Business Directory Community Add-On for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Business Directory Community Add-On for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Business Directory Community Add-On for WordPress by CreativeMinds main image

Business Directory Community Add-On allows non logged-in users to add a new business, claim existing one and manage their listings.

Requires Business Directory Pro.

Business Directory Community Add-On Description

The WordPress Business Directory Community AddOn by CreativeMinds allows users to add a new listing to the business directory, claim an existing business which was already listed and manage their listings.

This AddOn is a supplement for the Business Directory Plugin and empowers it by letting the users submit and manage their own listings within the business directory.

What Happens when a User Submit a New Business

Managing New Business Listings

When a user submits a new business listing, the admin will receive a notification.

Moderate the new listing and approve or reject it. Once approved, the business owner will receive a notification and a password for managing the business page.

With the email and password the business owner can manager the business listing without being logged in to the WordPress site or be defined as a WordPress user. This allows a complete separation between business owners and WordPress users.

Showing part of the new business submission form
Showing part of the new business submission form

In cases when the business owner forgets his password, near each business page which is assigned to a business owner, a forgot password link will appear allowing business owner to receive a new password to a registered email

Creating Community Directory

Business Community gives you full control on how your visitors can submit their business info for approval.

Learn how to create a directory where users suggest businesses.

Business Directory
Business Directory

Administrator Tools to Manage Listings

Moderation and Notification

The plugin provides the admin with several ways to manage listings. Moderate all listing submitted by users and approve them before they appear in the directory.

Assign an email and send a password for an existing business listing to the owner, Allowing him to manage the business page.

Setting screen showing part of the moderation and notification settings
Setting screen showing part of the moderation and notification settings

Modifying the Business Submission Form

Controlling the Submission Form

Plugin settings includes many options for the admin to manage the business submission form.

Define which fields should appear. Which fields will be mandatory and what is the label which will be shown beside each field.

Setting screen showing part of the business form settings
Setting screen showing part of the business form settings

User Dashboard for the Business Submissions

The plugin support a user dashboard for logged-in users which let them see all their existing listings and manage them.

Since business owners are not necessarily defined as WordPress users this dashboard will be usable just in cases where new business submission is made by logged-in users.

Claiming an Existing Business

Claiming Existing Business

Let users claim existing business. When the feature is enabled, a small link will appear in all business pages which are currently not assigned to a business owner.

Users can fill up their email and name and submit a claim request. if approved this business will be assigned to the user and a password will be sent to him to manage the business page.

Claim existing business form
Claim existing business form

Business Claim Dashboard

Manage all claims from a single, informative dashboards.

Accept, reject or delete each submission with a click.

Easily resend the email about the process to the claimers.

Managing all claim requests
Managing all claim requests

Online Demo:

Use Case Examples

  • Business Listings – A quick way to list investment, career, real estate and consulting services with user-generated content
  • City Listings – Make a website directory of your city plumber, law professionals and cleaning service listings, purely generated by user inputs. Encourage users through marketing campaigns and let the content generate itself
  • Niche Listings – The plugin concept can be used for any listing imaginable, from tech companies to beauty practicians, and the best part it is powered by user content generation. All you have to do is market your website and give users a reason to submit listings

Using the Business Directory Community

  • Submit Business Listing – Allow users to submit a new business listing Preview
  • Update Your Business Page – Allow users to edit and update an existing business listing Preview
  • Claim an Existing Business – Allow users to claim an existing business listing already in the directory Preview

Business Directory Community Prerequisite Plugin

You need to have CM Business Directory plugin installed before using the community addon

CM Business Directory Pro
Business Directory
Build an online business directory. Easily create any type of directory database or business listing community on your Wordpress site. Each listing has a page with videos and images.
[ Video]  [ Userguide]

Business Directory Community Related Plugins

CM Business Directory Payments
Business Directory Payments
This add-on allows admin to charge payment for publishing a new business directory listing or renewing an existing one. The add-on supports many payment options based of Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce.
[ Video]  [ Userguide]
CM Product Directory Pro
Product Directory
Build a product discovery directory which with product information, screenshots, video and also information about the business behind the product. Product pages can include a purchase button as well as any other related links such as the product demo.
[ Video]  [ Userguide]

Business Directory Community Plugin Features

  • Shortcode support a form with Captcha for submitting and managing businesses
  • Define what fields are mandatory in the new business form
  • Turn On/off business claim feature
  • Turn On/off forgot password feature
  • Let users attach documents of any extension to their page/li>
  • Manage users username and password for managing their business
  • Send notifications to the business owner
  • Change all labels related to the business form
  • Moderate new business postings
  • Let logged-in users manage listings via a dashboard

Business Directory Community Features in Details

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Add a Business form – Using a shortcode admin can place a form where business owners can post new businesses and edit existing. The form mandatory fields are controlled from the admin settings.

Terms of Service – Require users to accept a TOS prompt before suggesting a business. Imprescindible for following GDPR rules
Claim your Business – Each business page which is not already assigned to a business owner can show claim your business form. Once posted admin can moderate and assign a business owner to this business page.

Password Recovery – Once business is claims, business owner can ask to recover password. An email notification will be sent to the business owner registered email address.

AddOn Settings – AddOn settings includes Moderation settings of who can moderate new businesses added and notifications settings.

Business Owner Email – Once claimed business owner email appear in the business edit page from the admin dashboard. Admin can update email and also send password recovery notification.

AddOn Labels – All labels related to the business details and form are editable. Admin can also define which field is mandatory.

Claims Dashboard – Manage all claim requests from a single dashboard

Business Directory Community Image Gallery

Back-end Gallery

Business Directory Online Demo

This demo shows a form for submitting new business listing. Once form is submitted admin is notified. Admin can moderate the listing before it appears on the directory.

ListWP Business Submission Live Demo

Business Directory Community Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

What is the benefit of this add-on?

The Community add-on for the Business Directory plugin allows visitors to your site to Create new business listings or to Claim existing listings.

This can allow you to outsource some of the work of creating and managing content on your site to your users. It also means that business owners can have the creative control over their listings and who knows a business better than those who set it up in the first place?

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Can I create listings and reach out to the business owners to see if they would like to manage them?

Yes, there is a Business Claim feature built into the add-on. You can also hide the Add new Business form from users, leaving them with only the option to Claim business that you have added.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Is there any sort of User dashboard for managing directory listings that have been submitted or claimed?

Yes. Once a user logs into your WordPress site they can go to the Dashboard page which you can create on any page or post on the site with the insertion of the included dashboard shortcode.

From here they can View their previously added or claimed listings, edit them or delete them if they choose (still pending admin moderation if you have this feature enabled.

They can also suggest new business listings from here.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Is there any way to charge my site users for adding or claiming business listings on my directory?

Yes, you can charge for both adding new businesses to the directory and claiming existing ones. For this you will require the Business Directory Payments add-on.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Would you recommend this for adding a directory of professional individuals? (E.g. a Carpenders Directory or other tradespersons?)

This addon could effectively manage this, but we have another addon that is more suited for this purpose called the Members Directory add-on which might better match your needs.

Is there any way to prevent Spam or Malicious content from being added to my directory?

There are two safety features built into the add-on. Re-captcha and Moderation.

Re-captcha can help to prevent attacks by bots harming your site content quality and performance and Moderation allows you to manually filter out nuisance visitors submissions and to check content quality before it goes live

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Do listing owners have to have access to or be registered users on my WordPress site to be able to own and managing directory listings?

No, not at all. When a business owner creates a new listing or claims an existing one and passes moderation (if the moderation features is enabled) they will receive log in credentials and a link in their email.

Using this link they can then go to your site and manage their listing without having to be logged in on the site. They don’t have to have a user account at all!

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Business Directory Community Changelog

Version 1.9.5 from the 2nd Aug 2022

  • Bugfix related to recaptcha with claim form

Version 1.9.4 from the 24th Jan 2022

  • Bugfix related to email field
  • Improvement in community form

Version 1.9.3 from the 12th Nov 2021

  • Improved category field dropdown
  • Bugfix related to tags update
  • Improved notification emails

Version 1.9.2 from the 13th October 2021

  • Added support to add second logo for business

Version 1.9.1 from the 22nd September 2021

  • Removed PHP warnings
  • Added stripslashes on form field placeholder

Version 1.9.0 from the 28th August 2021

  • Added custom taxonomies fields in form

Version 1.8.10 from the 17th August 2021

  • Implemented functionality to assign business to user by owner user email.
  • Implemented functionality to check access to edit Business on frontend
  • Fixes to identify business owner
  • Added option to create business owner if not exists
  • Fixed problem with access for anonymous users
  • Fixed problem with updating business for anonymous users
  • Fixed warnings

Version 1.8.8 from the 24th May 2021

  • Updated license package to version 1.9.1

Version 1.8.7 26th April 2021

  • Improved CSS of GDPR disclaimer feature

Version 1.8.6 15th April 2021

  • Added banner field support with community form

Version 1.8.5 15th Jan 2021

  • Bugfix related to user access email after publish

Version 1.8.4 8th Jan 2021

  • Bugfix related to claim feature

Version 1.8.3 2nd Jan 2021

  • Added support to publish/unpublish fields
  • Bugfix related to placeholders

Version 1.8.2 13th Oct 2020

  • Bugfix related to community login form

Version 1.8.1 8th Oct 2020

  • Added support to show/hide username and password fields from community form

Version 1.8.0 19th Sep 2020

  • Added support to add multiple addresses with each business

Version 1.7.9 8th Sep 2020

  • Added support to override community form template in theme

Version 1.7.8 10th August 2020

  • Added delete option with documents

Version 1.7.7 26th JULY 2020

  • Added terms of service field support with community form
  • Added support to select tags with checkboxes

Version 1.7.6 4th JULY 2020

  • Bugfix related to gallery lightbox caption

Version 1.7.5 11th June 2020

  • Resolved PHP warnings
  • Updated package 1.9.0

Version 1.7.4 13th May 2020

  • Bugfix in send login and password feature from admin

Version 1.7.3 30th Apr 2020

  • Bugfix in change username and password feature with community form

Version 1.7.2 27th Apr 2020

  • Added change username and password feature with community form

Version 1.7.1 13th Apr 2020

  • Bugfix in GDPR disclaimer feature

Version 1.7.0 9th Apr 2020

  • Added claim request listing
  • Added new email notification for user claim on submit
  • Bugfix related to community form submit button label
  • Bugfix related to form fields visibility issue

Version 1.6.9 17th Mar 2020

  • Updated package 1.8.10

Version 1.6.8 25th Feb 2020

  • Bugfix related to pitch field in community form

Version 1.6.7 9th Feb 2020

  • Added support with cm business directory levels addon

Version 1.6.6 19th Dec 2019

  • Added support to add documents with each business

Version 1.6.5 27th Nov 2019

  • Bugfix related to additional links & fields validation in form

Version 1.6.4 14th Nov 2019

  • Bugfix related to recaptcha v2 invisible

Version 1.6.3 12th Oct 2019

  • Replaced deprecated function
  • Bugfix related to login form
  • Improvement in html

Version 1.6.2 25th Sep 2019

  • Added support to community form contact email set as owner email

Version 1.6.1 9th Sep 2019

  • Added main image as featured image
  • Bugfix related to owner email field in form

Version 1.6.0 19th Aug 2019

  • Added some text in labels section
  • Improvement in statusObserver method
  • Bugfix related to send notification

Version 1.5.9 21st July 2019

  • Bugfix related to post data with double quotes

Version 1.5.8 15th July 2019

  • Bugfix related to community form submit
  • Removed some warnings

Version 1.5.7 6th July 2019

  • Compatible with php 7.2

Version 1.5.6 8th June 2019

  • Resolved output buffer issue in loadView function
  • Added loader on form submit

Version 1.5.5 15th May 2019

  • Added video gallery update support in community form

Version 1.5.4 05th May 2019

  • Bugfix related to custom css

Version 1.5.3 23rd Apr 2019

  • Added gallery update support in community form
  • Updated package 1.8.9

Version 1.5.2 16th Apr 2019

  • Bugfix related to business pitch
  • Updated package 1.8.8

Version 1.5.1 17th Mar 2019

  • Google+ profile field replace with YouTube

Version 1.5.0 24th Feb 2019

  • Added reCAPTCHA instructions in settings
  • Removed gray overlay after submit community form

Version 1.4.9 30th Jan 2019

  • Added stripslashes for GDPR disclaimer text

Version 1.4.8 28th Jan 2019

  • Added stripslashes for labels

Version 1.4.7 23rd Jan 2019

  • Bugfix in access notification email
  • Updated license package 1.8.6

Version 1.4.6 16th Jan 2019

  • Added business form section heading text change settings
  • Added visible and mandatory setting for year founded field

Version 1.4.5 9th Jan 2019

  • Bugfix in community dashboard structure
  • Improvement in CSS

Version 1.4.4 5th Jan 2019

  • Bugfix in community dashboard shortcode

Version 1.4.3 26th Dec 2018

  • Added custom css support on community form
  • Updated license package

Version 1.4.2 10th Dec 2018

  • Improved galley features

Version 1.4.1 23rd Nov 2018

  • Bugfix in gallery and videos feature

Version 1.4.0 21st Oct 2018

  • Added business images gallery and videos feature

Version 1.3.19 21st Oct 2018

  • Added CSS classes on community form sections

Version 1.3.18 15th Oct 2018

  • Added Latitude and Longitude from community form if map locations integration enabled

Version 1.3.17 31st July 2018

  • Fixed bug with maximum number of categories limit issue if set empty

Version 1.3.16 27th July 2018

  • Added admin panel notification visible only for admin and editor
  • Fixed the fatal error in gdpr class
  • Added paragraph spacing support in emails
  • Updated license package

Version 1.3.15 13th July 2018

  • Fixed bug with password recovery email

Version 1.3.14 19th June 2018

  • Added the display of the login/password of the expert profile owners to admins
  • Added community form fields show/hide option
  • Fixed bug with community form fields label
  • Fixed bug with reCAPTCHA

Version 1.3.13 110h June 2018

  • Added GDPR Feature

Version 1.3.12 11th Apr 2018

  • Added the display of the login/password of the expert profile owners to admins

Version 1.3.11 17th Mar 2018

  • Bug: Fixed the error with the undeclared class constant

Version 1.3.10 23rd Jan 2018

  • Feature: Added the option to display the categories as checkboxes
  • Feature: Added the option to assign tags on business form
  • Bug: Fixed few small bugs

Version 1.3.9 19th Dec 2017

  • Improved the error handling of the form
  • Fixed the bug with the address not being saved properly
  • Fixed the bug with the facebook, twitter not being properly saved
  • Updated the Licensing Package

Version 1.3.8 10th Aug 2017

  • Fixed the bug when displaying an error on the suggest a business page

Version 1.3.7 4th Aug 2017

  • Fixed the notice in one of the views

Version 1.3.6 29th July 2017

  • Fixed the rare bug
  • Fixed the bugs with editing
  • Fixed the User Dashboard edition option
  • Changed the User Dashboard links to open in new tab
  • Improved the Image Upload library

Version 1.3.5 9th March 2017

  • Changed the old Captcha v1 to brand new invisibleCaptcha

Version 1.3.4 11th February 2017

  • Fixed the problems with the e-mails with password not being sent after claim
  • Fixed the problems with wrong passwords after claim
  • Fixed the bug with the [business] shortcode missing in the admin e-mail notification
  • Added the filter allowing to display custom fields in the form
  • Improved the support for logged users to edit their businesses
  • Fixed some small bugs

Version 1.3.3 12th January 2017

  • Fix a security issue.

Version 1.3.0 16th Aug 2016

  • Updated licensing dashboard

Version 1.1.9 28th July 2016

  • Fixed adding/editing business logo and required setting
  • Added setting to moderating edited businesses
  • Fixed the problem with captcha
  • Updated Platform version

Version 1.1.8 13th July 2016

  • Small code issues fixed
  • Fixed the rare notice in the CMBD_Cookie on admin screens

Version 1.1.7 11th June 2016

  • Security improvements
  • Fixed post creating/updating functions
  • Fixed post status value after modification
  • Fixed a bug during deactivation of the main plugin
  • Updated the Licensing API

Version 1.1.6 19th April 2016

  • fixed displaying shortcode tips

Version 1.1.5 11th April 2016

  • Add user dashboard shortcode for showing logged-in user businesses they have submitted

Version 1.1.4 21st Mar 2016

  • Fix small bugs

Version 1.1.3 12th Mar 2016

  • Added support for Custom Taxonomy
  • Added support for Business Video

Version 1.1.2 25th Feb 2016

  • Added automatic updates from plugin dashboard
  • Replaced plugin admin interface including license activation and userguide

Version 1.1.1 01th Feb 2016

  • Integration with the Payment system

Version 1.1.0 13th Dec 2015

  • Added the sliding to top after filling the business form
  • Fixed some small styling issues

Version 1.0.10 4th Dec 2015

  • Added the background color for the overlay
  • Fixed the problem with the editor content not being saved when pasting content

Version 1.0.9 20th Nov 2015

  • Fix licensing issues

Version 1.0.8 11th Nov 2015

  • Added the option to show the login form on the business page
  • Fixed the problem with claiming the business
  • Fixed some small styling bugs
  • Fixed the integration with the CM Business Directory (free edition)
  • Fixed the false-negative checks on some mandatory fields

Version 1.0.7 23rd Oct 2015

  • Fixed the warning on the backend, when the claims list was empty
  • Fixed the bug with the address not being saved
  • Fixed the bug with categories not being saved

Version 1.0.6 9th Sep 2015

  • Fixed the problem with the Business Claim not appearing for some option combinations
  • Added the option to change the Suggest a business page ID
  • Updated the licensing system

Version 1.0.5 7th Sep 2015

  • Fixed bug with captcha

Version 1.0.4 18th July 2015

  • Fixed the bug with message being displayed when Captcha is disabled and key not provided
  • Fixed the error messages
  • Fixed the bug with mandatory fields
  • Added the shortcode to the list of available shortcodes
  • Added the link to the Suggest Business page

Version 1.0.3 11th July 2015

  • Add support for captcha in claim process
  • Add support for email template once claim is rejected
  • Add support for claim in process label
  • Add support for a single claim at a time process

Version 1.0.1 20th June 2015

  • Fixed Ajax bug with submitting business

Plugin First Release 08th June 2015

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