4 Surefire Ways to Improve your Ecommerce Product Pages in 2024

Nathan Orr

When operating a webstore on Magento, or any other platform such as WordPress, eCommerce product pages are what influence customers the most.

4 Surefire Ways to Improve your Ecommerce Product Pages in 2022

E-commerce Conversion Rate is defined by Google as: “The ratio of transactions to sessions, expressed as a percentage. For example, a ratio of one transaction to every ten sessions would be expressed as an Ecommerce Conversion Rate of 10% that means that from 10 users visiting the site only one will purchase

In fact, those who find product pages first when browsing webstores end up making purchases around 8% of the time. Since the global Ecommerce conversion rate is somewhere between 2-3% right now, that means people who come across a business’ other pages first are about three times less likely to take any action.

8% might not sound like a lot, but when you consider that only 45% of people tend to spend more than 15 seconds on a webpage—that figure becomes all the more impressive. It also highlights the importance of optimizing your product pages to perform as high as they can for your business.

This means going beyond just writing product descriptions; and employing all the tools at your disposal to best influence customers.

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1. Use Engaging Visuals

Use Engaging Visuals - 4 Surefire Ways to Improve your Ecommerce Product Pages in 2024

It’s no big secret that appealing visuals are a great way to entice the eye and get people excited. After all, a product picture tells customers more about what it is—and whether they might like it—faster than a paragraph of description.

Images and videos that represent your products effectively will make a huge difference on how your product pages come across. Moreover, attractively designed visuals will also elevate your brand’s image over all your competitors who don’t go the extra mile.

In truth, engaging visuals should be the forefront of your product page’s presentation. With that in mind, here’s a few rules of thumb that’ll make them even more efficient:

Remember Videos are more Effective than Images

Though they require time, effort, and money to produce, business should never neglect the power videos have on internet shoppers.

Websites who implement videos into their Ecommerce product pages attract three times more traffic than those who don’t. They also tend to keep visitors on pages twice as long.

Plus, by now, mobile browsers access video content just as much as desktop users, meaning virtually everyone online appreciates it. Videos are simply the fastest way to express what your product’s about, and provide opportunities to creatively connect with audiences.

Use Empty Space Thoughtfully

Use Empty Space Thoughtfully - 4 Surefire Ways to Improve your Ecommerce Product Pages in 2024

Cluttered websites become ugly websites, and harder to navigate. But the intentional use of whitespace is a great way to spruce up your design and focus your customer’s attention.

By keeping the area around your images empty and letting your pictures, videos, and paragraphs of description stand boldly on the page, their impact will be all the greater.

Provide High-Definition Visuals

The standard of quality for Ecommerce product pages demands crisp and clear images of any goods offered.

Customers expect to see an accurate and detailed representation of a product when shopping around. That means it’s essential you provide them with high-quality images that represent the best of what you have.

For added effectiveness, it helps to include zoom features that let potential buyers inspect close-ups of the items they’re considering.

2. Let your Customers Represent your Products

Let your Customers Represent your Products - Mage4 Surefire Ways to Improve your Ecommerce Product Pages in 2020nto_Improve_Company_Image_and_Customer_Relations_Illustrative_Banner

One part of Ecommerce product pages that customers rely on most are the product reviews, ratings, and any customer testimonials. In fact, customers are over 58% more likely to make a purchase when reviews are available.

So, to showcase how your product brings satisfaction to buyers, use whatever social proof you have to assure your visitors. Something as simple as providing a space on your pages for 1-out-of-five ratings with written reviews is more than enough.

But be warned, if you’re tempted to fabricate positive reviews to bolster this area of your Ecommerce product pages, you’ll likely do more harm than good. Most people who shop online are savvy to unusual internet behavior and sleazy tactics, and an inexplicable amount of 5-star reviews will send up more red flags than anything else.

3. Provide Answers to Likely Questions

It’s no secret that customers want to know as much as they can from the Ecommerce product pages they visit. So, by giving them easy access to all the information they frequently need, you’ll be one step closer to securing their business.

Product Page Q&A

There’s nothing more frustrating for internet shoppers than finding a product they want to buy, but not being able to get the necessary information they need to confirm their purchasing decision.

Therefore, including Q&A sections on your product pages with all the questions customers asked about them goes a long way. Not only will this save your business time by preemptively providing answers to common customer questions, it’ll increase sales too.

Note: Q&A sections aren’t a default feature for Magento, but are available through the installation of Magento extensions. For an extension that allows customers to browse and ask questions directly on your product pages, look here.

FAQ Page

FAQ Page - 4 Surefire Ways to Improve your Ecommerce Product Pages in 2024

For customers wanting to know more than what’s displayed on your Ecommerce product page alone, include a FAQ page link.

All Ecommerce websites should have an FAQ page that answers typical queries, like shipping fees, refund policies, and the like. To make your customer’s purchasing journey as convenient as possible, make sure your FAQ links are on all product pages.

Note: If your Magento website doesn’t have an FAQ set up yet, adding one is easy through Magento’s extensions. You can find ample FAQ extensions online, or feel free to check out the FAQ extension we offer here.

4. Cross-Sell with Relative Product Suggestions

Cross-Sell with Relative Product Suggestions - 4 Surefire Ways to Improve your Ecommerce Product Pages in 2024

While customers add items to their cart from your website, some well-placed product recommendations are a good way to encourage larger order sizes.

Such suggestions conveniently let your customers move from one product that interests them directly to the next. Plus, when your website points out products that pair well with the items customers buy, they’ll likely appreciate the heads-up.

This makes relevant on-page product suggestions a great way to naturally increase the average order value for your webstore.

Note: For those looking for a way to embed recommendations into their Ecommerce product pages, see our Related Products extension here.

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