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Our WordPress search and replace plugin allows you to make changes to your WordPress site or post content before it’s displayed.

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This mass search and replace tool completes an on-demand database search and replace operation without making changes to the database. You can also choose to save changed on specific posts to the DB

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WordPress Search and Replace Plugin Description

This WordPress search replace tool allows you to change the content of your posts, pages, comments, titles and excerpts just before they are displayed on the front end of your site, without making changes in the WordPress database.

This real-time search and replace tool applies any number of predefined rules after a page is generated by WordPress, but before it is sent to a user’s browser.

The admin can also commit permanent changes to the database on specific pages or the whole site.

Defining Multiple Find and Replace Rules

This WordPress find and replace plugin makes it simple to replace domains, content or html on your WordPress site, with a simple search/replace database search.

This mass search and replace plugin completes a quick and easy search of a WordPress site, so users will see the content after all the data has been replaced.

Search/Replace Rules Dashboard
Search/Replace Rules Dashboard

Search and Replace script on WordPress Custom Posts

The WordPress search and replace script functionality is ideal for quick changes of search/replace data without applying them to the WordPress database. However, you may also choose to save them to the database if you wish - on each page or across all site.

It is possible to target specific posts by type or exclude posts or pages from being parsed. You can also target ACF records.

Settings Screen Allowing targeting of Specific Posts and Post Elements
Settings Screen Allowing targeting of Specific Posts and Post Elements

Search and Replace Use Case Examples

  • Save Time – Search and replace HTML errors on multiple pages at once and skip all manual work.
  • Censor Bad Content – Quickly filter swear words and suspicious links posted anywhere on your website.

How To Use Search and Replace Plugin

  1. Create Rule – Tell the plugin what you want to replace. For instance, “http” should become “https”. Use Regex for more complex cases
  2. Case-sensitive? – Should the rule be consider and capture “John” but not “john”?
  3. Restrict Post Type – Define if the rule should affect posts, pages or custom post types
  4. Limit Pages – Exclude any number of pages from the rule
  5. Specify – Substitute in the title? Content? Excerpt? Comments? You choose
  6. Set Date – Pick a time frame (for instance, only last month)

Advanced Replacements

Replace numbers, links, dates and IP addresses by using Regex (Regular Expressions).

These rules allow the plugin to check advanced conditions before performing. For instance, only numbers from '70 to 99', or image links with the name 'flower' on them.

We link to resources with examples and validators so you can create rules easily

Search and Replace - Regex examples
Search and Replace - Regex examples

Example of Replacements

  • “http” to “https” in the content of all posts in the last 6 months
  • “mark” to “Dr. Mark” in the title of all profile pages
  • All IP addresses to “xxx” in BBPress forums
  • “Beta Version” to “Final Version” in all WooCommerce Attribute labels
  • “cminds” and “cmind” to “CreativeMinds” in the Yoast SEO Title of the last three pages

Using the WordPress Search and Replace Plugin

  • Censor Bad Content – Censor comments, content generated by plugins on defined pages or posts.
  • On-Demand Search and Replace Script – Make temporary changes in content and limit them to a specified time period.
  • Replace HTML Code in your Content – Search and replace HTML code on the fly.
  • Replace Images in Content – Search and replace images on the fly.
  • Date and Time Controls – Feature content on specific dates or time periods.
  • Target Specific Posts – Target specific posts or exclude other posts from being parsed.
  • ACF and Yoast Support – Supports replacing content in ACF plugin and Yoast metadata fields.
  • Frontend Widget to Toggle Replacements – Optionally add toggle on and off search and replace buttons on each post frontend for specific users.
  • Save Changes to Database – Optionally add toggle to save changes made to a specific post to the database so they will be permanent.

Search and Replace Plugin Related Use Cases

WordPress Search & Replace Tool Additional Resources

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Best Search Replace Plugin Basic Features

  • Define search and replace rules
  • Supports posts and pages
  • Supports text and html
  • Supports case sensitive content

High Quality Search and Replace Plugin Premium Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this essential plugin.

All WordPress Content Types – Define search and replace rules for comments, posts, pages, titles, content and excerpts View Screenshot: Specific Content Search and Replace.
Local Changes – Perform replacements only locally and don’t save them to the database
Update Database – Optionally, commit replacement rules to the database so they will be permanent
Limit to Specific Post Types – This word replacer plugin supports search and replace only on specific types of content or custom posts..
Modify or Remove Content – This WordPress editor plugin allows you to modify search and remove the content without replacing it.
Case Sensitive – This Word Replacer tool supports case sensitive replacements.
Rules Management – Pause certain rules or delete them.
Frontend Widget – Save time by using front-end control widget to turn search and replace on and off.
Import and Export Rules – Import and export rules between your sites.
Drag and Drop – Easily change and modify the order of rules using drag and drop interface.
Time restricted search and replace – Supports applying the search and replace rules on specific dates.View Screenshot: Time based search and replace.
Target Specific Posts – Easily handle and target rules for specific posts or pages with this text editor plugin.
Regex search and replace – Use Regex search and replace statements.View Screenshot: Regex search and replace rule.
ACF – Special support for Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin fields.
WooCommerce – Special support for WooCommerce labels.
bbPress – Special Support for bbPress content.
Yoast – Special Support for Yoast content.
Replace Text – Supports text replace in the post editor.
Open-Source – This sitewide search replace plugin is an open source tool.
Text and HTML – Easily search and replace text or html tags throughout the entire WordPress system.

WordPress Search and Replace Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this simple plugin.

Can I replace the titles of posts?

Yes. You can replace links, entire words, entire post or title in posts, pages or even custom post types, and replace any word or text in WordPress. You can also replace typo in your WordPress blog contents.

Can I limit changes to a week?

Yes, Using the time limited search and replace functionality you can limit the replace operation for a specific time frame.

Can I use this awesome plugin to replace product names and attributes?

Absolutely. If you happened to change the title of one of your product names, you can easily replace it using the Search and replace plugin. You can also change other product attributes, such as the short and long descriptions, color, size etc, but bear in mind the changes will not be saved on your database, which is why this method is more suitable if you’re interested in a temporary change rather than a permanent one.

I am migrating my WordPress website to a new URL/domains and unsure about where and how to update old URLs in the database, I want to skip the tedious process of manually changing the Domain/URL, Can this Plugin help in migration?

This WordPress find and replace plugin makes it simple to replace domains, content, HTML or URL (starts from HTTP or HTTPS) on your WordPress site.

Is there any option for the restoring the data?

Yes. You can easily create a simple database backup and restore it.

Does this plugin support any language?

Yes. This plugin supports all the languages including RTL when you want to search and replace.

Is there any free version of this plugin?

Yes. We have a search and replace free plugin version. You can download the free plugin WordPress here

I need to exclude a content replacement rule from my excerpts. Is that possible?

Yes. When creating a new content replacement rule, you can mark one or more of the following parameters as excluded from the search & replace rule:

  • Titles
  • Content
  • Excerpt
  • Comments

You can also add other areas to exclude according to your personal preferences. The selected areas will not be affected by the new content replacement rule.

Can I create case sensitive Search & Replace rules?

Yes. When creating a new search & replace rule, you will see a metabox labeled as “Case”, representing the case sensitive search option. Checking this metabox means that only exact matches will be searched and replaced. Leave the metabox empty if you want all instances to be found and replaced, i.e. metabox, Meta-Box and meta boxes.

Search and Replace Image Gallery

Back-End Gallery

Customer Reviews for the Search and Replace

Search and Replace Release Notes

Version 1.4.7 20th Sep 2022

  • Updated user guide page product price
  • Bugfix related to load custom post types in settings

Version 1.4.6 28th June 2022

  • Added support to show summary before update database

Version 1.4.4 18th Dec 2021

  • Implemented: new settings
  • Fixed warnings
  • Improved pagination

Version 1.4.3 22nd Oct 2021

  • Bugfix related to pagination in admin section

Version 1.4.2 06th June 2021

  • Improvement in replacement widget feature
  • Updated package 1.9.1

Version 1.4.0 04th July 2020

  • Added method to completely replace specific string in DB

Version 1.3.0 22nd Jan 2020

  • Bugfix in Make changes permanent in DB feature

Version 1.2.10 30th Nov 2019

  • Added: export-import of replacement rules in CSV format

Version 1.2.9 14th Nov 2019

  • Bugfix in replacement rules section

Version 1.2.8 26th Oct 2019

  • Added support to all/include/exclude posts/pages in replacement rules
  • Updated package 1.8.9

Version 1.2.7 25th June 2019

  • Added functionality to save replacement changes permanently to DB. Functionality is accessible for posts via plugin’ widget settings

Version 1.2.6 6th Apr 2019

  • Added support to additional WooCommerce labels
  • Updated the Licensing Package

Version 1.2.5 25th Mar 2019

  • Added option to enable Search&Replace in the site title tag
  • Fixed the problem with “Location” dropdown not showing all posts.
  • Updated the Licensing Package
  • Fixed small bugs

Version 1.2.4 4th June 2017

  • Update plugin licensing package

Version 1.2.3 10th May 2017

  • Fixed the notice in the settings
  • Fixed the problem with the invisible button on the Licensing page

Version 1.2.2 28th April 2017

  • Fixed the notice in the settings
  • Fixed the problem with the invisible button on the Licensing page

Version 1.2.1 15th March 2017

  • Added the option to restrict the replacement rule to single post/page
  • Fixed import and export dashboard
  • Fixed some notices

Version 1.2.0 6th Feb 2017

  • Added drag and drop support
  • Added Yoast SEO support
  • Make adjustment in plugin settings
  • Add support to show all rules on one screen
  • Bug fixing

Version 1.1.7 29th Dec 2016

  • Updated the description of field to clarify how to replace with empty string

Version 1.1.6 4th Aug 2016

  • Update licensing version and dashboard

Version 1.1.5 22th May 2016

  • Update licensing version and dashboard

Version 1.1.4 28th April 2016

  • Added the option to enable Search&Replace in CM Tooltip Glossary.

Version 1.1.3 20th March 2016

  • Updated licensing api support.

Version 1.1.2 25th Feb 2016

  • Added automatic updates from plugin dashboard
  • Replaced plugin admin interface including license activation and user guide

Version 1.1.1 18th January 2016

  • Bug fixing

Version 1.1.0 14th January 2016

  • Added pagination and internal search within rules
  • Bug fixing
  • Changing the license version

Version 1.0.9 15th Dec 2015

  • Added the option to search & replace in the WooCommerce attribute labels
  • Small fixes in the licensing API

Version 1.0.8 20th Nov 2015

  • Fixed the mb_stringtolower
  • Fixed the bug with the link in the notice
  • Added the Non-SSL option to licensing
  • Removed the “AddOns” tab when not needed

Version 1.0.7 19th Nov 2015

  • Fixed the problem with loading the Settings on the pages with a lot of posts/pages (over 10000)
  • Ensured the WordPress 4.4 compatibility
  • Small fix to the licensing package

Version 1.0.6 17th Sep 2015

  • Add frontend control to activate, deactivate replace rules
  • Added access control to frontend control for admin, logged-in users and visitors

Version 1.0.5 30th Aug 2015

  • Fix few bugs causing search and replace script not to work as expected on custom post types

Version 1.0.4 30th July 2015

  • Fixed A undefined notices
  • Fixed adding exclusions for new replacements
  • Added new export/import tab
  • Export saves itself as export.json file
  • Import saves selected file inside uploads directory

Version 1.0.3 03rd July 2015

  • Fixed bug related to admin menu appearance and conflict with some other plugins

Plugin First Release 23rd March 2015

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