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Improve Magento 2 cart price rules with the Special Promotions extension, add more than 15 promotion rules and highlight them with banners to increase sales and attract more customers.

Special Promotions Extension for Magento 2

The Special Promotions extension for Magento 2 drives sales and increases your average order value.

Create more than 15 promo rules, add catchy banners, set fixed and percent discounts, offer free products and more!

Create Exclusive Promotions

The Magento 2 Special Promotions extension offers you to add various promo rules with fixed and percent discounts, free items offers, discounts on each 2nd, 4th and more items in one cart!

Creating Promotion Rules
Creating Promotion Rules

Apply the rules to the most expensive and the cheapest items in the cart, offer deals with fixed prices on the second product to drive more sales and get more customers.

Create Promotion Banners
Create Promotion Banners

Place Promotion Banners Everywhere

Add customizable promotion banners anywhere on your website.

Special Promotions allows placing catchy static and animated multiple banners linked to necessary pages in your store! The flexible settings are aimed to add content to banners, images, links and more.

Use Widgets to Add Banners to Frontend

Add banners to the Frontend with ease using the default Magento 2 widget functionality.

Adding Banners via Widgets
Adding Banners via Widgets

Create the widget by using our promotion widget blocks and show the promotions on CMS pages and static blocks.

Promotion Rules on the Frontend
Promotion Rules on the Frontend

Apply Discounts to the Cheapest and the Most Expensive Items

By using the Special Promotions extension for Magento 2 you can add promo rules such as:

  1. Buy A item and Get The Cheapest 20% OFF
  2. Buy B Item and Get The Most Expensive Free

This is an effective marketing tool that will encourage customers to put more product in the shopping cart. Thus you can mix the prices of the most expensive and the cheapest products and offer a good bargain per purchase.

Skip All Items Products With Special and Tier Prices

The Special Promotions extension allows you to skip items with special and tier prices not to give products discounts again. It’s a rational and profitable way to leave already discounted items and focus on products included in promotion rules.

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Automatic Related Products Extension Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

Multiple Rules – Create multiple promotions and run them simultaneously
Advanced Discount – Define the discount, and how many times it should be applied in the case the customer is buying multiple products
Apply to Shipping – Choose if the discount is applied to shipping costs
Smart Filter – Apply sales only to selected products and disconsider special products
Banners Everywhere – Add banners anywhere to the frontend by configuring widgets
Rotating Banner – Rotate a series of banners on the same spot

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Special Promotions Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

How can I benefit from this extension?

You have an option to create over 15 promo rules, add stylized banners, set fixed and percent discounts, free products offering etc.

All these options give you a highly valuable marketing tool to increase sales and order value.

Can I remove the products that are already on sale from the promotions?

Yes, you can easily skip all products with special and tier prices.

Can conditions be applied to category products?

Yes, you can display products from any category or from the same.

Can I add widgets on the Frontend?

The extension uses the default Magento 2 widget functionality which allows the store owner to add banners to the Frontend with ease.

Do I have to manually add products for upsells and cross-sells?

No, the extension saves you time by doing this task automatically. It replaces the list of related products, upsells and cross-sells.

Special Promotions Extension Release Notes

Version 1.3.2 11th June 2020

  • Optimize admin UI speed
  • Refactor rules calculation logic

Version 1.3.1 17th Sep 2019

  • Fix rules
  • Add ability to attach CSS styles to distinct widget

Version 1.3.0 10th July 2019

  • Bug fixes

Version 1.0.0 10th July 2019

  • Product release