Generate Passive Income With CM Multi-Vendor Marketplace

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The CM Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension by CreativeMinds is a unique extension that will transform your Magento store into a multi-vendor eCommerce platform, capable of supporting dropshipping.

Generate Passive Income With CM Multi-Vendor Marketplace

By installing this extension, site admins can offer a registration service whereby merchants from all across the globe can register to a supplier account that allows them to upload, manage, and sell their products online.

Whether it be wholesale and retail vendors or independent manufacturers, provided with our easy to use front end user interface, any merchant can become an online retailer, while you get to reap the harvest of an easy passive income.

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Why Use CM Multi-Vendor Marketplace?

Admin roles on CM Multi-Vendor Marketplace - Generate Passive Income with CM Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Unlike other large scale eCommerce platforms, CM Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Magento lets suppliers deal with all shipping arrangements independently so the store manager doesn’t have to.

This makes it easier for suppliers to monitor their profits, while maintaining a closer relationship with their customers and taking the responsibility completely off the store admin.

Suppliers won’t have to deal with the technicalities of administering their own website, but at the same time bringing traffic to your site will always be at their best interest, so all that’s left for you to do is enjoy the flow of passive income coming towards you.

Admin roles on CM Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Admin roles on CM Multi-Vendor Marketplace - Generate Passive Income with CM Multi-Vendor Marketplace

As the site Admin you will have complete control over the options that are available for suppliers as well as for customers.

For example, you can choose whether to approve or dismiss a seller from managing an account on your site; approve, dismiss and moderate products uploaded by your registered suppliers; or even block certain products from appearing on your site in cases where they violate your terms and conditions.

In addition, you can define permanent features that apply to all seller accounts, and allow particular suppliers whom you trust to customize their features independently.This will help maintain the character and feel that you choose to apply on your site.


M2 Marketplace dashboard

Further admin roles include:

  • Deciding what queries you want to display on each seller or buyer activity
  • Group vendors and products according to categories of your choice
  • Get profound statistic reports on all buyer and seller activity throughout your site

And much much more…

So if you’re an online merchant seeking to operate a dropshipping service, or if you’re looking to increase the profits from your Magento store while creating business opportunities for colleagues worldwide, Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension may well be the solution for you!

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