Top 4 WordPress Membership Plugins in 2024

Abigail Miller

Creating a membership site in WordPress opens up a world of possibilities for fostering community engagement and monetizing valuable content.

The first step involves selecting the right WordPress plugin for creating a tiered membership that suits your specific needs, whether it’s for delivering exclusive content, or courses, or building a thriving online community.

Top 4 WordPress Membership Plugins in 2024

What are Tier Membership Plugins?

Tiered membership plugins are specialized tools designed to help you create hierarchical access levels within your website. These plugins enable website owners to create multi-tiered membership structures with varying levels of access and privileges for users.

Each tier, or membership level, can be tailored to offer different content, features, or benefits. This allows site administrators to provide a more personalized and targeted experience to their members based on their subscription tier.

For instance, a basic tier may grant access to essential content, while higher tiers could unlock premium resources, exclusive forums, or advanced features.

Tiered membership plugins in platforms like WordPress are essential for managing and monetizing membership sites effectively, as they provide a flexible framework to cater to diverse audience preferences and enhance the overall value proposition for members at different levels.

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What to Look for in a WordPress Membership Plugin

The most valuable WordPress membership plugins need to have these key features:

Content Control

WordPress membership plugins should enable you to freely create content gates. Features like offering a preview to non-members while keeping premium material exclusively for subscribers are also important.

This strategy engages a wider audience and encourages memberships for full access to specialized content, contributing to a dynamic and sustainable site.

Pricing Flexibility

Setting prices for members-only content, allowing you to monetize exclusive material effectively should also be an easy task. WordPress membership plugins should allow you to create a sustainable revenue model by strategically pricing access to specialized or premium content.

Secure Payment Integration

Including safe payment methods ensures that users subscribing to your website experience a secure and smooth transaction process.

The incorporation of robust payment security measures contributes to a positive user experience, encouraging continued membership engagement and satisfaction.

Email List Management

Utilize the plugin to create and manage email lists. Establish a direct communication channel with members, enabling targeted offers, exclusive updates, and personalized content delivery.

Leverage the email list as a powerful marketing tool to promote new offerings, fostering member engagement and community building.

You should carefully consider what kind of experience you want to give your customers.

Are you looking to create a jazzy, bells-and-whistles membership site where you can foster a community around your work? Or are you just after a straightforward, simple site that puts your most valuable content behind a paywall?

When building your site, you’ll want to ensure that you’re delivering a worthwhile experience to your paying customers. Choosing the best WordPress membership plugins ensures that you deliver value for money and ease of use.

The Best WordPress Membership Plugins on the Market

Top 4 WordPress Membership Plugins in 2024

There are many WordPress membership plugins with unique features. In this section, we focus on the best ones known for their effectiveness, versatility, and user-friendly features.

Whether you want to make money from exclusive content, create a community, or simplify user registration, these top plugins cater to your various needs. Explore their capabilities and learn how they can enhance your WordPress membership site.


First on our list is MemberPress. Often heralded as one of the best all-in-one membership solutions, MemberPress certainly lives up to the hype.

Key Features

  • Powerful Access Rules – You have complete control over content restriction. It allows for unlimited membership levels and you can restrict any page or post type. You can fine-tune any aspect of content restriction, you’re in the driver’s seat here.
  • Straightforward Integration – MemberPress easily integrates with WordPress. It’s compatible with any theme – so no matter where you sourced your theme, you shouldn’t encounter any issues.
  • Course Builder – MemberPress is an equal parts membership plugin and LMS. If you’re a teacher, you can easily build courses and sell them using the course builder add-on. Drag and drop tools make building courses as easy as 1, 2, 3.

MemberPress comes with a ton of useful, dynamic tools including content dripping and “coupons that don’t suck.”

If you’re looking for a robust tool packed full of features, MemberPress is certainly one of the best WordPress membership plugins available.

Find out more on the MemberPress website.

Content Control Plugin for WordPress

Top 4 WordPress Membership Plugins in 2024

Next up is our very own Content Control plugin for WordPress. It’s the ideal tool to lock away your exclusive content, giving access to only your paying customers through content gates.

Key Features

  • Advanced Content Restriction Tools – If you’re looking to limit content access to logged-in users, then this plugin is definitely for you. Need to restrict access according to account roles? Absolutely. With the advanced content restriction tools at your disposal, you have full control over determining who can (and who can’t!) access your exclusive content.
  • Content Dripping – An essential element of every membership site involves content dripping functionality to engage users with your offerings. This membership plugin allows you to implement content dripping based on account roles, ensuring a strategic and captivating approach to presenting your offer.
  • User Blacklists and Whitelists – The latest addition to our plugin includes the option to blacklist or whitelist users. Simply add users to these lists and decide whether to deny or grant them access to your content.
  • Integration with Payment support – The plugin connects with a payment support solution, enabling you to charge users for site registration, and granting them access to the otherwise restricted content.
  • Restricting content by URL or permalink – This feature extends your capability to control access to dynamically generated content from other plugins.

As you can see, our WordPress Content Control plugin is a powerful tool that’s very easy to use but has a great number of features that make it one of the best WordPress membership plugins.

Restrict Content Pro

If you’re looking for more of a lightweight, agile membership solution, then Restrict Content Pro should address most of your needs.

Key Features

  • Simple Setup – There’s no messing around. Restrict Content Pro is easy to setup, and even easier to navigate. It makes it ridiculously easy to deliver your premium content to members.

  • Built-In Payment Options – There are plenty of in-built payment options to choose from. These include Stripe, Paypal, and Restrict Content Pro makes it easy for members to pay exactly how they want to.
  • Analytics Reports – The plugin provides easy to use (and understand!) analytics reports that show you how well your membership site is performing. Track performance over any period to assess the results.

From simple subscription models to more complex membership structures, this plugin provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire membership management process.

Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or content creator, Restrict Content Pro is a valuable tool that facilitates the seamless establishment and maintenance of membership-based websites.

WooCommerce Memberships

Top 4 WordPress Membership Plugins in 2024

If you run an eCommerce store, this could be the best WordPress membership plugin for you. It lets you restrict the sale of your products to members only.

The WooCommerce Memberships plugin requires WooCommerce. It’s a widely used and free e-commerce plugin for WordPress that serves as the foundation for many online stores.

While WooCommerce provides essential e-commerce features, the addition of WooCommerce Memberships takes it a step further by extending functionality to include membership-specific capabilities.

This integration enables site owners to effortlessly sell and manage memberships alongside other products, creating a seamless experience for both administrators and members alike.

With the combined strength of WooCommerce and WooCommerce Memberships, users can easily set up and run a fully functional online store with exclusive membership options.

Key Features

  • Membership Perks – Reward your most loyal customers with membership perks. Keep ’em coming back for more with free shipping or special discounts. This can really help to make signing up worth their while.
  • Flexible Memberships – The plugin lets you create different kinds of memberships. Offer membership as part of a product purchase, or set up monthly or yearly subscriptions for valued repeat customers. The choice is in your hands.

  • Easily Manage Members – Import and export member info via a CSV file to transfer the data to other tools. Use “Membership Notes” to add special info about particular customers and even communicate with them directly.

There are plenty more features that make WooCommerce Memberships worth considering. Find out more information over on the WooCommerce website.

Finding the Best WordPress Membership Plugins

The world of WordPress membership plugins offers a diverse array of options beyond what we’ve covered in this post.

This overview serves as just a glimpse into the extensive selection available. Every plugin comes with its distinct advantages and limitations, making it crucial to align your priorities with the specific features offered.

Are detailed analytics a priority for your site? Or perhaps, exclusive membership perks are the key focus you’re seeking? As you’re searching for the perfect membership plugin for your business, remember that there’s a perfect fit for every need and preference.

Whether you’re running a blog, an e-commerce store, or a content-driven site, the right WordPress membership plugin is waiting to be discovered, ensuring you can tailor your online presence precisely to your vision and goals. Happy exploring!

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