3 Benefits of Google Maps on Your Magento Site

Courtney Jones

Google Maps is a helpful tool for Magento stores with bricks and mortar location. Here’s why you should be using it.

3 Benefits of Google Maps on Your Magento Site

Have you ever been on a website for a business that has both an online presence and a brick and mortar location? If you have, you probably came across a Google Map of their physical location somewhere on the site. It likely pinpointed locations on the map, showing you how to get to the store.

Google Maps is a great business tool to help bring more people find your business, both through the front door and via search engine results pages.

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Magento Store Locator Extension

Magento Store Locator Extension - 3 Uses For Google Maps in Your Magento Site

The Magento Store Locator Extension by CreativeMinds lets customers find directions to your offline stores by integrating with Google Maps. Display a Google Map on your website to navigate customers to your store locations.

Customers simply type in their location and the closest stores will be highlighted on the map.

In addition to this, you can display information including the address, store hours, website, phone number, description, and more.

Potential customers can see images, store reviews, and more contact information as well as directions to the store. Customers can search by the radius to find the closest stores.

Designed specifically for Magento, this extension is an ideal choice for Magento eCommerce owners. Boost your chance of making a sale by displaying information for your brick-and-mortar locations!

Benefits of Using Google Maps

1. Increases Conversions

Filter Store Locations - 3 Uses For Google Maps in Your Magento Site

Customers are much more likely to visit a physical brick and motor store if there is a location nearby. Being able to look up locations and filter by address is a useful tool that saves lots of time and money.

Businesses with multiple addresses and locations can help the customer choose which location to visit based on a set of criteria that runs through a filter. This filter when provides the best location based on what the customer selected (immediate area, zip code, etc) and gives a customized recommendation to the customer.

Also, the filters could indicate what type of services or what products are sold at each location so customers save time not going to the wrong store.

2. Increases Time Spent on Your Site

Google Maps is the most widely used map system online. Integrated with Google, having a Google Map is like having an extension of Google search on your Magento site.

So, there’s no need for customers to navigate away from your site to find location information. This helps to increase the amount of time customers spend on your site.

3. Easily Display Store Information

Store Information - 3 Uses For Google Maps in Your Magento Site

One of the best things about Google Maps is that all of the information customers need can be displayed in one place. Address, contact information, images, links, directions and more are can be displayed alongside a Google Map.

The Store Location extension allows admin to customize each store location with detailed store information such as hours, phone number, website, and store descriptions.

Having more store information also gives you an advantage over the competition since your store information is much more readily available. Pictures of the stores, the products, the locations and more provide details that show a well-run business with a professional atmosphere.

Store information can also be easily updated or changed whenever you need to make changes. For holidays, you can change store hours through the Google Map so customers have an accurate idea of when your business is open.

Google Map


3 Uses For Google Maps in Your Magento Site

Using Google Maps is a great choice for any Magento store.

For a business website, individual business listings can include maps that show location data, descriptions, images and more. These maps can also be embedded on pages and posts in Magento.

Google Maps can show highly specific location info. From exact addresses to phone numbers to images to customer reviews, all of the business information can be placed right on the Google Maps page.

The Google Maps Store Locator plugin for Magento is a great choice for business owners who want customers to easily find brick and motor locations.

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