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Supplier Products and Inventory Management Extension for Magento® 2 by CreativeMinds

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Give suppliers the ability to upload products and manage inventory using a separate dashboard in the store’s front-end without the need to log into the admin area.

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Store manager can approve vendors products, allow certain product types and assigning vendors to products.

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Frontend Products and Inventory Management

The Magento 2 Supplier Product Inventory Management Extension by CreativeMinds allows approved suppliers to add and manage products on a front-end dashboard of your site.

Managing Inventory Dashboard

This inventory management extension has the ability to benefit both admin and suppliers.

Admins have the ability to manage suppliers and uploaded products, while store suppliers can upload products from a front-end dashboard without gaining access to the store admin panel.

Frontend dashboard grid showing all vendor products
Frontend dashboard grid showing all vendor products

Managing Product Attributes

Admin can assign attribute sets available for each supplier or vendor, while maintaining the admin's exclusive ability to approve or dismiss uploaded products, as well as being able to moderate supplier products which need further editing.
Vendor's Edit / Add product screen showing attribute available
Vendor's Edit / Add product screen showing attribute available

Vendor Reports

Reporting features allow admin and suppliers to generate detailed reports on sold items and sales achievements. This helps admin track supplier performance.
Vendor dashboard showing revenue report and graph
Vendor dashboard showing revenue report and graph

API Integration

Add and update products remotely via API (Application Program Interface). The SOAP API V2 methods allow you to specify every product attribute and much more.

All methods are fully documented: Supplier Frontend M2 – API Methods.

Magento 2 Stock Management Extension Uses

  • Inventory Management – Give suppliers, vendors or employees limited management access to upload products from a front-end dashboard
  • Stock Management – Help make sure a supplier product is always in stock
  • Maintain Admin Capabilities including product approval and moderation
  • Save Admin Time – Allow suppliers to upload their product information directly to your Magento 2 store
  • Update Product Inventory – Let suppliers update stock data to prevent misunderstandings
  • Sales Reports – Admin and suppliers can see revenue reports to track performance
  • Supplier Management Panel – Each supplier has a private dashboard where uploaded products can be viewed and managed
  • Supplier Product List – Suppliers can view and manage their products from the front-end dashboard
  • Vendor Assignment – Admin can assign a vendor or supplier with a product

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Frontend Products Inventory Management Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

Magento Front-end product upload extension.

Admin Features

Supplier Registration – Enable/Disable option for suppliers to register in a separate form
Vendor Profile Approval – Approve vendor’s profile after registration, or have it approved automatically
Auto/Moderated product Approval – Decide if created products are approved automatically or need approval from admin panel
Customize Product Upload Form – Product upload/edit forms can be easily customized in the admin panel
Product Labels – Change the labels of the existing product metadata
API Integration – Add and update products and more via fully documented SOAP API V2 methods
Supplier Reports – See report of all products added by the supplier
Product Supplier – Change a product’s supplier/owner
Supplier Tax Group – Define tax group for supplier’s products
Product SKU – Define if suppliers can define products SKU or it will be auto-generated
Number of Images – Define the maximum number of images that can be uploaded per product by a supplier
Product Type – Define what type of product can be created by supplier
Downloadable Products – Define type of downloadable product files types and its maximum size
Filter Sales Reports – Filter sales reports by suppliers, product categories, customer groups, and more

Supplier Features

Product Uploader – Suppliers can add new products (simple, configurable, downloadable and virtual), each containing a product description, metadata and images
Stock Management – Suppliers can view and manage their products from a frontend dashboard
Product Preview – Preview products on frontend before they go live
Supplier Login Page – Separate registration and login page for suppliers
Supplier Notifications – Suppliers can receive approved product notification and order notification
Cloning Products – Suppliers can clone their product
Sales Reports – Suppliers can track sales performance

Frontend Uploader Extension Additional Modules

Frontend Products Inventory Management Image Gallery

Frontend Products Inventory Management Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

Is there a limit to how many supplier accounts can upload products to my store?

No. Anyone who has a customer account can upgrade to a supplier account and upload products to your store, that is of course assuming they have your admin approval. You can approve as many supplier accounts as you like and even add them yourself manually.

Does the extension let suppliers access my Magento admin dashboard?

Absolutely not! Each supplier account has its own front end dashboard from which the supplier can upload and manage products. There is no need for the suppliers to log into the Magento admin dashboard at all.

Will I be able to approve or dismiss products uploaded to my site?

Yes. In the admin panel you can determine which suppliers you trust and that can freely upload products and which of suppliers require admin moderation and approval.

The built in notifications system will notify you whenever a new uploaded product requires moderation and approval and will also notify suppliers when their product has been approved, moderated or dismissed.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Can a customer buy from multiple vendors in one order?

Yes, customers can buy from multiple vendors in one single order. In this case, the shipping cost is calculated as the total sum of shipping costs from all vendors in the current cart. For example if you have three products in your cart, 2 from one vendor, and 1 from another vendor, total shipping costs will be the sum of shipping cost set up by one vendor for his products, plus the shipping cost set by the second vendor for his product.

Can Suppliers be notified by the Extension when an order for their product(s) has been made on the store?

Yes. When products are ordered that belong to a vendor they can receive an email notification that they have orders waiting. This can be disabled or enabled by the vendor but the default setting is for it to be enabled globally.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Is it possible to have suppliers who provide digital content manage uploads/downloads with this Extensions?

Yes. Suppliers are able to add and manage digital products on the store. By default the extension allows only Simple products to be uploaded but other product types including Downloadable products can be Allowed through the Configuration settings.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

What types of products can a supplier upload?

Suppliers can Upload any types of products you want to allow. Simple, Configurable, Virtual, Downloadable or Grouped. The kind of products that are available is set in the Configuration settings for the Extension.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Customer Reviews for the Supplier Uploader Extension

Frontend Products Inventory Management Release Notes

Extension Version 1.3.4 26th July 2022

  • Add PHP8+ and Magento 2.4.4 support

Version 1.3.3 26th Feb 2021

  • Add compatibility with non-MSI instances for Magento > 2.3

Version 1.3.2 1st Feb 2021

  • Fix Problem with a dependency on the marketplace
  • Add compatibility fix with M2.4.1

Version 1.3.0 30th Sep 2020

  • Add feature to mass disable product based on attribute options.

Version 1.2.9 1st Sep 2020

  • Fix issue with redirect after products edit on vendor panel

Version 1.2.7 25th Aug 2020

  • Fix issue with wrong redirect after supplier edit

Version 1.2.6 24th Aug 2020

  • Fix grid filters

Version 1.2.5 17th July 2020

  • Fix profile grid filters

Version 1.2.4 20th June 2020

  • Add module version to system configuration section

Version 1.2.3 11th June 2020

  • Fix register form inheritance logic in layout files

Version 1.2.2 27th May 2020

  • Fix issue with mass import
  • Fix issue with Product creation
  • Fix error on subscription create

Version 1.2.1 6th May 2020

  • Add collapsible categories
  • Fix create form
  • Fix category hiding logic
  • Fix configurable product save
  • Add correct url generation + fix issue with images upload
  • Add logout link

Version 1.1.15 22nd Jan 2020

  • Fix issue with 500 exception on supplier view page

Version 1.1.11 20th Dec 2019

  • Compatible with 2.3.3

Version 1.1.10 22nd Aug 2019

  • Fix js loading flow on supplier dashboard

Version 1.1.9 22nd May 2019

  • fix: text editor issue fix for above Magento 2.3.0.
  • fix: cminds supplier redirection for supplier domain url.
  • fix: Resolve issue in set visibility when Approve/Dis Approve product from supplier products grid from backend.
  • fix: resolve issue in set visibility to Catalog,Search for associated products.
  • feat: MSI changes from version > 2.3
  • add sources to product edit, create, clone.
  • add suggest source functionality.
  • add admin list for suggested sources.
  • fix: Backward compatibility fix
  • rudimentary code removed
  • fix issue with source suggestion
  • added compatibility support with 2.2.x magento versions
  • added admin menu item dependency on config option
  • fix: when upload product image from vendor panel.
  • fix: Supplier custom field issue on register page.
  • fix: Supplier custom field blank on vendor page.
  • fix: Supplier Page shows blank when add custom profile fields.
  • fix: Cminds icon change in configuration and position change.

Version 1.1.7 1st Apr 2019

  • The issue for setting the visibility for the associated products is fixed.
  • The issue related to visibility of the Product, depending if it is approved or disapproved, is fixed.

Version 1.1.6 27th Feb 2019

  • The style fixes were added.
  • The “Back Url” on the Customer Edit page from the admin side now works properly.
  • The new feature Export to CSV on product ordered grid in Reports section was added

Version 1.1.5 13th Feb 2019

  • Remove support for php5.5.
  • The support for php7.2 was added.

Version 1.1.4 5th Feb 2019

  • The multi currency support was added to the extension
  • The fixes to the bugs were added ( (now the Grouped Products can be successfully cloned))

Version 1.1.3 30th July 2018

  • Added code fixes while saving the product on the vendor panel
  • Fix: Set data only for Admin store while approve product for frontend
  • Fix: An exception Notice: Undefined index: attribute_set_id code refinement as suggested

Version 1.1.2 27th July 2018

  • Add some code fixes

Version 1.1.1 15th June 2018

  • Fix special price on product edit page
  • Fix creation of downloadable product
  • Fix cloning of grouped product
  • Fix error on editing grouped product
  • Fix saving attribute set for the configurable product

Version 1.1.0 31st May 2018

  • Menu item “Manage Suppliers” on the admin side in moved to the M2 Supplier Frontend Product Management extension

Version 1.0.46 18th May 2018

  • Added bug fix for the extension on the Magento 2 Enterprise Edition

Version 1.0.45 17th April 2018

  • Improved the performance and safety of the code execution

Version 1.0.44 05th April 2018

  • Customer can complete checkout even if no email sending program is installed on the server or website.
  • In Magento 2.1, supplier cannot create product if the product exceeds the limit for images.
  • The button in the admin panel “Save and Continue Edit” on the supplier page redirects back to the edit page.

Version 1.0.43 23rd Feb 2018

  • Supplier products after creation / edition approved product flag is reset and set to pending if configurations says that supplier products require approval. Previously disapproved status was set what was misleading.

Version 1.0.42 09th Feb 2018

  • Update default configuration.

Version 1.0.38 11th Jan 2018

  • Admin is able to see all supplier shipping methods, can also edit and delete them.
  • Configurable products management in vendor panel has been updated.
  • WYSIWYG editor has been updated in product create/edit form in vendor panel.
  • Sample product import file download in vendor panel has been updated.
  • Vendor products association with website has been updated during product create/edit in vendor panel.

Version 1.0.36 6th Dec 2017

  • Creating downloadable products in vendor panel has been fixed.
  • Cloning ability for downloadable products in vendor panel has been fixed.
  • Products import functionality in vendor panel has been updated.
  • Minor issues fixes and improvements.

Version 1.0.35 6th Nov 2017

  • Product in vendor panel is being saved on default store.
  • Fixed issue that in some circumstances special price equal to 0 was set.
  • Fixed issue that in some circumstances special price date from equal to current day was set.
  • Fixed issue that in some circumstances qty has been not properly saved.
  • Performance updates.
  • Many major issues fixes and improvements.

Version 1.0.34 1st Oct 2017

  • Product created in vendor panel are saved only in admin scope, in others used are default values.

Version 1.0.33 30th Aug 2017

  • Minor layout fixes in vendor panel.

Version 1.0.32 23rd Aug 2017

  • Single notification is being sent to each supplier about his ordered products after order place.

Version 1.0.31 8th Aug 2017

  • Pagination in supplier product list view has been updated.

Version 1.0.30 3rd Aug 2017

  • New tools section has been introduced in admin panel for supplier module, which currently adds ability to set all categories as available for suppliers by single click.

Version 1.0.29 16th July 2017

  • Configurable products creation and edition process has been fixed in vendor plier panel.
  • When no associated products exists proper information is displayed in associated products view in vendor panel.
  • Removing associated products has been fixed in vendor panel.
  • Sku generation for associated products has been fixed in vendor panel.
  • Clicking on category label triggers checkbox check in vendor panel product edit/create view.
  • Back button in supplier product edit admin view has been fixed, it is redirecting to supplier products grid.
  • Supplier products grid columns naming has been updated.

Version 1.0.28 21st July 2017

  • Filtration by supplier name has been fixed in supplier products grid in admin panel.

Version 1.0.27 5th July 2017

  • Supplier category restrictions minor fix

Version 1.0.26 1st July 2017

  • Introduce new cache type for vendor panel.
  • Vendor panel navigation is being cached.
  • Filtering by status in vendor panel issue has been fixed.
  • Displaying categories in cloned product edit view has been fixed.
  • Supplier category restrictions has been fixed.

Version 1.0.24 22nd June 2017

  • Fixed compatibility with flat catalog category.
  • Fixed compatibility with flat catalog product.
  • Displaying only allowed categories during product creation/edit in supplier panel has been fixed.

Extension Version 1.0.19 28th April 2017

  • Supplier panel navigation updates.
  • Install and upgrade scripts update.

Extension Version 1.0.18 25th April 2017

  • Fix installer script issue on Magento 2.0.13.

Extension Version 1.0.17 13th April 2017

  • Fix which makes that supplier product statues and quantity are reflected properly in admin panel.
  • Install and upgrade scripts update.

Extension Version 1.0.15 11th April 2017

  • Fixed issue with magento url key duplication during product approval.
  • Fixed issue that product has been approved even if there was an error during approval process.
  • Email templates has been updated, for example product name and product url has been added to supplier ordered and approved email template.
  • Email subjects are now fetched from configuration.
  • Improved email placeholders parsing.
  • Supplier product grid performance improvement.
  • Setting quantity for grouped products in supplier panel has been fixed.
  • Supplier email and name columns has been added in supplier products grid in admin panel.
  • Approval and disapprove functionality refactoring, it has been moved to separated service.
  • New configuration option has been added, supplier product can require approval after being edited.
  • Vendor panel navigation has been updated.
  • New configuration option to give ability for supplier to configure notification about ordered products.
  • New validation rule has been added to supplier create/edit form to check if category has been selected.

Extension Version 1.0.14 6th April 2017

  • Fix issue when product has been not auto approved when auto approve functionality was enabled for configurable products in vendor panel.
  • Fix issue with saving proper quantity value when auto approved functionality was disabled for grouped products in vendor panel.

Extension Version 1.0.13 28th Feb 2017

  • Fix issue with upload video.
  • Fix issue with show product photos on edit product page.

Extension Version 1.0.12 26th Feb 2017

  • Fix issue with linking products to supplier during their creation.
  • Fix issue during product cloning in vendor portal.

Extension Version 1.0.11 24th Feb 2017

  • Add feature to upload youtube video for products.
  • Fix issue with attribute set on edit product page.

Extension Version 1.0.10 23rd Feb 2017

  • Update module dependencies.

Version 1.0.9 27th Dec 2016

  • Fix compilation issues.

Version 1.0.8 31st Oct 2016

  • Fix: Supplier shipping methods validate when supplier dont have shipping methods.
  • Fix: Vendor portal issue – don’t show product name in order.
  • Fix: download reports best sellers.
  • Add “in stock” for grouped products in create / update forms.
  • Supplier now can upload logo.
  • Refactoring and minor bugs fixes.

Version 1.0.7 28th Sep 2016

  • Supplier rate view fixes, performance updates, checking customer authorization.

Version 1.0.6 22nd Sep 2016

  • Supplier shipping methods display changes in checkout.
  • Supplier shipping methods cost calculation fixes.
  • Previously selected supplier shipping methods are restored during new order placing.
  • Validate if for each supplier shipping method is selected when supplier shipping method is selected before placing an order.
  • Validate if sum of selected supplier shipping methods is correct before placing an order.
  • Refactoring and minor bugs fixes.

Version 1.0.5 5th Sep 2016

  • Module dependencies update.
  • Suppliers can name their custom shipping methods.
  • Supplier shipping methods are available in checkout cart shipping estimation.
  • Supplier shipping methods are available in checkout process.
  • Minor bugs fixes and code quality improvements.

Extension First Release 2nd June 2016

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