting in the way.

These WordPress plugins are ideal for any type of business in any field, both small and large.

Encouraging customers to leave reviews can help to foster customer loyalty, as well as increase conversions. The more reviews that your products and services get, the more customer loyalty your website will retain!

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