5 Fantastic WordPress Footnotes Plugins

5 Fantastic WordPress Footnotes Plugins

Footnotes are references or notes at the bottom of a page which help clarify the text on the page. The WordPress footnotes plugins on this list are great options for business professionals or WordPress users to easily and effectively add footnotes to their WordPress site. Footnotes are a quick and easy way to add footnotes to content and allow people to reference information in an orderly manner.

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These WordPress footnotes are simple lines of text that can appear on the bottom of any post or page on your WordPress site. All of these plugins are customizable, affordable and very user friendly. Footnotes can include any type of content to help clarify the information on the page, such as an image or video.

1)CM Footnotes


The CreativeMinds footnotes plugin is a highly customizable plugin that supports adding any type of helpful text to your website. The plugin supports adding endnotes, footnotes, citations, bibliography notes, pictures and other media. This plugin allows users to add footnotes to any page or post in WordPress, as well as full customize them. The pro version of the plugin also offers easy footnote posting with shortcodes and much more. This plugin is ideal for users who want to really customize their footnotes and add media to their pages.

Footnotes Plugin Paragraph Annotations Example

Footnotes Plugin Paragraph Annotations Example

Footnotes Plugin Bottom of the Page Footnotes Description

Footnotes Plugin Bottom of the Page Footnotes Description


2)Easy Footnotes



The easy footnotes plugin is the simplest way to add footnotes to a WordPress site. Users can simply click on a footnote to view the content, without having to scroll down to the bottom of the page. A footnote will appear at the bottom of the page when the user adds a shortcode. Each footnote has an icon, which when clicked, will automatically bring the user right to the word in the text.



3)Inline Footnotes


The Inline Footnotes plugin is a great way to simply add footnotes to your WordPress site. Users use a shortcode to add footnotes to post and pages. The plugin allows for footnotes to be viewed in the text, so users don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page for the content. A number appears next to the word and users can see the content on the page.




Footnotes is a one stop shop for adding references automatically to various pages and posts in WordPress. The plugin has fully customizable shortcodes and css, and lets you choose where to place footnotes. This plugin also automatically numbers footnotes, has a hover box with clickable links, offers various icons to display next to different footnotes and much more.


5)WP NoteUp


WP NoteUp is a unique plugin because it allows users to add footnotes while editing WordPress pages. Users can add notes, videos, images or other media to any page or post. In addition, users can customize the style and format of each footnote. This is the ideal plugin for people who want to add footnotes and citations while creating and editing pages.



There are many footnote plugins available for WordPress, and the key is to find the right one for your business. There are plugins which are made with simple shortcodes, and some that allow for users to view the content within the page instead of scrolling down the page. All of the plugins in this list are reasonably priced and have great reviews. The CM Footnotes plugin is one of the most affordable and customizable plugins on the market.

The following is a comparison of some of the top features for each plugin.


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