Magento 2 Credit Line Overview - Add New Payment Gateway

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Credit cards are a common way people make purchases on eCommerce stores. However, there is no longer any need for customers to spend time inputting their credit card info.

Magento 2 Credit Line Overview – Add New Payment Gateway

Instead, there is a way to link a store credit balance at checkout and use that to make purchases.

When a store credit line can be established to pay for goods, this streamlines the process of purchasing, so there are no credit cards necessary.

The Magento 2 Credit Line Extension is a good flexible payment option to add to an eCommerce business. This extension lets customers bypass credit cards and use store credit as their payment gateway in Magento 2.

The payment gateway is simple to add to the checkout process as well.

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Magento 2 Credit Line Extension

Flexible Payment Options - [Launch] Magento 2 Credit Line Overview - Add New Payment Gateway

The Store Credit Line Extension for Magento 2 by CreativeMinds is a way to give customers the option to purchase items using store credit and then choose how to pay at checkout.

Users have the ability to buy purchases using store credit and also check your available credit.

This plugin allows the admin of a store to provide a line of credit to potential customers. Those customers have the ability to check the available credit balance they have at any time in their customer account.

Users can also complete a purchase online using the store credit and then at checkout, the user can choose to pay the balance from their customer account either manually or automatically.

This plugin is an ideal choice for business to business transactions.

Businesses can purchase a line of store credit, let customers purchase goods up to the amount of the approved credit line with no issues, and simply place an order and receive the goods with no delays.

credit line

One additional feature is the ability to set a store credit limit for certain customers or globally. Also, invoices and credit terms are automatically sent out to customers, which can be adjusted in the settings.

Users have the ability to pay their credit balance at any time from the customer dashboard. The admin has the ability to set monthly invoices for users so they pay their balance.

In addition, the admin can view the order history of specific customers in the admin dashboard.

Adding A Credit Line Payment Gateway

When a customer is on the checkout page, the user will get an alert that they have the option to use store credit as a payment option. The words Store Credit will be shown as well as the available balance in-store credit.

credit line

When users choose to use store credit for a purchase, they simply have to choose that payment option at checkout. Then Store Credit will appear under the subtotal with the amount of store credit subtracted.

In addition, the users will receive a notification with their balance amount and information about the fact that they can pay their balance directly. The admin can also choose to send manual notifications to customers to remind them to pay their store credit balance.

credit line

Transactions History

All users receive a unique Dashboard where they can easily top up their balance in exchange for real money, as well as check previous transactions.

All the transactions can be found within one account page with credit line details. The admin can track the transaction history in a separate section from the Backend as well.

Email Notifications

Instantly alert your customers about transactions within the extension functionality. When the customer’s balance is about to end, the user will receive an email notifying of necessary payment.

To automate this process, the admin can send monthly invoices to customers. With payment notifications, your customers will always stay updated on their balance.

What if the customer doesn’t pay for balance? If customers’ credit line is 0, the credit line payment option will be hidden immediately.

Limit Store Credit and Manage Transactions

This credit line extension for Magento 2 does allow for store credit limits. The admin can easily define limits globally or even per customer in the Backend.

For example, if you need only wholesalers to use the credit line, you can specify the customer groups in the Backend with just one click.

Moreover, the admin can track all the transactions made by the customers including topping up the balance, completing orders using the balance, and much more.

Once the customer asks for canceling an order and the balance has been used for the purchase, the amount will be automatically reinstated after canceling.

Use Cases

This credit line extension is ideal for faithful, returning customers who need a high credit limit due to the amount of credit that they use. You can create VIP or loyal customers by providing high credit line limits for customers.

The admin can also create a purchasing incentive for their store, by increasing the credit limit for customers who want to make bigger purchases.

In addition, this extension gives the admin the ability to set a default store credit for all customers or give it to only specific customers. Also, store credit lines can be created for specific customer groups to use.

Admin can choose in the extension settings to send invoices automatically or manually to charge customers. Also, if the invoices have not been paid, the admin can easily disable the credit and set it to zero for the customer.

There is also a helpful customer dashboard with this extension. Customers can easily see their credit amount and their account purchase activity. Customers can also pay their balance at any time.


The Credit Line extension for Magento 2 is a good way to provide customers with a credit line balance and update it once the balance is over. The customers can purchase products and services up to your approved limit without any hassle.

With the Store Credit Line Extension for Magento 2, users have the ability to use all or some of their credit lines to make purchases online. Also, users can easily choose to check their credit line at any time in the customer dashboard.

This extension allows the store admin to provide a line of credit to its customers. Customers can check their available credit at any time, complete a purchase using the store credit line payment method, and pay the balance from their customer account.

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