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ADVANCED Product Attachments Extension for Magento 2 by CreativeMinds

Advanced Product Attachments Extension for Magento 2

ADVANCED Product Attachments Extension for Magento 2 by CreativeMinds main image

Add a special block with attachments, including icons and file size, anywhere on your website with Advanced Product Attachments for Magento 2 extension. Give users easy access to product manuals, license documents, downloadable videos and much more.

Advanced Product Attachments Extension for Magento 2

Add a special block with advanced attachments anywhere on your website including product pages by using the Advanced Product Attachments for Magento 2 extension.

So, your customers can get direct access to the files and download user guides, video tutorials, licenses and more.

Upload your own icons or use our suggested icons, add any file types and make your pages even more informative and easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

Add Files To Product Pages

The Advanced Product Attachments extension for Magento 2 allows you to upload files and display them on product pages, category pages and any other part of your store.

You can set as many file formats as you need and provide more information: attach PDF, JPG PNG or any other type.

Product page with attachments tab
Product page with attachments tab

Edit Appearance

Three tab examples in product page
Three tab examples in product page
Show your visitors the downloadable files in various ways.

Show icons and file sizes to be more informative, or hide them to make longer lists easier to read and access.

Change or translate the product page tab name to 'Important Files' and choose where it should appear related to other tabs.

Place Attachments Anywhere

The Magento 2 Product Attachments extension allows placing files literally everywhere on your website.


  1. Warranty policy in all category pages
  2. Team video in About Us page
  3. List of branches in Contact Us page

Place Files Anywhere on Your Website
Place Files Anywhere on Your Website

Give Each File its Icon

Help users quickly understand and be attracted what each file is.

Customize File Icons
Customize File Icons
The Magento 2 Product Attachments extension allows adding a unique icon to each file.

For example, mark a PDF manual with a document icon and a policy info PDF with an alert icon.

From image to video files, upload any image and adapt the icons to your store identity.

Show Files on Orders and Email

By using the Advanced Product Attachments extension, you are able to show files after customers orders are completed.

The clients can find the files in a separate section in the order details and also in the transactional email.

This way, all important files will be stored so they can use later.

Attachment in transactional email
Attachment in transactional email

Using the Product Attachments Extension

Check the Advanced Product Attachments (M2) – Getting Started documentation article for a step-by-step of how to use the extension.

  • Create different icons – Upload images that match your store theme.
  • Manage attachments and icons – Easily add, view and configure files in a separate section.
  • Show attachments anywhere – Product pages, category pages, sidebars… You can choose.
  • Add files to transactional emails – Let customers store information in customer accounts after their orders are completed. So, all the necessary and important information will be available to your clients.

Advanced Product Attachments Extension Use Cases

  • Documentation – Provide all users a PDF with technical documentation for each product.
  • Schematics – Offer STL files with 3D models of your products users can print and test.
  • Detailed Instructions – After customers buy the product, they receive a PDF manual with necessary set up information.
  • Video Sample – Attach AVI or MP4 files with videos users can store.

Advanced Product Attachments Extension Related Resources

Advanced Product Attachments Extension Features

To learn more about the product, check its documentation page.

Attachment Features

Place Anywhere – Place attachments on product, category and CMS pages via widgets
Unlimited File Types – Choose any file type: PDF, EXE, ZIP… There are no limits
Admin vs. User Name – Select different filenames for each attachment: one for the Frontend and one for the Backend
Custom Icons – Upload an unlimited number of icon images as and assign them to each file type. Customers will see what file format they will open or download.
Bundled Icons – Use our useful icons included into the extension

Display/Hide Files Features

Hide Files by Customer Group – Hide or show files for different customer groups, such as guests and Subscribers
Hide Files Before Purchase – Give customers detailed information about services or products by adding attachments to transactional emails. Once the customer order is completed, the users will be able to manage the files on their dashboard in a separate section

Advanced Product Attachments Image Gallery

Magento Advanced Product Attachments Frequently Asked Questions

Can I prevent certain customer groups from accessing product attachments?

Yes, the Advanced Product Attachments extension allows you to restrict access to customer groups by navigating to Stores → Settings → Configuration → CMINDS → Product Attachments → Product Tab → Choose Customer Groups to show the Tab.

In the multiple list select the groups you want to show the product attachments tab for.

Then, deselect the groups you don’t want to show the files for.

Product Attachments Extension image

Is there a way to bulk assign the product attachment to multiple products?

Yes. The extension allows assigning the uploaded files to multiple products and categories after you upload the file to your store.

To learn more about this feature, see this Help article.

I already have the files in my store and just need to show them on my homepage. How to add files to pages?

It’s possible to add files to CMS pages by using widgets. The extension supports widgets allowing you to insert the attachment blocks anywhere on your website.

Is there a maximum file size for the extension?

No, there is no maximum file size for the extension. The file size will depend on your server settings.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Can I upload videos and music?

Yes. By using the Product Attachments extension for Magento 2 you can add as many file type as you need. You are able to add types for documents, videos, presentations and more.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

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