Tips to Increase your Mobile Marketplace Sales

Kelly Ayres

In our current mobile shopping world, your Magento marketplace needs to be optimized on all sides — for vendors and customers. There are a handful of useful tips and tricks that can increase conversion rates and sales for your marketplace stores.

Tips to Increase your Mobile Marketplace Sales

How To to Increase your Mobile Marketplace Sales

1. Mobile Apps versus Responsive Sites

Whether you choose a mobile app or responsive site for your marketplace, keep one thing in mind: user experience. Since you’re working with multiple channels, this means both vendors and sellers need to be taken into consideration when it comes to coding and design.

If you choose to create a mobile app for your marketplace, be aware that you should have a dedicated employee to keep the app up to date, in addition to monitoring and updating the desktop site. The app might also hinder both shoppers and vendors — if they are not receptive to downloading an app, or if the app has consistent problems, you may lose some marketplace business. Additionally, promoting an app in an extremely saturated market can prove difficult to do.

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On the plus side, an app can help narrow down statistics and demographics of your users and track usage more precisely than a desktop site. You can see how many downloads and transactions are happening on a daily basis and determine if your mobile app is benefiting your marketplace business overall.

Mobile Apps versus Responsive Sites - Tips to Increase your Mobile Marketplace Sales

A responsive template allows you to create a Magento marketplace site that adapts to any device — mobile, tablet, desktop, etc. The benefit of responsive design is definitely time — you can make an update and it will translate across all devices. The one-time responsive set up can save you many hours in the long run. Its biggest draw is user experience, which on the mobile side can mean the difference between a sale and no sale. Being able to find or search vendors and products quickly within a mobile marketplace will help users locate and pay for items quickly.

The takeaway here for increasing mobile marketplace sales? Choose an app or responsive design, but make sure the user experience is your top priority.

2. Simplify the Vendor Process

Increasing sales can be as easy as increasing supply and availability of your products. You already have the added benefit of running a multi-vendor marketplace on your Magento site. Add vendors and attract buyers by making their mobile selling and shopping experiences simple and quick.

Simplify the Vendor Process - Tips to Increase your Mobile Marketplace Sales

On the vendor side, one way to do this is to simplify the product management within your marketplace. One extension that can assist with this is the Supplier Frontend Product Upload, which allows the addition of registered suppliers who can add and manage products within the site.

Allowing multiple users will keep your products up to date and identify your top suppliers, so you can maximize sales with your top users. This is especially useful for mobile users — products can be added on the go, modified, and reported from your mobile app or marketplace dashboard.

This guarantees your store stays up to date and changes can be made in an instant from any device. With such features, your customers will be informed of changes, discounts and more instantaneously.

3. Compare Pricing

Competing in a multi-vendor marketplace can be tough. Encourage your vendors to increase sales by offering price comparisons on their products. Extensions like this one can help display these comparisons easily, and will keep your vendors competitive in a market saturated by similar products.

Compare Pricing - Tips to Increase your Mobile Marketplace Sales

This is especially useful on mobile for increasing conversion rates and sales. On smartphones or tablets, it’s not as easy to switch back and forth between vendors to compare pricing. You may end up losing customers who purchase the first product they find out of a desire for a quick buy. Optimize the mobile experience by including price comparison and help customers find your products easily.

4. Display Your Success

On a mobile marketplace, you have little space to make a big impact. Just like any other medium, increase your conversion rate by offering trust symbols for your vendors and customers.

Review extensions can help promote your vendors’ stores and products while showcasing the positive feedback they’ve received on the customer experience. A good review or reviews will make customers more likely to purchase from a particular vendor, and on a smaller screen can be the eye-catching icon you need to draw them in.

Display Your Success - Tips to Increase your Mobile Marketplace Sales

Optimizing your Magento marketplace is even more complicated in such a mobile world. Capitalize on the tools you already have a pick up a few new ones with our guidance.

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