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Easily manage multi-stores by assigning custom role permissions to specific managers. Let them see and edit only particular products, categories, store views and websites.

Advanced Permissions Extension for Magento 2

The Advanced Permissions extension lets the admin easily manage multi-stores by assigning a new custom role permission to specific admin managers.

They will be able to view and edit only certain sections: products, categories, store views and websites.

Choosing between different role scopes
Choosing between different role scopes

Create Specific Roles

The extension adds many options to create roles.

Each one can have specific permissions to inventories, categories and customers.

New Advanced Permission Roles

  • Products - Allow to create, edit and delete
  • Categories - Allow to create, edit and delete
  • Customers - Allow to create, edit and delete

New roles scheme
New roles scheme
User is blocked from deleting a category
User is blocked from deleting a category

Streamline Management

Restrict access to ensure users will not edit or delete information that is outside their scope.

Also, it makes the process of editing the store more straightforward, as they will only see what is needed.

Using the Advanced Permissions Extension

  • Assign an admin user to a specific website or store view – The main admin can assign any admin user to view and edit information like products, categories or orders related only to a specific website or store and not to all of the site
  • Create Specific Roles – The admin can assign custom scopes, products and categories to each role. This ensures the power to distribute permissions in the most efficient way.
  • Adapt According to the Store’s Needs – The extension is set up in an easy to configure way. It’s possible to perform general role assignments and, if the eCommerce demands, extend and deepen these settings.
  • Streamline Management – The specific roles ensured by the extension have the potential to streamline every step of the store management process.

Use Case: Creating a Product Manager

The Advanced Permission extension helps you creating the role of Inventory Manager, Customer Specialist, Order Reviewer and much more.

For example, a Product Manager can be allowed to create, edit and delete products. However, the editing categories would be completely blocked.

Adapt the role to match the needs of your eCommerce.

Role allowed to edit products, but not categories
Role allowed to edit products, but not categories

Using the Advanced Permissions Extension

  • Product Manager – Allow one of your employees to create, edit and delete products
  • Customer Specialist – Let a team member focus on customer relations and management by allowing the person to create, edit, but not delete customers
  • Inventory Experts – Assign a department permissions to create and edit categories, so that all products are properly categorized

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Advanced Permissions Extension Features

To learn more about the product, check its documentation page.

Streamline Management – Create roles with specific permissions and organize your workforce. Users with limited view will only have to deal with the information they are assigned to
Inventories, Categories and Customers – With Advanced Permissions, each role can be allowed or prohibited from accessing, editing and deleting inventory items, categories and customers
Flexible – Role assignment can be done either with quick, broad configurations or with complex, in-depth assignments. This makes the module ideal for stores of any size
Grant Limited Access – The permissions also encompass which scope the users have access to. So, certain roles might be allowed to only see specific store views, for instance

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Magento Multi User Account Frequently Asked Questions

Does this extension work by converting Customers into "Advanced Users"?

No. The Advanced Permissions extension works based on Roles. Users must be added to a role which can then be managed using the extension to give them Advanced Permissions.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Is there any limit to the number of advanced users that you can create?

No. This extension works by altering the permission settings for users that you create on your site. You can give as many users advanced permissions using the extension as you like, there is no upward limit.

Do Advanced Users have access to the Store admin panel?

That is up to you. You can allow or restrict access to the admin panel of the site through the resource configuration settings.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Can I revoke users advanced permissions after I have set them, or return users to their previous status?

Yes. You can modify and remodify permissions set for users as you need. You can enhance a user’s permissions or reduce them later. Or move users from one premade role to another or back again.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Can I filter out and view or isolate somehow users who have been granted advanced permissions using the extension?

Yes. Users are given advanced permissions by being assigned to roles that you create. For each role that is created it’s possible to view the users that have been assigned to that role.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Does this extension work with multiple stores (e.g. different languages)

Yes, the extension allows you to restrict the view of the user to specified stores or websites.

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